If there is any attire that is completely Indian in character and style, it is Kurta Pyjama which has found multiple uses for men. When it is stitched in light muslin cloth with minimal embellishments, it acquires the status of a comfortable nightwear, most suitable for the Indian climate where we have summers for the maximum time. But kurta pyjamas have long ago been adopted as a fashion wear in traditional attires which never fail to leave an everlasting impression of poise, grace and handsomeness.

Indian men’s features and personality go very well with the Indian attires that create an aura of desi style which one must admit is not so desi. Rather it has been recognised, accepted, approved as well as appreciated at international level, fascinating people globally with its glowing charm. This duo comprises of a knee length straight shirt with either band gala or Chinese collar. Length may vary and underneath a loose fitting but narrow trousers are worn which are known as pyjama. This outfit is generally complimented with a stole to complete the party or wedding look.

If we go into the history of this authentic Indian attire, it makes us realise that it had always been there in pre-independence era though lost its influence as men were attracted to western outfits once the English declared themselves as the colonial rulers but soon it made a comeback and this time to stay forever with the Swadeshi Movement which boycotted the western wear.

Soon it became the recognised dress worn by Indian politicians which till date is their first love but Indian youth too have found their ethnic outfit most aptly suitable for Indian weddings. Our ace designers have made constant efforts to give a novel identity to kurta pyjama and that is why we see it in different versions, colours, cut and styles giving them edge above any other western attires.

We at Indian Wedding Saree could not agree less that kurta pyjama is truly an attire which is immensely popular and exhibits it own style statement, stealing the show at any party. We have the most exquisite collection of kurta pyjamas in array of rich and luxuriant colours which are definitely going to create sensation wherever and whenever they are worn. We have them in variety of fabric, be it silk, raw silk, tussar silk, cotton, cotton silk, etc.

One can cast a magic spell with maroon or mustard yellow kurta pyjama which can be said to be traditional colours lending a festive look to their wearer. It is heartening to know that our kurta pyjamas are loved for the kind of impression they cast on others. You look your best as a bridegroom’s friend or bridegroom himself when you select one from our collection of richly embroidered or embellished kurta pyjamas. We have something to match everyone’s taste, be it the sober, soft coloured, lightly embellished kurtas or bright, vibrant and flamboyant ones with heavy embroidery.

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One very interesting fact about the fashion world is that the past revives itself in a new form every time which though, resembles its predecessor’s looks but has now acquired many new features leaving people excited to try out this new version. Somewhere, this reminds of Celtic Tunics born in Europe and most importantly worn by the men but came back to surprise the whole world when women found them endearing and gave them a special status as well as place in their wardrobes.

Enjoying the attention in their new avatar are these much loved indo-western fusion wear called Tunics which resemble women’s kurtas but here the resemblance ends as these tunics have acquired their own identity. They are more trendy and modern and can be easily paired with something which is completely western like a pair of jeans or a long skirt or jeggings but keeping them Indianised is also not difficult as they can be worn with churidaar or leggings giving a smart, though not ethnic but Indian looks.

Recently, tunics have become the favourite even of the Bollywood stars who have increased its popularity and demand amongst the women who care for the modern trends and fashion.

Tunics have carved a niche for themselves in the hearts of women who have learnt of different ways of wearing them on different occasions. With a plethora of variety in array of solid colours, prints or embellishments, these tunics have become an indispensable part of a woman’s life who wears them to workplace as the comfort of wearing this attire is simply unmatched.

Moreover, it is a smart and active wear, aptly suitable for the office. It is advisable to wear tunics with plain, solid colours at the work place, preferably in cotton, rayon or silk depending on the weather. Lightly embroidered and differently designed can be worn for an evening get together or a party but that is not all. They can even create a sensation in a wedding or Sangeet party as the heavily embellished ones with zardosi, sequin, beads or thread work in the richest colours and fabric are there to accentuate the charm of this already remarkable outfit.

A word of caution here for the ones who are shopping online as there is a tremendous variety available with various online stores and it is easy to get duped as the fabric may not be of the quality that it promises or embroidery proves to be cheap and loose or every second online store has the same stuff making it common. In order to avoid any such thing happening with you, it is a must to check the credentials of the store and read the reviews and browse through the variety to compare the outfits and their prices with other stores.

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In the present world, a new trend has emerged which can be pronounced as the basis of new way of life or a new lifestyle. This consists of a blend of old and new, of keeping the traditions intact yet expressing yourself in a modern and trendy style.

The Indian fashion world has also experienced the same and we can very confidently say a perfect concoction of truly Indian traditional styles that have always been looked up with veneration by the past as well as present generations has seen a new face in the light of new era and that is how our designers have presented to us a beautiful creation of Lehenga Saree, keeping in mind the present generations’ preferences in fashion styles.

Lehenga saree is a perfect fusion of lehenga and saree which is most comfortable to wear and convenient to carry. It has both the elegance and magnetism of a saree and charisma and charm of a lehenga.

Saree has always been the part of Indian traditional wear lending grace and glamour to its wearer. This six yards cloth surprisingly brings out the most beautiful seductress in any woman who adorns it while a lehenga is a long, ethnic embellished or embroidered skirt accompanied with a blouse. Here it must be mentioned that blouse also forms the part of saree ensemble but a Lehenga’s beauty is further accentuated with the help of a long flowing dupatta while a saree is draped in such a manner that its Pallu or the loose flowing part hanging from the shoulder makes it most alluring.

Now, it is not very difficult to imagine the Lehenga Saree and its enchanting impact on the wearer as well as the onlookers who are left spellbound and mesmerised. The best part of this outfit is that it is loved by the present age girls as it saves them from the hassle of draping the saree which would be dishonest to consider as a very simple affair especially for the novice or the ones who are not used to wearing something as complicated as this.

Moreover it saves time and effort, not to mention that they turn into Fashionistas in no time, looking smart and voguish. It would not be wrong to say that it has in no time gripped the fashion industry to become one of the modish and chic attires to be worn at Indian wedding functions, be it a Mehendi Rasam or a Sangeet ceremony.

We at Indian Wedding Saree have the most exquisite and spectacular collection of Lehenga Sarees in the array of colours, designs and embellishments. We have something for everyone. That is why every lehenga saree at our online store speaks volumes of the fine workmanship and neat finesse that our designers have lent to each piece that you buy from this elite store, catering especially for those whose fashion sense is impeccable and the ones’ who are looking for that exclusive killer lehenga saree which will be unmatched in beauty and panache at any wedding.

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What the bride wears for her wedding and all the pre-wedding and post-wedding occasions is definitely entitled for a critical acclaim from all the relatives and friends. This is especially true for an Indian Bridal Outfits which are traditional, yet not devoid of variety in style, fabric, attire and accessories. Indian weddings are rich and lavish laced with variety of ceremonies and rituals making them more special, exciting and interesting. Bridal outfits for each occasion are bought with great care so that they are admired and appreciated along with being unique and different from each other.

Indian Bridal Outfits

Different occasions demand dressing in different attires which must go well with the kind of function for which it is being worn. Pre-wedding ceremonies include Engagement, Sangeet and Mehendi ceremonies. Engagement time definitely demands formal and traditional wear which can be a silk or brocade saree or a lehenga with lighter work.

Indian Bridal outfits online

Even an embellished Anarkali suit compliments the occasion. Sangeet and Mehendi Rasam are less formal. One can wear a heavy salwar suit, a trendy lehenga or a graceful lehenga saree, more of contemporary character which goes with the fashion and trends of modern times. One can also choose to wear a western gown if the theme suggests so. On the day of the wedding, any bride would like to pick a heavily embellished saree in a shade ranging from red to orange or peach to pink with heavy gold or Gota work. For the wedding, lehengas have become more popular and they come under a preferred choice. Colour range and embellishments more or less remains the same.

anarkali suits

Post the wedding ceremony, there is reception party in honour of the bride who has just joined a new clan. It being a formal event and the first public appearance of the bride, her attire must be impressive as well as ethnic. It may again be Anarkali suit, a lehenga with light embroidery and some trendy colour or a net/ chiffon/ brocade or silk saree depending on the climate and season.

lehenga with light embroidery

All this and much more is catered at Indian Wedding Saree, an online store with an exquisite collection of bridal attires that are available in array of colours and fabric to choose from. The quality of embellishment truly personifies Indian traditional handwork at its best. One of the most amazing things about the store is the premium quality stuff at the most competitive prices.

It is no exaggeration to state here that the outfits that we present to you from our bridal collection are exclusively designed by ace designers who know and understand the present fashion trends as well as the ethnic values of Indian families. Each of our attires is unmatched and unique with beauty, charm and grace intact. It is the story of elegance and charisma that your appearance creates in any of these bridal sarees, suits or lehengas which you choose to wear on any of your eventful days.

wedding outfit for brides

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What ancient Romans began to wear as unisex garb, may be inspired from Greek garments known as Celtic Tunics, have stormed the modern fashion world where tunics have gained a status of respect and grace. Derived from the Latin word Tunica is a garment for the body, usually reaching from the shoulders to a length somewhere between hips and ankles. Tunic in India or Pakistan means kurta, a garment worn by women accompanied with leggings, jeggings, salwar or churidaar.

embroidered tunics

Its length too may vary from the personal preference or demand of the fashion trends ranging from knees till ankle. Present fashion trends have seen tunics more and more in demand with an innovative cut or shape. They are the preferred choice as they are the most comfortable to wear, be it home, office or a party. Tunics, no doubt lend beauty, grace and elegance to its wearer adding to her charm and style. As they are in vogue, they definitely never fail to make a fashion statement.

buy embroidered tunics

Indian fashion designers always make an endeavour to create something novel and exciting for Indian women which has a global standing and is appreciated all over the world. Embroidery, which has been the part of Indian culture since long, can be said of varied forms and designs acquired, adopted and adapted from the artisans of not only India but many other countries who left some part of their culture and tradition behind in the form of these exquisite patterns created with the help of colourful threads and needles. Embroidery as an art form is no less than poetry as it enhances the cloth or fabric where it is embellished creating alluring beauty.

embroidered tunics online

Embroidered Indian Tunics have carved a niche for themselves as nothing looks more elegant and graceful than these kurtas adorned with thread work or bead work or sequin work. Indian Tunics have an unmatched style and chic look and the moment they are decorated with embroidery they become special and dressy, ready to showcase how they stand out amongst various attires.

buy tunics online

These tunics look immensely amazing with different forms of embroidery which transform the looks of an ordinary looking kurta into a party wear dress that catches immediate attention, winning many admiring as well as envious glances from those who set their eyes on them. One important thing while buying an embroidered tunic is the fabric of the tunic must compliment the form of embroidery done on it. For example, if it is chiffon tunic, the delicacy of the cloth must be kept in mind. For this, it is important that one must buy from where you can trust the designers to take care of small little details.

buy tunics

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Shopping for sarees is something that no Indian woman can resist. Saree, though the most traditional as well as the ancient attire refuses to lose its charm and grace for a woman who adorns it. No doubt, it has won the hearts of those from the other parts of the world too and very comfortably acquired the global status of the sexiest attire for women. Many fashion shows abroad have witnessed fashion divas wearing this truly Indian garb with pride and pleasure. Not only that, many celebrities and politicians from the western countries have adopted it as the part of their wardrobes.

For any Indian woman, be it a modern working woman or a homemaker, buying a saree or wearing them for everyday purpose or special occasions is definitely customary but with changing times, life has become busier than earlier as women have acquired multipurpose roles and it is not easy to meet the demands and conditions of life.

Earlier it was a fun task to go for shopping, especially for the weddings and festivals but as the demand on time has increased, it is becoming more and more difficult to shop for pleasure. Secondly, markets during the festival times are overcrowded and thirdly, the shopkeepers knowing the psyche and needs of the buyers do at times escalate the prices and finally, it is still not easy, staying in one part of the country and looking for the traditional sarees of the other regions.

All these issues have found a single solution and that is buying the sarees that you want to buy online at your convenience and with no pressure of time. Online Shopping has no doubt revolutionised the fashion market as it has made life easier for those who want variety at reasonable prices. Shopping online for sarees has proved to be good fun as the ever so busy women now no more have to go through the hassle of going to market or bargaining endlessly with the shopkeepers.

The variety in fabric or style is at her doorstep with just a click away. All one needs to do is to select what one likes and put them in cart of that particular Online Shopping Website and when they are ready to buy, they just need to choose from the selected ones, make the payment, where they can even choose, ’cash on delivery’ option. One of the biggest advantage of online shopping of sarees is easy return or exchange policies which provide relief to a shopper. A word of caution for those who are first time shopping online is that they must check the authenticity of the website from where they are shopping, which includes reading reviews of people to know of its reputation.

Indian Wedding Saree is one such Online Saree Shopping destination which fulfils the entire criterion that makes it a perfect place to shop for any saree ranging from casual everyday wear to wedding or party wear from any part of the country at the most reasonable and genuine prices.

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Have you got a passion for saree fashion? Guess what? This is the year to try out new saree styles. Many known fashion designers like RohitBal, Anita Dongre and Manish Malhotra are focusing on the quintessential fashion item of India: the saree.

Take a look at some of these new saree trends:

1. Saree with a Long Train Pallu
Most designer sarees are now sporting long pallus which resemble a train. This is the statement piece of the saree. The pallu is so long that it doesn’t just hit the floor it actually looks like it’s hovering behind, much like a cape or train. This trend is currently being carried into bridal saree design.

Saree with Long Pallu

2. Sarees with Unique Drapes
Be remembered for looking different in a saree that is draped in a unique way. There are many ways to wear your pallu. Designers like Rahul Mishra and Amit Aggarwal are focusing on new draping techniques to showcase their sarees. If you want to be really bold, consider wearing a high neck blouse on top of your saree!

Uniquely Draped Sarees

3. Plain Saree
Yes, believe it or not, plain sarees are a big hit this year. To wear this classic trend, pair it with a matching or contrasting blouse that is also heavily adorned. Irrespective of how dull or bright the colors are, plain sarees carry a formal yet charming look. These are great to wear to parties and at the office. If you want to spice things up a bit, consider wearing a metallic blouse with your plain saree.

4. Saree with Fringe
Having fringes can change the character of your saree entirely! Many Indian fashion designers are adding fringes to the borders of their sarees, blouses and even on the ends of the pallus. This looks even more dramatic when they are draped with saree.

Saree with Fringe

5. Jacket style Saree
Wearing a jacket with your saree is another huge trend this year. Consider wearing an Indo-Western inspired jacket with your saree that is in a matching color. These jackets may be hip length, cropped, floor length or even knee length. They look stunning with sarees that are embroidered, heavily embellished or even plain. This is a good look to consider if you’re a winter bride.

Jacket Style Saree

6. Saree with Ruffles
This 1970s trend is back! Putting ruffles on your saree gives it a glamorous and bold appearance. Ruffles may also be added to your blouse sleeves and borders. To achieve a classy look, consider pairing a ruffled pallu with a collar blouse. This look is excellent to wear to a wedding reception.

7. Saree with a Kimono
Here’s where a traditional Japanese costume meets Indian fashion. Many designers have now paired the kimono with a saree. These kimonos may be short or long with a sleeves and tied at the waist using a sash. This is another excellent outfit to wear to a reception.

8. Pleatless Sarees
This is perhaps the fanciest saree style for 2018. No pleats means the saree gets worn faster. This is a chic and eye-catching trend which is great to sport to an office party.

Pleatless Sarees

9. Stylish Pallu with Plain Pleats
In this new saree trend, the pallu is the star while the pleats are plain. The pallu often has heavy embroidery, foil and other embellishments on it.

10. Sarees Inspired by Nature
Nature is the source of inspiration for many designers. It’s no wonder we can see many floral and fauna motifs on the runway this year.

Sarees Inspired by Nature

11. Sheer Sarees
Sheer sarees are an elegant and bold style. If you’ve got a fit and toned body, this is the style to wear! Many sheer tulle and georgette embroidered sarees are often paired with ponchos, jackets and speciality blouses. This look is perfect for a reception, engagement or wedding.

Sheer Sarees

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Bollywood has influenced many aspects of social life and fashion in particular. Every time an actress is showcased on screen, her ensemble is carefully perused to see how it flatters her body shape and complexion. Ask yourself, how many times you’ve stared at starlets like Madhuri Dixit or Aishwarya Rai Bachchan when they’ve made their appearance on screen? These must have influenced your shopping decision when you’ve wanted to purchase a saree! Some of the most memorable Bollywood inspired sarees are from blockbuster films such as Devdas, Yeh Jaawani Hai Deewani, English Vinglish and Mohabbatein.

Related image

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2. Shop for designer sarees made from an array of modern fabrics such as satin, crepe, lycra, georgette and net.

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3. The convenience of shopping ahead of time before major festivals like Karwa Chauth, Diwali, Teej and Navratri.

4. Your selection is not limited to traditional saree styles. You can opt for contemporary, modern and classically inspired saree designs as well.

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The mens wear dhoti kurta is a traditional outfit that has been a part of men’s wardrobe for a long time. Other popular traditional men’s wear items are the achkan, men’s sherwani and kurta pyjama. These items have remained much the same since their early days, unlike their women’s wear counterpart which regularly make the catwalks with new style and design variants.

mens wear dhoti kurta

For the most part, men’s wear has been dominated by Western clothing styles. You will commonly see this in office and casual wear. The traditional outfits mentioned earlier will only be seen during festivals, weddings and special religious occasions.

Luckily ethnic men’s wear has recently come into the spotlight. It is being reinvented into an exciting and modern way for the 21st Century man, without losing its original spirit. At Indian Wedding Saree, we have an extensive range of mens wear dhoti kurta ranging from very simple designs to dhoti kurtas with zari, embroidery and embellishments.

mens dhoti kurta

How are modern men dhoti kurtas designed?

Much like their predecessor, the modern dhoti kurta is also light weight and easy to wear. Both types are also made using natural materials such as cotton, linen and silk. Where both differ is how they are designed. Modern dhoti kurtas are elaborate and often mimic the sherwani style. The kurtas are long sleeved with a high neck, often sporting a short button placket. Depending on the occasion for which you need the dhoti kurta, even the most basic one will have some embroidery work on it.

Modern dhoti kurtas also differ in their colors. Most often they showcase dual colors. The two hues are visible in the kurta and the design work. This lends versatility to the kurta.

dhoti kurta online

What types of accessories are worn with dhoti kurtas?

You may complement your modern dhoti kurta with a series of accessories such as pocket squares, cuffs, mojris, etc. A gold bracelet, a thin gold chain and formal watch will definitely kick up the charm factor.

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Long lehenga cholis are a must for every Indian bride. Without her lehenga, a bride’s look would be amiss! In 2018, lehenga designs will focus more on patterns and fabrics, compared to last which promoted embellishment and embroidery.

long lehenga choli

If you’re a bride who’s looking for the perfect outfit to wear on the wedding day, consider the following trending long lehenga cholis designs:

#1 Designs and Embellishments
This season, it will be common to see metallic tone and gold embossments in various figure motifs. Not only are these eye-catching but they make you stand out (which is what you want as a bride). These types of lehengas have a no-frill attitude. Be prepared to see gold tones on neutral or dark colored fabrics, which is an innovative way to balance elegance and minimalism.

long lehenga choli online

#2 Crop Top
This style of lehenga choli will always be an evergreen design. They are perfectly suited for all types of pre and post wedding rituals. This festival season, expect to see silk brocade crop tops or ones made from plain silk featuring minimal embroidery. You will also notice the use of velvet and net in this crop top design.

#3 Indo Fusion
Here’s the perfect example of East meets West. If you’re planning on sporting an Indo fusion design, consider loose fitted crop blouses, peplum tops and for daring brides, the midriff-baring cholis. Be prepared to see brides of all ages adorning various Indo fusion designs this season. Other choli designs to look out for include long sleeved tops and wrap around blouses. Where Indo-fusion meets haute couture is when you see a West inspired blouse design paired with a traditional Indian fabric such as Banarasi or Jamawar silk.

Buy long lehenga choli online

#4 Three-Piece Choli
This is perhaps the hottest design trend this season. The three piece choli is as the name implies: a lehenga with a simple and minimalist pattern but paired with a bustier top, a tunic styled top or a blouse with a jacket. The obvious focus will be the blouse so not surprisingly high quality silks with fine embroidery and embellishments are used to adorn it. This style is perfect for brides who want to retain a modest look but still appear majestic and fashion forward.

#5 Solid Color Embroidery
Fashion guru Sabyasachi has set this trend for everyone this festival season. Expect to see a monochrome fabric with many layers of intricate embroidery in the same color on top. This lends a very elegant and exquisite look to the entire lehenga choli. He has adopted a tone on tone theme in this fashion trend. For example, you will see brides wearing a red embroidered lehenga with a blouse in the same red but with detailed and intricate embroidery in the same color, i.e. a red net lehenga with a red dupatta and embroidered red blouse.

lehenga choli online shopping

#6 Silk Designs
When it comes to design variety, nothing beats long lehenga cholis made from silk. This season you’ll see an array of silk from brocade to plain to ones stitched in box pleats. You’ll also notice A-line silk lehengas and ones layered with silk and net tulle. This type of lehenga is perfect for the desi bride who wants to appear traditional and demure on her wedding day.

lehenga choli online shopping

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