Why Lehenga Saree Is The Best Outfit For This Wedding Season

The wedding season is approaching and all the women might be looking out for what to wear to look special this time. Well, nobody can ignore how charming a woman looks in an elegant saree or a well designed lehenga. So, why not combine both together to make one mesmerizing dress to add to the sensuousness. Here, we are talking about the new trend, Lehenga Saree.

lehenga style saree

Lehenga saree is a great innovation in Indian fashion. They are available in a variety of designs, be it lehenga like flares or saree like pleats, there are a lot of options. What makes a lehenga saree unique is that it has the design of lehenga in the pleats area and the pallu is draped like a saree.

wedding lehenga saree

This attire is highly favored by young brides and other women as the perfect wedding wear considering its easiness to wear and elegance. It has gained popularity and the one who is wearing it, feels fascinated.

designer lehenga saree

Indian wedding wear is also in vogue abroad d ue to the crafting and sophistication. For years, lehenga choli and sarees have ruled over the wedding outfits. But now the trend is changing with the introduction of new and fresh garb like the Lehenga Saree.

However, Lehengas and sarees have not been a grace only for weddings, they are very popular amongst festive wear too. So, Lehenga Saree can be a great option for festival outfits which are sure to add a charm to your celebrations.

buy lehenga saree online

India’s top fashion designers are also busy in introducing great designs in the Lehenga Saree range. Manish Malhotra is one of the favorites. Every woman has a crush for his designs, isn’t it? He has designed some great Lehenga Sarees which are sure to revive the ethnic avatar of women.

If you too are thinking of catching up with the trend and buying Lehenga Sarees for yourself, then you must try the collection of Indian Wedding Sarees. They have some of the most beautiful designs and a wide range of ethnic and bridal wear. We are sure you will like their collection.


When Bollywood Divas Turn Up The Heat With Red Saree

Whenever Bollywood actresses have appeared in a blazing red saree, it has been a pure feast to the eyes. Be it the movies of 1970s or the modern era, the red color has made its appearance several times on the silver screen. Red is the color of love, desire and passion. This statement has indeed been enlightened by divas in red, performing a romantic song.

In 1969, a popular song streamed on the radio, “Badan pe sitare lapete hue”. We all know this song and it straight away clicks our mind, doesn’t it? Here, the actress Vyjayanthimala has performed in a Red Bollywood Saree with golden sequins embroidered on it.

Red Bollywood Saree

However, the hotness of the red came into light only when Dimple Kapadia appeared in the song “Jane Do Na” from the movie “Sagar”. Here we can see her radiant skin in combination with her crimson saree. Undoubtedly, she set the heartbeats of that generation racing.

From then onwards, the red color has become a quotient of hotness and visual appeal in Bollywood. We all remember the song “Tum Paas Aaye” from the movie “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai”. In the instrumental of this song, Kajol looked stunning in her elegant red saree.

Red Saree Online

Again, with Shah Rukh Khan, Sushmita Sen made an appearance in red in the movie “Main Hoon Na”. She made Shah Rukh go on his knees with her look in the song “Chand Mera Dil”.

Bollywood Saree Online

Then we have Kareena Kapoor in “Chammak Challo” from the tech-savvy film “Ra-One”. She definitely set the stage on fire in red saree while performing her dance. Her look became very popular on the internet.

bollywood replica sarees online

How can we forget the elegance of Sunny Leone from “Jism 2”. She blew the minds away with her hot red saree and her hourglass figure in the movie.

Red Saree Online

These examples really convey that how debonair a woman can look in a red saree. The color really adds to the charm of women and can make any man fall in love with them.

Gear up with Leggings for International Yoga Day 2018

In today’s stressful life, we sometimes forget to take care of our mind, body and of course, the soul. We forget that the amount of negative impact our modern lifestyle is casting upon us. However, one thing that can save us from this scenario is Yoga. In fact, the meaning of Yoga in Sanskrit is “to join”. Yoga has been proven to have many physical and mental remedial benefits for women as well as men. A sedentary lifestyle has even more negative impact on our body than smoking. Neck and back pains have been a problem since long for women. Lack of physical activity like sitting for hours in front of computer, driving for extended duration, improper body postures while sleeping are some causes of these complications.

International Yoga Day 2018

A study has found out that sedentary lifestyle also promotes faster aging of cells. In fact, the research says that women who sit for 10 hours without any physical activity tend to make their cells older by 8 years, biologically. Women don’t want to look older, isn’t it? Absolutely, Yoga is the solution.

Yoga Leggings Online

The International Yoga Day is approaching and lakhs of people all over the World are setting up for the same, even Bollywood celebrities. Here, we can take the example of famous actress Malaika Arora Khan. She is gearing up for the World Yoga Day in style with her cool black yoga leggings. Her instagram pictures are spectacular. Some of the other celebrities addicted to yoga are Bipasha Basu, Shilpa Shetty, Lara Dutta. We can indeed see the positive effect of Yoga on their figures and that how young they look even in their 40s.


Yoga should be performed in comfortable clothes that are not too tight. Clothing like jeans, tight fitting shirts or pants should be avoided for Yoga. We can opt out for clothes like tops, shorts, T-shirts, yoga pants and leggings which are somewhat loose on our body. It keeps our blood circulation in check while we are performing some complex yoga poses. We can see in Malaika’s pictures that how comfortable clothes she is wearing which do not interfere in her postures.

buy yoga leggings online

There are various communities worldwide that teach Yoga, meditation and various other physical and mental fitness exercises. Their efforts are truly commendable in making the lives of people healthier and promotion of Yoga all over the world. So, let’s prepare ourselves for the yoga day and take a pledge that we will put an end to sedentary lifestyle from this day onwards. Let’s brace Yoga and bestow our mind and body with the everlasting gift of physical and mental fitness.


The origin of the Nehru Jacket can be traced back to the Mughal years where it was called a Choga worn by the rich and powerful. With time it changed its face and became a hip-length tailored coat with mandarin collar. This attire became the favourite of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru and since then, it is drawing inspiration from his fashion statement which was etched forever on this jacket and that is how it got its name. Nehru jacket’s front is inspired on the Indian Achkans or Sherwanis but unlike an Achkan, it does not fall below the knees and interesting part to note here is that Jawaharlal Nehru never wore a Nehru jacket. This jacket was first designed in India but sold with this name in Europe and America, and later on recognised as a formal wear of Indian youth who began to wear it coupled with trousers. This is also called Bandh Gale ka Coat which is a ceremonial wear and surely to be found in every man’s formal collection. Earlier it was worn over a long kurta and was made of cotton or khadi but now, one can see it available in other fabric like silk, brocade, tussar etc. Nehru jacket too has had a makeover as now it is preferred in embellished form in array of colours and patterns. Designers have brought amazing results though it has never gone through a change in its basic form which is till date considered being chic and stylish.

shop nehru jackets

Undoubtedly, this attire never lost respect or popularity. Rather it won global appreciation and approval and models have been found showcasing the apparel in the most fashionable manner, endearing it more as a formal and traditional wear which can never be considered to be outdated. Indian politicians have always found it to be extremely fascinating and their wardrobes have it in abundance. Bollywood movies too have endorsed and propagated them as the fashionable attire to be worn by stylish men with taste in classy things.

Nehru Jackets Online

These days, Online Stores cater for the Nehru jackets as one of the most fashionable wear in silk and tussar as well as cotton. This jacket is inspirational and elegant which reflect a man’s good taste and stamps him to be culturally well bred. Though this attire may have modified its taste in colours which are now vivid and vibrant, but one can’t deny that the cut and style has not undergone much change.

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Indian Wedding Saree has the most elegant and graceful Nehru jackets to offer in a wide range of collection which is available in multitude of colours and fabric. These jackets are not only going to get a special attention from the envious friends but also earn you a reputation of a Fashionista. Be it the wedding or a party, this jacket will make you stand out and your idea of traditional wear will be followed by many others. One can’t miss the designs and patterns available with us as each piece is designed with a thought to offer you something unique and exclusive.

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Visit the store and browse through the stunning collection to choose from the plain, embroidered or thread work jackets in brocade, jute, khadi, cotton, velvet etc. We are prompt with our delivery and always get you the best products at the most reasonable prices.


As prescribed In Holy Quran, Muslim women must dress modestly and the clothes should not be revealing. They should be dressed in fully covered clothes and on the top, a Black Abaya is worn which does not let anything to be revealed underneath due to its black colour. Earlier Abayas were made from one piece, both for the head and the body but nowadays with changing trends and fashion, Abayas can be made of several parts rather than just one single piece. Though Abaya holds a cultural similarity amongst many countries with Muslim population but black Abayas are not necessarily the only colour, opted by all the Muslim women.

Black Abayas For Eid

Abayas make one feel connected to one’s religion and culture and they also signify respect and dignity. They are a loose over-garment essentially a robe like dress, which can be worn with a niqab which is a face veil. Abaya, though is most widely worn in Saudi Arabia. Indian Muslim women wear it depending on the region they are living in. There are many Abaya styles available like some are front open or front closed. They can be shaped like caftans with embroidery to decorate them and make them formal.

Black Abayas Online

Eid is the most important Muslim festival, celebrated worldwide with a lot of enthusiasm and zeal. Eid brings with it many reasons to celebrate. Some are religious and some are cultural. But there is no denying the fact that women folk are really on their toes preparing the feast, buying gifts and new clothes and also visiting friends and other family members.

Eid Special Black Abayas

As the festival of Eid is a religious festival, certain religious mandates must be followed and one of them is that the women should be dressed in modest clothes that are not revealing and they should not show their face to people other than their immediate family members. This is where a black Abaya plays its role, covering the body in such a manner that nothing can be seen. These days, new fashion trends have given a new face to these Abayas too. You may find them stitched a little tight and not as loose cloaks. They may be embellished with embroidery work or stone work to give them a decorative look and set a festive mood for Eid.

Kaftan Style Abayas

We at Indian Wedding Saree pay particular attention to your needs and requirements and we do understand your need to wear a black Abaya on Eid and that is why our special Eid Collection caters for the latest and new variety in Black Abayas which are not only well stitched but also well designed to give you something new and exciting. We have Abayas in different sizes and these black Abayas, in these flowing, rich fabrics, fall gracefully to keep your modesty intact as well as give you something which is designer and trendy.

Abayas for Eid

Browse through our amazing new collection of Black Abayas for Eid and choose the one that is made just for you.


The festival of Eid brings with it bountiful of happiness and many reasons to be grateful. The gaiety experienced after a month long fasting in the month of Ramadan indicates the time for celebrations with friends and family. As any other festival, it sets the mood for a relaxed and happy time, visiting near and dear ones, exchanging gifts and enjoying gastronomic treats. In fact the thought of Eid fills one’s mind with the picture of well lighted decorated homes, beautifully dressed men and women and lots of fun and laughter.

Eid Special Sarees

Buying new clothes at the time of Eid is customary and it surely adds to the excitement and thrill, one feels. Eid’s Shopping is as special as the festival and much goes into planning as to what attire should be shopped which would make them stand out and is something exclusive. Especially, women give a lot of thought to what to wear for the festival.

Eid Special Saree Collection

Saree has been the part of our civilization since ages and it still is considered as one of the most preferred attires to be worn at special occasions. Sarees lend grace and elegance to its wearer and they never fail to match the festive mood. For any woman, buying a new saree is exciting and she would pay a lot of attention to the present fashion trends before buying a special saree. Though saree is evergreen and is never out of fashion, yet changing times have seen the evolution of the saree designs and the style of draping which may be different from the regular one.

Eid Special Sarees

Big festivals demand rich and lavish dressing up. Eid’s celebrations too call for shopping for the sarees that are bright, vibrant and with some embroidery or sequin work, giving them a heavy look. These sarees should reflect happy times in their appearance and in the present scenario of busy times; online shopping experience provides you with convenience and comfort of choosing your clothes at the time best suitable to the buyer.

Special Sarees For Eid

Certain online stores, because of their professionalism and customer friendly approach take no time in winning the hearts of so many customers and carve a niche of trust and faith. One such store, Indian Wedding Saree outshines any other store in variety as well as quality. We at Indian Wedding Saree take special care to understand the occasions and cater for the products that are on our customers’ minds so that their shopping experience is not only enriching but also fulfilling. Same is the case with our premium collection of Eid Sarees, especially styled and designed to bring to your doorstep something exquisite and unique. These sarees are available in array of colours and fabric. Ranging from heavy silk traditional sarees with zari borders to heavily sequined or mirror work or embroidered sarees, our workmanship remains unparallel and unmatched. Be it the bright red saree or an elegant cream coloured one with red border; you are going to fall in love with each of our exclusive pieces. They are here to make your Eid a special one.

Eid Saree Collection 2018

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Eid or Eid-ul-Fitr is the time to enjoy the festival in its true traditional form. Be it food or clothes, traditions and customs play a major role, adding a special touch to this pious festival which comes after a month long fasting in the month of Ramadan. The festival marks the period to show one’s gratitude to God by offering prayers and celebrating this new beginning with family and friends. Feasting, wearing specific attire and exchanging gifts are the highlights of the festival. The attires worn on Eid are almost universal as they are followed from the norms prescribed in the holy book Quran. First and foremost is to dress up modestly in sober and pristine colours like white, especially for the men.

Eid Kurta Pyjamas Collection

Though over the years, there is no denying that the fashion trends do modify and evolve the clothing style but certain traditions are still intact. Traditionally, men are advised to wear cotton, generally Kurta Pyjama with white cap as a head gear. Preferably white kurta may be adorned with Chikankari work. This kurta pyjama is the traditional dress to be worn at the time of prayers. Since the fashion world has evolved as well as dominates the present scenario, there is no denying that variety in kurta pyjamas is no more limited to only one style. Eid time witnesses the markets flooded with Traditional Kurta Pyjamas that do adhere to the basic norms of the Quran, but the choice and variety is immense, giving one, an opportunity to appear stylish and elegant in these traditional clothes.

Eid Dress For Men

Kurta Pyjama has no doubt been a conventional outfit which has never gone out of fashion or trends. Rather, it has carved a niche for itself as a set of clothing that has a universal appeal. Rich embellishment on the kurtas or a Nehru jacket on the top of these kurtas leave no room for doubt that it sets the festive mood without breaking the traditional or religious norms. Men look smart and Kurta Pyjamas truly reflect Indianness, emphatically making its place in the international fashion world with its amazing and exclusive style.

Kurta pyjama For Eid

We at Indian Wedding Saree truly understand the significance of each festival and love to share as well as add to your happiness through our latest and festive collection of Kurta Pyjamas, designed especially to give you one more reason to celebrate Eid in rich and opulent style. Our ace designers, while designing these kurta pyjamas keep in mind the sanctity of the occasion, so that you will not be able to resist these beautifully embroidered Kurta Pyjamas with traditional caps as accompaniments. Our fine finesse and premium quality fabric at the most reasonable prices set our Online Store apart from any other. Our customer friendly approach has won us many customers for whom we happily customise any of our products to give them satisfaction and joy. It is indeed an enjoyable experience to shop with us and avail the most exciting offers and discounts.

Eid Special Kurta Pyjamas

Browse through our range of simple traditional kurta pyjamas to the bright heavy embroidered ones and make your Eid a very special day.


Wedding, an occasion guided by rituals based on traditional, religious and regional customs, is the time to create an everlasting impression, as a bride. Being a bride, is an experience so special and unique that one wishes to be best prepared for the wedding. Bridal Dress has to stand out and must portray elegance, style and splendour at the same time. It is every bride’s dream that she should look her traditional best and be the most beautiful bride. To achieve this, it is important for the bride to buy the Bridal Lehenga in a colour and style that compliments her complexion and figure.

bridal lehengas

Lehengas come in many designs and styles and if you are a bride, it is important for you to know about them before you decide to pick yours.

Some of the lehengas come with flare, as were in the olden times. These lehengas are huge and heavy with a broad border at the lower end. They are heavily embroidered and come in array of colours and fabric. These look most graceful on a tall and slender bride.


Next, we have A-Line Lehengas, which are designed in the shape of ‘A’, with flare at sides. They are fitted tight at the waist. The choli to complete the look should be of medium length.

A-Line Lehengas

Fishtail Lehengas which are tight at the thighs and has flare from knees downwards. It is divided into pleats. It should complement the look with a tight fitting choli or a blouse which is short.

Fishtail Lehengas

Saree Lehenga is the latest trend which is chosen by the bride for being easy to wear and comfortable. It suits any body type. Medium length blouse completes the attire.

Shararas are more of a palazzo in looks with parallels as the bottom wear. These are worn with a kurti. They can also be put in a category of a comfortable wear.


Bollywood Designer Lehengas are any bride’s dream as they are extravagant and lavish, inspired from the bollywood celebrities.

Indian Wedding Saree brings to you the latest and classic collection of bridal lehengas which come in abounding variety and range of colours. Lehengas are also called ghagras which are a must buy for any bride. Wedding Lehengas must be bought with care and attention to the details that can enhance the feminism and arouse confidence in the bride. The fit and flare of the lehenga, its colour, embellishments and how does it compliment with the bridegroom’s attire or if the lehenga has been designed according to the theme of the wedding party. All these points are to be kept in mind before buying an exquisite lehenga at a reasonable price. It is also important that lehenga and choli are well stitched. The jewellery to be worn with the lehenga should accentuate its beauty. The radiance emitted from the bride’s personality has its share in the bridal attire.

Bollywood lehenga choli

Indian Wedding Saree is one of its kind online store that completes one’s search for anything related to a wedding, be it the outfits for the bride and bridegroom or other members of the family or the wedding invitation cards.

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Saree has been since ancient times, the most fascinating attire which has charmed and bewitched the whole world with its 6 yards sensuality and grace. Though saree has its hypnotic effect on the onlookers, yet one cannot deny, young minds always want to experiment with traditional attires and give them a new look which is bold and beautiful. One such new avatar in saree is a Designer Lehenga Saree which is a beautiful blend of lehenga choli and a saree, an outfit suitable for any occasion, adding irresistible charm to the personality.

designer lehenga saree

Lehenga Sarees have gained popularity because they are convenient to wear and are not as heavy as a saree but gives it a competition in elegance and sophistication. If you are attending a Sangeet or Mehendi ceremony as a bride or as a guest, you are definitely going to attract a lot of admiring and envious glances because the lehenga sarees compliment the curves and can be termed as a trendy and modern as well a traditional wear. Being easy to wear as all you have to do is to tuck and drape, unlike a saree where you must know how to form pleats. All you have to do is just slip into the long flared skirt and zip it at the side and drape the pallu. Like a saree, a lehenga saree is worn over a petticoat too. It also has an accompaniment in the form of a blouse or a choli. Choli can either be the conventional blouse or the long choli as worn with a Ghagra Choli.

Bridal lehenga saree

Designer wear Saree Lehengas are the most suitable for the weddings which look festive and grand with embroidery or embellishments on the blouse and the saree of kundan, beads, pearls, mirror etc. Various types of embroidery patterns can enhance the looks of the lehenga saree. Bagh, chikan, zardosi, kantha, kashida are some of the types of work that are done on the attire to give it a rich look. These embellishments make the garment exquisite and unique in any of the fabrics like georgette, silk, brasso, chiffon or brocade.

Bridal Lehenga Saree

We at Indian Wedding Saree can proudly display our most exclusive collection of Designer Lehenga Sarees which make you stand apart in the wedding or any party as they add flamboyance to the look and style. The colour combinations we offer are the trendiest and the richest which make them even more irresistible. Each piece is exquisitely designed with embellishments, most suitable for it. Our designers believe in quality, grace and sophistication that attire should lend to your persona and they ensure that whatever you choose from our rich collection is not only beautiful and unique but also affordable and reasonably priced. There is no wastage of time when you choose your pick from our ready to ship collection as we understand your urgency. We even offer Lehenga sarees in four, six, eight and nine yards in case you want to try out different styles. Our fabric options are to ensure that your fabric choice should compliment your figure.

Buying lehenga saree

Visit Indian Wedding Saree and find out more about this designer attire which is the most fashionably vivacious and stylish with an added oomph factor.


Every Indian woman is aware that a traditional attire such as a saree is deemed incomplete without a pair of show-stopping earrings. Similar to bags and shoes, a woman can’t have enough variety of earrings. After all, we need them to match the variety of outfits that we have! In fact, Bollywood divas like Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor are famous for showcasing beautiful and stylish earrings.


If you’re wondering which types of earrings you can wear with your saree, consider the following options:


This style of earring is simple, casual yet elegant. They pair perfectly with sarees, ghagra cholis and other traditional Indian outfits. In fact, sleek latkans with a plain chain can also be worn with fusion gowns.

Latkan earrings


Jhumkas are a traditional style of earring and perhaps the most recognized. There are an assortment of jhumka styles from plain metallic such as silver, copper and gold to colourful jhumkas in regular stones and semi-precious stones. Some jhumkas are accented with dangling pearls. This beautiful earring is a perfect complement to a saree, lehenga choli, anarkali suit or even kurta and pyjama. You can easily match the color of the jhumka to the outfit or play it safe by opting for simple gold tone ones.

Jhumkas online


Some women don’t like the heaviness of earrings and prefer something lightweight. Studs are the perfect solution. These are an excellent option for women who prefer simpler jewellery. Studs don’t have to be very small. They can be sparkling and larger than the average stud. However, keep in mind that when wearing a stud it is best to style your hair up, i.e. in an up do or a bun. This will make your facial area (and ears) more noticeable.

studs for women

Chand Balis

Chand balis are elegant, sophisticated and stylish. You’ve likely seen them being worn by Deepika Padukone in Goliyon Ki Raas Leela Ram-Leela. These earrings are a perfect pairing with sarees. In fact, they suit chaniya cholis as well.

Chand Balis Online

Chandelier Earrings

Chandeliers are lengthy earrings that often reach just above the shoulders. They are graceful, pretty and charming. Chandeliers are perfect with contemporary sarees and Indo-Western gowns.

Chandelier Earrings

Tiered Jhumkas

This stylish earring is the latest rage in fashion today. They are a fresh and unique take on traditional jhumkas. Tiered jhumkas are multiple jhumkas lined up in succession as opposed to a single jhumka in the traditional form. These are well suited for sarees as well as kurtis and salwar suit sets.

Tiered Jhumkas Online

When dressing up in a saree, ghagra choli, salwar suit or Indo-Western gown, don’t forget to complete your look with a pair of beautiful traditional earrings.

Shop for these earrings at Indian Wedding Saree.