What’s the best way to style up a sari? Consider a designer blouse design. Designer sari blouses provide a sophisticated and classy look to your ensemble. They are a good way to glam up an ethnic or a simple design sari. With the right accessories, you can appear like a fashionista at your next dinner party!

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Consider the following five sari blouse styles the next time you dress up in a sari:

Chinese Collar Blouse
Chinese or mandarin collar blouses are a favorite across all age groups. This style was adapted from Mandarin collared kurtas. Chinese collar designer blouse design has a slightly raised collar and can be sleeveless or long sleeved. It may also be semi-back less in the back. A Chinese collar blouse design has stunning appeal and can be paired with many different saris such as cotton, embroidered, chiffon and crepe saris.

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Jacket Style Blouse
This contemporary style designer blouse is an appealing trend with women of all ages. Its traditional, semi coat design with embroidery and embellishments makes it a perfect accessory for handloom saris such as Banarasi and Kanjeepuram silk.

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High Neck Blouse
The High Neck designer blouse design takes its inspiration from the Chinese collar and closed neck style blouse. It is a perfect complement for embroidered or simple saris. High neck blouses are also great for women who want to preserve their modesty. This blouse style has a collar that is higher than a Mandarin style blouse and often features embellishments such as mirror or patchwork and heavy embroidery.

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Round Neck Blouse
This classic style will never go out fashion and is a must for every woman’s wardrobe. It is the perfect style for women who have broad shoulders or are wider in the chest. Whether your sari is heavily embellished or understated elegance, a round neck blouse is perfectly suited for all types of saris. While keeping the round neck design, you can increase the style factor by opting for a velvet or crepe material blouse. In addition, you can opt for cap sleeves or long sleeves to add more sophistication to your look.

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Square Neck Blouse
If you have lean shoulders or a narrow frame, the square neck design will suit you well. It is one of the simplest design to have and is also a basic style to keep in your wardrobe. Apart from having a button up front, you can opt for one without buttons or dori knots that act like buttons.

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Want to stand out at your next dinner party? Consider wearing a sari with a designer blouse. Shop for your designer blouse today at Indian Wedding Saree.


Why Buying a Designer Bridal Blouse is a Smart Choice?

If you are getting married, we are sure about the first thing that’s on your mind – your wedding dress. No matter how much you say that you are not conscious about your looks for the day of your wedding, we know how it is, deep down inside. All the brides want to look like gorgeous dolls on their special day because you don’t get married over and over again.

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So what kind of a dress should you wear? Which bridal gown would look the best on you?

If you take our opinion, we would always suggest our brides-to-be to wear designer bridal blouses and tuck-in some sensuous sarees on their wedding day. To be honest, designer bridal blouses are far better than all the other bridal gowns that you get in the market.

Wondering why? Read below to find your answers:

  • Designer blouses are available in different e-stores: Now most of the would-be-brides love online wedding shopping; if you are one of them, it is better for you to go to Indian wedding saree store that deals in complete Indian wedding attires and accessories. You can get all types of designer blouse online.

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  • There are different designs in which designer blouses are available: The good news is that there are hundreds of different designs in which you can find some of the best designer blouses for yourself. Don’t be worried about not finding what you are looking for; you have to spend a few days to find the perfect blouse for your wedding, go ahead and do the same.
  • There can be nothing better than a nice designer blouse for you:  What can be more delightful than having a wonderful designer blouse for your wedding? When you say the word designer, it has a different class in itself and you feel more confident when you wear it.

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  • Designer blouses are cheap and high in quality: If you think designer blouses are expensive, you haven’t seen the rates of bridal gowns and bridal Lehengas. Designer blouses and sarees are still quite affordable for the brides. Don’t think too much before buying a designer blouse; invest money in it and be happy about your choice.

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  • You don’t have to keep the blouses in the cupboard; you can wear them all the time: Even after your wedding, you can wear the blouse anytime you wish to. If you are planning to wear two different sarees on your wedding, let there be two different designer blouses for you. You can wear them later as well and that too on different sarees.

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  • Designer blouses are beautiful: There is absolutely no doubt that designer blouses are beautiful; you fall in love with them each time you lay your eyes upon their stich and beauty.
  • You can alter the blouses anytime you wish to: The good thing is that you can alter the blouses anytime you wish to, even in future or even after the wedding.

Top 10 Benefits Of Buying Readymade Blouses!

There are times when you are just not able to find a nice tailor for yourself; most of the women keep cribbing about how ugly their tailors stitch, especially their blouses. Cutting of the blouse is the most important thing and the tailor needs to be well-experienced, if he wants each of his customer to be satisfied with his work. However, the more experienced a tailor is, the higher he charges for his services.

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This is exactly where readymade blouses come into the picture for you. Here are the top ten benefits of buying and wearing such blouses:

1) Readymade blouses are not at all expensive, unless you go for designer ones: There are two types of readymade blouses that you can choose from – ordinary and designer. If you really want to wear something that suits your body and is quite affordable for you, readymade blouses are all that you need. Unless you buy the designer ones, you can easily spend on such blouses.

2) There is something known as a ‘designer blouse’: Yes – you read it right! If you have an important occasion in your life and you want to look different, you can invest on a nice designer readymade blouse. Such a blouse fits your body in such a way that you look glorious as you walk in the crowd.

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3) You can wear a readymade blouse with any type of saree that you wish to: Such a blouse can be worn inside any type of saree you wish to drape. From ordinary saree to Gujarati saree, from Bollywood saree to Bengali saree, all types of sarees look gorgeous when you wear them on readymade blouses.

4) Readymade blouses fit excellently: The best thing about such blouses is that they fit your body in the most perfect manner.

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5) You can always alter readymade blouses, depending upon your size: If you gain weight in future, there are margins inside the blouse thanks to which you can loosen the blouse for yourself.

6) Readymade blouses can be worn by more than one woman in the house: If there are a lot of women staying in the house and they belong to approximately the same body type, all of them can share one readymade blouse.

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7) Some of the basic colors of readymade blouses match all colors of sarees: Buy black, white, pink and red colored readymade blouses and wear them on any saree that you wish to.

8) Readymade blouses can be worn on your wedding day as well: If it is your big day, no other blouse can make you look as flawless as a readymade blouse.

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9) Most of the readymade blouses are made from stretch materials: If you want something that fits your body, without making you feel uncomfortable, such blouses are all that you need, since they are made from stretch materials.

10) Readymade blouses stay with you for a long period of time: Such blouses belong to high quality and hence they stay with you for a long time.

Top Five Blouse Cuts for Beautiful Indian Woman

Every Indian woman knows the importance of Saree in her life. Right from the time growing up, she is fond of looking at her mother getting dressed up in front of the mirror. Looking at the kind of jewelry and the beautiful traditional attire the mother wears, the daughter falls in love with the beauty of fashion or style.

Even today, despite all those designer gowns available on different e-stores, women prefer wearing sarees on their wedding days. A lot of women still wear such traditional outfits to their offices.

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If you are planning to wear a saree on some special occasion, here are the top five blouse patterns you must know about, in order to flaunt your beauty in front of others:

1) Go backless this year: If you are confident about how you look and want to show others the efforts you have put in achieving your target weight, going backless this year is the best thing for you. Tell your tailor to give a nice backless design for your blouse; let your partner fall in love with your dressing sense this year!

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2) The decent square: This may sound like a very traditional design, but it looks amazing. A lot of women wear squared neck patterns to look decent. Most of the chubby women prefer this neck as it makes them look slimmer. If you have recently put on a little bit of weight, but don’t want the others to know about it, get a nice square shaped neck pattern for your blouse.

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3) The royal boat neck: Boat necks have always been close to the hearts of a lot of women. Such neck patterns make you look gorgeous and elegant. The best thing is that it is neither too exposing, nor too traditional. Once you wear such a neck pattern, you don’t feel like wearing any other pattern at all.

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4) The seductive halter neck: This neck pattern is my favorite; I have always been wearing halter neck blouse all my life, especially in blouses. It doesn’t matter if you are slim or chubby, if you know how to carry yourself in this neck pattern, you can easily wear it. You may have to take care of it a bit since women, who are not used to low necks, find it difficult to wear this pattern.

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5) Full sleeves beauty: No – I am not a fool to tell you to wear full sleeves blouse in summers, but I want you to know that there are a lot of tailors who know how to design and stitch net material sleeves for you. If you can get a professional tailor for yourself, you don’t need to be worried about feeling hot in full sleeves blouses.

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If you don’t trust any tailor and want to try ready-made blouses, you can easily get them on different online stores. No doubt you have to be sure of your size; some of the blouses can also be altered!

A look at Hot Favorite Blouse Designs Among Women

Sarees are traditional Indian attires that enhance the look and gorgeousness of any woman. Various kinds of sarees attract women of different ages. In the recent years, even the blouses have started occupying an important place in terms of design. It is said that the design of a blouse can add to the overall appeal of the saree and define the style statement of a lady in a great way. Therefore, whether you wear saree only on occasions or you wear on a regular basis, you should always give emphasis on the designs of the blouse. After all, they can create a huge difference in the way you look.

Choosing The Right Design:
In the context of choosing a design, it is always wise to look at the saree first. The texture of the saree will play a great role in defining the cut or the tailoring of the blouse. As a result, it can make you look greatly stylish. Some blouses are sewn while some come readymade. It is often sewn to match the saree. However, the recent trend is not to match the saree with the blouse. Moreover, special attention is also given on the neck and back designs, some of which can even come in thick embroidery.

Some Popular Designs To Consider:
1 Many designer blouses come with halter necks and noodle straps. Some variations can also be found in the designs, and they are designed in accordance with the particular requirements in terms of both fabric and color.

2 The blouses that are worn everyday or in offices generally come with half way cut sleeves. In most cases, the necks are U shaped or round based on the taste of the wearer.

3 The air hostess design is also quite popular which comes with a covered back, but the front can be opened with hooks. Though traditionally this design was worn by the Indian air hostesses, yet this style has become popular among other ladies, as well. It gives the wearer a graceful appeal due to which it is one of the top favorites among Indian women.

4 Sleeveless blouses have also become popular in the recent years. These are usually made of cotton and go great with chiffon or cotton sarees. It is not only intended for style, but also for comfort. The necks can again come in different designs.

5 The backless saree blouse design is preferred by women who can carry it. Some of these are also worn with zarees, gotta or sequence work. These are stitched and padded for more comfort.

Thus, there are several types of designs currently available in blouses. Regardless the styles and designs, you should always go for an option that is most suitable to you. You should also feel extremely comfortable, by means of which you can carry it well. The combination of these things will create a great difference in your look, and you will be more than satisfied. Therefore, get ready to deck yourself with a dashing outfit.

How To Select The Right Blouse Design As Per Your Height & Figure?

The blouse designs of sarees keep on changing like the sarees and with the changing of fashion trends, there comes new designs. Today, it is not difficult to find wide varieties of designs available in the blouses and women get the freedom to choose from different styles. In fact, many people are not aware that the elegance of the sarees is increased when they are accompanied by stylish and appealing blouse designs. This is one of the major reasons for which women choose their blouses with proper caution and care for perfection. A wrong design or a wrong fitting blouse can completely spoil the impression of the saree, and your entire efforts in looking stylish can become worthless.

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Making The Right Selection:
Quite similar to the selection of the sarees, even the designs of blouses should be selected, as per the figure and height. This might sound strange, but it is completely true. Women with beautiful curves and even slim bodies can look beautiful in any design, but they do not necessarily look good on women who are slightly overweight or plump. In this article, we will discuss different types of blouse design that will suit women of different heights and figures.

1 Square or circular neck- Women who are taller can select these designs. On the other hand, women short in height should go for rectangular or oval neck blouses. Moreover, the neckline depth should also be in accordance to the level of your comfort.

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2 V neck blouses- These shapes are ideal for women who are short and have thick necks. These are classic designs that can often make you look slimmer. In fact, it is the ideal design for plus size ladies. Moreover, they should also go for long sleeves instead of sleeveless options. Long sleeves also go with all types of sarees and hence there is nothing to worry. A simple blouse with V necks can go fine with embroidered or stonework sarees. Wide neck blouses also tend to give a slimmer look.

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3 Blouses with High collar- Women with long and thin necks can definitely opt for this design. On the contrary, women who are short should refrain from choosing this design. Ladies with long necks should not go for V neck or U neck designs, but high collars look great on them.

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4 Blouses with Halter neck- These are stylish and fashionable in the recent years. In fact, they are also very popular among the stars of Bollywood. Thin or slim women can easily adapt to this design in their figure. In this context, the spaghetti strap blouses are also in trend. They make any woman look bold. However, you should be comfortable and cool in carrying these Halter Neck blouse in order to get a sensuous look altogether.

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Thus, you have several designs and styles to choose from when it comes to sarees and saree blouses. You can check out the latest trends in Bollywood to find out what they wear. Consequently, you will get a fair idea of the designs to pick. However, make sure that you keep the above factors in mind while selecting a design for your figure.