Charm the audience with Dhoti Sherwani

Elegant and Truly Indian to the core attire, Dhoti Sherwani is the perfect combination for a man of character. Simple and easy to drape around, it continues to transcend from traditional touch to being a fully formal dressing. As fashion designers cross the country are exploring various ways of combining the dhoti with other formal dresses, sherwani is the best companion to grab as far as presenting the true self is concerned. Dhoti Sherwani is a royal combination when crafted with complex pattern of sequins and signature embroidery work from the famous land of the Aravalis. We catch up a few interesting patterns that have become famous in recent times where dhotis have been matched with various types of sherwani suits on different occasions.

Chivalrous look with red sherwani and white dhoti

The eternally flamboyant deluge of red and white flowing from the golden era can be repeated even in contemporary times. White dhoti with a golden border or silken blue embroidery lining the edge of the dhoti looks fascinatingly royal and elegant. Suit a sparkling red sherwani with black and beige chikan work to add extra contrast to the overall attire. A turban will complete the overall get up and you may easily pass over like a prince in line for the throne. Don’t forget to slip into pair of starry Mojris or Juttis stitched from genuine leather. It would be smart to switch to a double dhoti in case you fear that the dhoti won’t last the routine or the challenges of the occasion.

Flare up like a Peacock

Electrify the people around you with an electrifying shade of peacock blue sherwani with buttoned broach gracing the chest band like armour. Wear a beige or olive green silk dhoti with golden borders. Most designers would choose to cut the sherwani into a shorter kurta-like shirt with flowing lines. The look resembles the common casual attire mostly adorned by Bengali men. Take this look to any wedding event and the charming ambience would soon be bustling with the admiration for the designer stitching backed by some authentic Indian features.

Go Political with the Black and White

Alpha men never have to try too hard to make a statement. The best way to stamp authority in political rallies and party meetings of great importance is to cap a soothing black sherwani worn over a white dhoti with black leather boots. The look is inspired from the royal families of the Marwar. Take style quotient few notches up with a turban tied in traditional Rajasthani style. Choose a shade to match your personality and position in the family. While red would look dazzling, younger men can go with a more conservative approach. Point saffron or a mustard fabric over the head to add more dimension to the occasion.

In addition to these, accessorize the overall look with pearl necklaces and exaggerated use of finger rings in silver. To b on a safer side, go for a ‘bandh gala’ sherwani with embroidery stitched on the piece. Lighten up the glimpse with a metallic waist band or cummerbunds to add extra bit of flair. Tuck in a silk pocket cloth to finish the look.

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Fun with the best of handbag styles

Contemporary fashion trends have grown demanding. Today you can’t just expect to have a flinching dress but it also has to be rightly accessorized with the right companions. An elegant footwear and jewellery set may take you only half the destination if you miss out on the collection of handbags. These are the best friends of modern women who can pack in her entire confidence stashed into them with minimum anxiety. While most women would prefer to go for authentic leather bags, faux leather and resins are also popular owing to the assortment of vibrant colours available in the collection. Hide and jute hand bags are also fascinatingly accessorized with beads and embroidery to heighten the class and simplicity of design.

The handbags can be classified into following segments:

  • Clutches
  • Satchel
  • Potlis
  • Sling

Depending on your personality and sense of fashion, you may opt for any of above ladies bags to match up with your attire suiting the occasion and the event.


The small bracket sized hand carriers that have smart locking or a hook sit nicely with any wardrobe. Mostly seen with gowns and evening attires, the clutch is a woman’s best friend. It is usually made of silk boards and metallic rims to add a rectangular or an oval contour to the design. Opt for a clutchthat has a bottom plate and have two pockets. Greater the number of pockets, harder it will be to carry in your hand. It should ideally fit in your palms.


Loped bags tied with beads and belts are a fascinating treat to the eyes. Easy to carry and safe packing makes the potlis an ideal accessory for all occasion. Take them to a casual event like temple visit or to classrooms. It will never interfere with your fashion sense given the fact that it is purely utility accessory. The size and the fabric might vary. These are made of leather have made a great comeback recently. If you are a flamboyant nomad, go for a beaded hook with elongated belt to hang it across the shoulders or go for a zipper lock with handle made of jute and bamboo. It is a smart play of colours and fabrics like silk and jute stitched with cotton thread or leather meshing.


Leathers are meant for outdoor adventures. Satchel fits the bill subtly when you plan a trekking trip. Rough and sturdy, they would inspire you to go an extra mile with vibrant colours and shapes. Flattened bags with stretched leather and zipped hooks would be the ideal choice for modern statement. Most of them are hand stitched and hence exude the sense of belonging from very first moment you lay eyes on them.


A hot favourite among college goers and casual professionals, slings made of cotton and denim material makes up for what the whole handbag was missing out all this while. Jazz up the whole idea by tucking a one of the best photographs or your favourite quotation on the sides of the sling.

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