Top 4 Classy Sarees for Stylish Indian Women

Saree, the beautiful traditional attire has retained in popularity in spite of competition from western attires. Women from around the world love getting draped in this unstitched fabric. The sarees are available in variety of fabric and pattern, each having its unique name and characteristic. Here, we take a look at four classy style of sarees for stylish Indian women.

1. Chanderi Sarees:
The famous saree has got its name from its place of origin Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh. Its origin is tracked back Vedic era. Hence, it comes as one of the oldest sarees. Chanderi saris are available in three kind of fabric Chanderi Cotton, Silk Cotton and pure silk. The rich texture and transparency are characteristic of this exquisite traditional attire that makes it stand apart. Today, you will come across motifs that depict the beauty of bygone era as well as the today’s modernism. When it comes to timeless design you will surely love peacock, flowers, palaces, coins, leaves motifs. It is a perfect saree for bride’s mother.

2 Paithani Sarees:
The hand woven marvel has got its name from the town of Paithan, Maharashtra famous for weaving Paithani Sarees. It is skillfully crafted out of finest silk which gave it a rich texture. The kaleidoscopic design is another plus point of the saree. It is made using fabric of different shades, weaved artistically to form exciting patterns. It is one of the highest exported sarees from India.  It is a must saree for every saree lover, if you don’t have it your wardrobe then surely your saree collection is incomplete. These are perfect to be worn on special occasion.  Paithani Silk Saree is just right attire for groom’s sister.

3. Patola Sarees:
The Patola Sarees are royal sarees made from silk. They were considered favorites of royal ladies. The royal era has passed, but Patola has beautifully retained its magnificence and popularity. Its weaving technique is a close guarded secret religiously followed by the weavers. It takes around 5 to 12 months to weave one saree. The patterns are made keeping in mind the different communities. The Hindu’s and Jain’s go for Ikat saree that has flowers, peacocks, parrots, and dancing figurines on them. The Muslim ladies like to go with floral and geometric patterns. They are seen adorning these sarees on the occasion of wedding and special functions.

4 Arani Saris:
The women of Tamil Nadu love Arani Saris. This variety of saree has its link to the history. Its origin can be traced back to 5th Century. It has got its name from its place of origin Arani, Tamil Nadu. They come up in a huge variety of colors like Kanjivaram. The price is the big factor that goes in favor of it as it easily affordable. Get few Arani Silk Sarees, you can wear them on occasion like housewarming party, get together, bridal shower.

Get these saris today and flaunt your style on every occasion. A different pattern quickly catches eyeballs. You will see ladies coming to you and enquiring about the saree, surely you would love this moment. Well, you don’t need to travel to Tamil Nadu to buy Arani Saris or Gujarat to get Patola, you can easily order them from online Indian wedding saree store.


5 Must Saree Styles to have you in Collection

Sarees comes up as a unanimous choice for Indian women when it comes to special occasion. Even the young girls take special pride in slipping into this traditional attire on special occasion like college farewell or fresher’s party. The choice of shades, fabric and design that you come across is simply astonishing. Selecting right kind of saree is a tough task. Here, we are going to reveal 5 must sarees for every saree loving women.
1. Kanjeevaram:
The rich Red Kanjeevaram Bridal Saree has been the favorite of south Indian brides from ages. The Kanjevaram is counted among one of the most expensive silk saris. The motifs on the saree are generally inspired from nature. The popular motifs that you will come across include parrots, chariots, moon, sun, palaces, temples etcetra. Apart from the attractive pattern the other major attraction of it is the pure gold ornamented Zari work. Ladies, your saree collection is going to be incomplete without Kanjeevaram.

2. Assam Silk:
The Assam Silk saree is another classy saree that every woman should have in their wardrobe. Silkworms are reared to get the best silk for making the stunning attire. These sarees have a glossy texture that is retained for years. Another advantage that women love about is the fact that it can be easily hand washed.  In fact, after every wash its luster is enhanced. Isn’t that amazing!

3. Bandhni Sarees:
You will see women dressed in colorful Bandhni Sarees on occasion of Dandiya nights. It is first choice of women for Garba and Dandiya. It is the reason that Bandhni Saris are very popular in Rajasthan and Gujarat. The making of Bandhani is unique – the fabric is tied at various points to make exclusive patterns on the fabric. The patterns you will come across include waves, strips, polka dots, and squares etcetera. Bandhani saree is must in wardrobe if you are planning to have some fun in traditional Indian attire.

4. Gadwal Sarees: 
What if you get a saree that just can be folded and kept in a match box? Well, you heard it right Gadwal Sarees has a length of 5.5 meters and can be easily folded and kept in a matchbox. You don’t need to necessarily do that but it’s a unique feature that makes it extremely famous.  These saris have silk Pallu and silk borders.  Make sure to include them in your wardrobe. Of course, they are unique gift; surprise your near & dear ones by gifting Godwal sari in a matchbox.

5. Banarasi Saree:
The saree collection is going to be incomplete without the famous Banarasi Sarees. The fine embroidery, golden and silver Zari work makes it simply standout. The popular designs you will come across includes Mughal era inspired designs like flowers, peacock and leaves. The sarees are weaved by extremely skilled workers. It takes them anywhere between 15 to 30 days to weave a saree. It is wonderful saree to have in your saree collection. The Indian brides takes special pride in wearing them on occasion of wedding and engagement.

A look at top traditional outfits for famous with Indian men

Traditional outfits for men have evolved over the years with a lot of contemporary changes made in the design. Men wear traditional costumes during festivals, Pooja or ceremonies such as marriages, engagements, etc. Some of the different types of traditional outfits that most men prefer include dhoti Kurta, Sherwanis, Kurta Pajamas, etc. The designs look conventional and are extremely comfortable to wear, especially during ceremonies such as marriage, engagement etc that include a lot of physical activities. Some of these are mentioned below in details.

1 Sherwani:
A dress that has its origin from the Mughal Empire, Sherwani’s has a royal appeal. Available in silk fabric, this Kurta-styled outfit has a hand-made embroidery work all over the fabric. It is heavily designed and goes perfectly well with Lehenga. If the occasion is wedding, then you can accessorize the Sherwani with a stole, turban, Juttis, etc. Custom-made, these Sherwanis should be stitched in a pattern to best suit your physique. Different types of fabrics can be used to make a Sherwani, some of them include terry wool, brocade, etc. The length of the Sherwani should be well below the knees and can be paired up with matching Churidars. These days bold and bright colored Sherwani’s are gaining popularity among men. The collar of the Sherwani can be stitched as per your choice, the popular designs including Chinese collar, V-neck, etc.

2 Pathani:
Pathani Suit has been a favorite among men since ages. Right from kids to older men, Pathani is preferred by men of all age group. In addition to being stylish, the outfit is extremely comfortable and easy to wear. It is said that the outfit has its origin from the Kabuli Pathans of Afghanistan. A pathani suit is worn with loose fitting Salwar and traditional Jootis. For kids, the suit can be paired up with Churidars too. Earlier, white or black colored Pathani was commonly found, but these days bright and bold colored Pathani’s are picking up popularity in the market. Collared or non-collared, a Pathani is designed in a manner to perfectly fit the body of the wearer. Most have embroidery work done on their collar and sleeve cuffs. In addition, Pathanis Suits are full sleeved outfits and can also be accessorized with matching or contrast colored jackets.

3 Dhoti-Kurta
A traditional outfit for men that is worn by almost all linguistic communities, dhoti kurta is a convenient and comfortable outfit that is preferred during festivals or spiritual ceremonies. The Kurta either is up to the knee length or slightly below the knees in height. The dhoti is a rectangular unstitched cloth that is wrapped in a pant-like pattern and tied at the waist. These days contemporarily styled Dhoti’s are stitched in the form of loose-fitting pants and have an elastic waist that are easy to wear. Dhotis are also known as mundu, pancha, veshti or mardani across various parts of India. The fabric that is commonly used to stitch dhoti-Kurta is cotton, which is extremely light in weight and easy to carry all throughout the day.

Manish Arora – The First Quirky Fashion Designer

What Masaba is doing now, is nothing new to the Indian Fashion scene. The first Indian fashion designer who came up with the concept of quirky looking sarees and clothes that ruled the fashion scene for ages. He is the first designer to actually break the mould for the usual run of the mill sarees and start producing something unique and interesting. In fact the funniest part is what critics initially thought to be only to be a passing phase something that will only be targeted to the young clientele actually proved to be something interesting and fascinating that caught the fancy of people across all age groups.

Manish Arora created his own niche with his own namesake label “Manish Arora “. He launched his label in 1997 in the India Fashion week and caught the eye of many fashionistas. Then in the year 2001, he came up with a unique and quirky label called “Fish Fry”. This was mainly a colorful and slightly sports influenced label that caught on with the young crowd. The be aspect about the designer is that not only did his prêt collection come out with interesting western wear , but he also came up with various kinds of avatars of the saree. Mind it, this was the era when people were smitten by the chiffon saree and half and half saree syndrome. Suddenly, out of nowhere a designer came and launched a completely different and interesting twist to the 9 yards and slowly caught the attention of one and all.

He started opening his flagship store in various cities of India. Also, he started introducing the people of India to quirky they designs and psychedelic colors. He was the one who took designs and motifs from everyday life and transform them into beautiful 9 yards. The best part about a Manish Arora ensemble or sari is the fact that the riot of colors and amazing motifs will pick you up and make you feel extremely happy and cheerful. The designer is known to experiment with neon and other latest colors to make the sari look cheerful and colorful. Do not think that the color selection or kinds of motifs will make the saree look chaotic and different. Rather, the color riot and the texture of the sari will ensure that the same is elegant and there is a beautiful pattern in the chaos created on the sari . There are many fashionistas and Bollywood personalities who are known to dote on these beautiful Manish Arora sari’s and love wearing them and flaunting them at any given opportunity.

Manish Arora is known to have done costumes for many actresses and movies and reckons to be a famous name and designer in the Fashion industry for days to come. His brand Fish Fry till date is still considered to be one of the quirkiest brands associated with the fashion industry.