Guide to Shopping for a Men’s Kurta

Shopping for a men’s kurta used to be a straightforward affair that is until the fashion gods noticed. Today, purchasing a kurta for a man can be a challenge, especially if you don’t know what points to consider.

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Worry not! Our guide to shopping for gents kurtas will help you make the best purchase for your father, brother, spouse, relative or friend.

Pay attention to these points when browsing for kurta possibilities:

Kurta Type
The type of gent’s kurta you buy will be determined by the occasion. If you’re looking for an everyday piece that can be worn for lounging around the house, getting together with friends or heading out to run errands, then opt for a casual kurta.

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If the kurta is required for a formal affair such as a ceremony, a festival celebration or a wedding, then you need to find a kurta with fancy embroidery, colourful stone work and sequins.

Kurta Style
Generally, there are two types of kurta styles, traditional and modern. The former design features simple cut shapes with elaborate adornments, hemmed sleeves, side seams and no collar.

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Modern kurta styles tend to have Mandarin collars. They are often featured in office shirt type colours such as blues, greys and greens.

Whether you select a modern or traditional style will also depend on the occasion the gift is for.

Kurta Length
Most kurtas end at the waist, knee or ankle. Waist-length kurtas tend to be traditional in design and are generally suitable for formal wear. Knee-length kurtas are usually embroidered and or decorated with striking patterns. Lastly, ankle length kurtas are conservative wear, typically worn for religious functions.

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Decide on the length based on what the person feels most comfortable in.

Kurta Materials
Kurtas are constructed from several types of materials, predominantly cotton, cotton blends, silk, rayon and chiffon. Cotton fibres are soft and breathable. It can be worn on a regular basis.

Cotton blend is a type of fabric that mixes cotton with synthetic fibres to create a durable and wrinkle-free kurta.

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Rayon, chiffon and silk fibre tend to be shiny and smooth which is why they are often worn during formal occasions.

Kurta Ties
The pant portion of the kurta has a waist that is held together with one of multiple methods. These are cloth loops, tassels, or buttons. Formal style kurtas often have metal buttons that resemble cufflinks.

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Now you can shop for the perfect gents’ kurta using our guide. For gents kurta design ideas, visit IndianWeddingSaree.