A look at top traditional outfits for famous with Indian men

Traditional outfits for men have evolved over the years with a lot of contemporary changes made in the design. Men wear traditional costumes during festivals, Pooja or ceremonies such as marriages, engagements, etc. Some of the different types of traditional outfits that most men prefer include dhoti Kurta, Sherwanis, Kurta Pajamas, etc. The designs look conventional and are extremely comfortable to wear, especially during ceremonies such as marriage, engagement etc that include a lot of physical activities. Some of these are mentioned below in details.

1 Sherwani:
A dress that has its origin from the Mughal Empire, Sherwani’s has a royal appeal. Available in silk fabric, this Kurta-styled outfit has a hand-made embroidery work all over the fabric. It is heavily designed and goes perfectly well with Lehenga. If the occasion is wedding, then you can accessorize the Sherwani with a stole, turban, Juttis, etc. Custom-made, these Sherwanis should be stitched in a pattern to best suit your physique. Different types of fabrics can be used to make a Sherwani, some of them include terry wool, brocade, etc. The length of the Sherwani should be well below the knees and can be paired up with matching Churidars. These days bold and bright colored Sherwani’s are gaining popularity among men. The collar of the Sherwani can be stitched as per your choice, the popular designs including Chinese collar, V-neck, etc.

2 Pathani:
Pathani Suit has been a favorite among men since ages. Right from kids to older men, Pathani is preferred by men of all age group. In addition to being stylish, the outfit is extremely comfortable and easy to wear. It is said that the outfit has its origin from the Kabuli Pathans of Afghanistan. A pathani suit is worn with loose fitting Salwar and traditional Jootis. For kids, the suit can be paired up with Churidars too. Earlier, white or black colored Pathani was commonly found, but these days bright and bold colored Pathani’s are picking up popularity in the market. Collared or non-collared, a Pathani is designed in a manner to perfectly fit the body of the wearer. Most have embroidery work done on their collar and sleeve cuffs. In addition, Pathanis Suits are full sleeved outfits and can also be accessorized with matching or contrast colored jackets.

3 Dhoti-Kurta
A traditional outfit for men that is worn by almost all linguistic communities, dhoti kurta is a convenient and comfortable outfit that is preferred during festivals or spiritual ceremonies. The Kurta either is up to the knee length or slightly below the knees in height. The dhoti is a rectangular unstitched cloth that is wrapped in a pant-like pattern and tied at the waist. These days contemporarily styled Dhoti’s are stitched in the form of loose-fitting pants and have an elastic waist that are easy to wear. Dhotis are also known as mundu, pancha, veshti or mardani across various parts of India. The fabric that is commonly used to stitch dhoti-Kurta is cotton, which is extremely light in weight and easy to carry all throughout the day.


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