Top 4 Classy Sarees for Stylish Indian Women

Saree, the beautiful traditional attire has retained in popularity in spite of competition from western attires. Women from around the world love getting draped in this unstitched fabric. The sarees are available in variety of fabric and pattern, each having its unique name and characteristic. Here, we take a look at four classy style of sarees for stylish Indian women.

1. Chanderi Sarees:
The famous saree has got its name from its place of origin Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh. Its origin is tracked back Vedic era. Hence, it comes as one of the oldest sarees. Chanderi saris are available in three kind of fabric Chanderi Cotton, Silk Cotton and pure silk. The rich texture and transparency are characteristic of this exquisite traditional attire that makes it stand apart. Today, you will come across motifs that depict the beauty of bygone era as well as the today’s modernism. When it comes to timeless design you will surely love peacock, flowers, palaces, coins, leaves motifs. It is a perfect saree for bride’s mother.

2 Paithani Sarees:
The hand woven marvel has got its name from the town of Paithan, Maharashtra famous for weaving Paithani Sarees. It is skillfully crafted out of finest silk which gave it a rich texture. The kaleidoscopic design is another plus point of the saree. It is made using fabric of different shades, weaved artistically to form exciting patterns. It is one of the highest exported sarees from India.  It is a must saree for every saree lover, if you don’t have it your wardrobe then surely your saree collection is incomplete. These are perfect to be worn on special occasion.  Paithani Silk Saree is just right attire for groom’s sister.

3. Patola Sarees:
The Patola Sarees are royal sarees made from silk. They were considered favorites of royal ladies. The royal era has passed, but Patola has beautifully retained its magnificence and popularity. Its weaving technique is a close guarded secret religiously followed by the weavers. It takes around 5 to 12 months to weave one saree. The patterns are made keeping in mind the different communities. The Hindu’s and Jain’s go for Ikat saree that has flowers, peacocks, parrots, and dancing figurines on them. The Muslim ladies like to go with floral and geometric patterns. They are seen adorning these sarees on the occasion of wedding and special functions.

4 Arani Saris:
The women of Tamil Nadu love Arani Saris. This variety of saree has its link to the history. Its origin can be traced back to 5th Century. It has got its name from its place of origin Arani, Tamil Nadu. They come up in a huge variety of colors like Kanjivaram. The price is the big factor that goes in favor of it as it easily affordable. Get few Arani Silk Sarees, you can wear them on occasion like housewarming party, get together, bridal shower.

Get these saris today and flaunt your style on every occasion. A different pattern quickly catches eyeballs. You will see ladies coming to you and enquiring about the saree, surely you would love this moment. Well, you don’t need to travel to Tamil Nadu to buy Arani Saris or Gujarat to get Patola, you can easily order them from online Indian wedding saree store.


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