Fashion & Me: Six Celebrities you would Mostly Notice in Kaftans

If you think Kaftans are meant for the ordinary crowd only, you haven’t seen pictures of all those famous personalities, who prefer wearing these outfits over the others that they have in their wardrobes. There are so many celebrities around the globe and a lot of the famous ones are seen wearing such outfits, even when they go for award ceremonies or charity functions.

To help you know about the six popular celebrities, who are mostly noticed in kaftans, we are here with the following list:

1) Angelina Jolie: Who doesn’t know this beautiful actress? There was, is and will never be another Angelina Jolie; no matter what she has done in her personal life, we all know the kind of personality she has and the kind of aura she posses. Also, she has helped a lot of kids in her life. She is known for the way she carries herself in public. She has been a survivor of a lot of health related problems as well. Despite her struggles, she has always been there for her kids and her husband, Brad Pitt. Looking at the kind of personality she carries, many of her fans get influenced by her fashion and style. This beautiful celebrity is seen wearing designer kaftans a lot of times. When she was pregnant, she wore these outfits quite a lot of times.

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2) Kim Kardashian: Right from the time she entered into the reality show, she has gained a lot of popularity within her fans. There are millions of people who admire her for the way she is. Kim is seen wearing different simple kaftans a lot of times at different award functions and events.

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3) Jennifer Lopez: No doubt she looks gorgeous in her short outfits, JLo wears seductive kaftans as well. She has worn different printed kaftans quite a few times. Despite the low necked outfits, she has carried herself way too comfortably than the other actresses that walk the ramp or are shy to come in the media.

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4) Miley Cyrus: When she was a little girl, people looked at her and called her cute; now that she is a fully grown young woman, her fans admire the way she dresses up. She wears kaftans in a lot of her concerts; she surely looks comfortable in them!

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5) Sushmita Sen: If you are an Indian or a fan of Bollywood, you surely know who Sushmita Sen is; there have been times when this beautiful Miss Universe has covered herself in different loose and comfortable Kaftans. You would find her pictures in a leopard printed kaftan, if you search for her wearing such outfits.

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6) Deepika Padukone: This Bollywood girl is now entering Hollywood and with full confidence; you fall in love with her slender beauty and there is no other actress that can beat her beauty in long and loose kaftans. Deepika prefers keeping herself simple, when she is not on the screen.

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Follow your favorite actress’ style statement and look stunning in Kaftan. Just search for Kaftan Online India to find stores selling this stylish attire.


Top 10 Tips to Take Care of your Leggings

Are you in love with all those leggings that you see in different e-stores? Got your own wardrobe full of different plain, basic and printed leggings? Tired of having your favorite leggings getting torn all the time?

Buying leggings is easy – you just visit a leggings India online store and pick up the color that you want to wear below or under something. Since leggings are cheap, you don’t mind buying them over and over again. But how many times would you really want to buy all those same bottoms?

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It is better to learn to take care of your leggings and avoid spending more than you really wish to or should. Here are the top ten ways for you to take care of your leggings:

1) Prefer washing them separately with hands: It is always good to wash leggings with your hands, since their fabrics or materials are quite delicate and soft. Machine wash may tear these bottoms.

2) Do not keep them soaked in laundry detergent for a long period of time: Do not keep the leggings soaked for a longer period of time. Even if you wish to wash them in the washing machine, ensure that you don’t soak them for long.

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3) Do not use brush to wash or clean them: It is better to keep the leggings away from hard materials like laundry scrubbers or brushes; these would not clean them, but tear them away!

4) Prefer using a gentle detergent to keep those leggings for longer durations: It is always good to keep the leggings away from strong laundry detergents, due to the softness of their materials. When you use gentle detergents, you increase the life of your leggings.

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5) Never bleach the leggings: Bleaching is bad for any cloth, unless you are a professional in the process. If you try bleaching your leggings, you are bound to make them useless.

6) If you are planning to use a stain remover, do not keep the legging soaked for a long period of time: Even if there are strong stains on your leggings, do not soak them for longer durations if you want to wear them over and over again.

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7) Buy a branded legging to ensure that it stays with you for a longer time: Branded leggings stay with you at least for a year or two; thus, always prefer brands, when it comes to buying leggings.

8) Before you wear a new legging, get it double stitched from a good tailor: Get the leggings double stitched before you wear them; you enhance their lives by spending a few bucks extra.

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9) Iron your leggings just like you iron all the other clothes: To enhance the appearance of your leggings, get them ironed, just like you get all of your clothes ironed.

10) Create a separate section for leggings in your wardrobe: It is better to make a separate section for leggings in your wardrobe, so that the other clothes don’t tear their threads by tangling with them.

Why Buying a Designer Bridal Blouse is a Smart Choice?

If you are getting married, we are sure about the first thing that’s on your mind – your wedding dress. No matter how much you say that you are not conscious about your looks for the day of your wedding, we know how it is, deep down inside. All the brides want to look like gorgeous dolls on their special day because you don’t get married over and over again.

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So what kind of a dress should you wear? Which bridal gown would look the best on you?

If you take our opinion, we would always suggest our brides-to-be to wear designer bridal blouses and tuck-in some sensuous sarees on their wedding day. To be honest, designer bridal blouses are far better than all the other bridal gowns that you get in the market.

Wondering why? Read below to find your answers:

  • Designer blouses are available in different e-stores: Now most of the would-be-brides love online wedding shopping; if you are one of them, it is better for you to go to Indian wedding saree store that deals in complete Indian wedding attires and accessories. You can get all types of designer blouse online.

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  • There are different designs in which designer blouses are available: The good news is that there are hundreds of different designs in which you can find some of the best designer blouses for yourself. Don’t be worried about not finding what you are looking for; you have to spend a few days to find the perfect blouse for your wedding, go ahead and do the same.
  • There can be nothing better than a nice designer blouse for you:  What can be more delightful than having a wonderful designer blouse for your wedding? When you say the word designer, it has a different class in itself and you feel more confident when you wear it.

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  • Designer blouses are cheap and high in quality: If you think designer blouses are expensive, you haven’t seen the rates of bridal gowns and bridal Lehengas. Designer blouses and sarees are still quite affordable for the brides. Don’t think too much before buying a designer blouse; invest money in it and be happy about your choice.

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  • You don’t have to keep the blouses in the cupboard; you can wear them all the time: Even after your wedding, you can wear the blouse anytime you wish to. If you are planning to wear two different sarees on your wedding, let there be two different designer blouses for you. You can wear them later as well and that too on different sarees.

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  • Designer blouses are beautiful: There is absolutely no doubt that designer blouses are beautiful; you fall in love with them each time you lay your eyes upon their stich and beauty.
  • You can alter the blouses anytime you wish to: The good thing is that you can alter the blouses anytime you wish to, even in future or even after the wedding.