Top 10 Benefits Of Buying Readymade Blouses!

There are times when you are just not able to find a nice tailor for yourself; most of the women keep cribbing about how ugly their tailors stitch, especially their blouses. Cutting of the blouse is the most important thing and the tailor needs to be well-experienced, if he wants each of his customer to be satisfied with his work. However, the more experienced a tailor is, the higher he charges for his services.

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This is exactly where readymade blouses come into the picture for you. Here are the top ten benefits of buying and wearing such blouses:

1) Readymade blouses are not at all expensive, unless you go for designer ones: There are two types of readymade blouses that you can choose from – ordinary and designer. If you really want to wear something that suits your body and is quite affordable for you, readymade blouses are all that you need. Unless you buy the designer ones, you can easily spend on such blouses.

2) There is something known as a ‘designer blouse’: Yes – you read it right! If you have an important occasion in your life and you want to look different, you can invest on a nice designer readymade blouse. Such a blouse fits your body in such a way that you look glorious as you walk in the crowd.

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3) You can wear a readymade blouse with any type of saree that you wish to: Such a blouse can be worn inside any type of saree you wish to drape. From ordinary saree to Gujarati saree, from Bollywood saree to Bengali saree, all types of sarees look gorgeous when you wear them on readymade blouses.

4) Readymade blouses fit excellently: The best thing about such blouses is that they fit your body in the most perfect manner.

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5) You can always alter readymade blouses, depending upon your size: If you gain weight in future, there are margins inside the blouse thanks to which you can loosen the blouse for yourself.

6) Readymade blouses can be worn by more than one woman in the house: If there are a lot of women staying in the house and they belong to approximately the same body type, all of them can share one readymade blouse.

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7) Some of the basic colors of readymade blouses match all colors of sarees: Buy black, white, pink and red colored readymade blouses and wear them on any saree that you wish to.

8) Readymade blouses can be worn on your wedding day as well: If it is your big day, no other blouse can make you look as flawless as a readymade blouse.

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9) Most of the readymade blouses are made from stretch materials: If you want something that fits your body, without making you feel uncomfortable, such blouses are all that you need, since they are made from stretch materials.

10) Readymade blouses stay with you for a long period of time: Such blouses belong to high quality and hence they stay with you for a long time.


Top 7 Features Of Bridal Sarees of Bollywood Actresses

Have you ever seen your favorite actress in an amazing Saree on the screen? Do you want to own something similar to that and flaunt in front of your friends? Do you want to know about the features of such sarees and the reasons why they are so expensive and in demand in the market?

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We all have some actresses that we adore the most in Bollywood. If you have your own set of favorite actresses, it is time for you to own some of the sarees that they have worn on the red carpet or on the screen. Here are the top seven features of those lovely bridal sarees of different Bollywood actresses:

1) The sarees are extremely comfortable: Even if you know a bit about Bollywood, you know how style cautious the actresses are; if they are not comfortable in a particular saree, they don’t wear it, despite the requests from the entire team. The best thing about owning a Bollywood saree is that you own something that is absolutely comfortable to your body.

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2) Since they are designed for actresses, they are readymade and easy to wrap: Most of the Bollywood bridal sarees are readymade and can be wrapped in a few minutes, only. Since they are readymade, you don’t have to drag yourself to drape them. Thus, this feature makes the sarees more comfortable than the regular ones that you get in different stores.

3) Even if you dance your guts out on the stage, the saree does not leave your side, since they are designed and created in such a way: Weddings have become quite RICH AND FAT these days in India; if you are planning to dance with your partner on the stage, you can’t expect yourself to wear an ordinary saree. Bollywood bridal sarees keep you comfortable enough to let you dance as much as you want to; go ahead and express your happiness!

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4) No matter what kind of a color you want, you get it from the collection of Bollywood sarees: It doesn’t matter if you want a green colored saree or a pink one, visit Indian wedding saree store and get the best saree for yourself.

5) Such sarees give you a chance to look better than your friends: If you want to make all your girlfriends jealous and let your would-be-husband’s ex feel like your partner has gotten the prettiest bride, it is time for you to bring a nice Bollywood bridal saree for yourself.

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6) Bollywood bridal sarees are delicately crafted: The best thing about such sarees is that all of them are delicately crafted. If you like delicate sarees and know how to handle yourself in them, Bollywood bridal sarees are the best ones for you.

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7) There are a lot of Bollywood bridal sarees, which have hand-embroidered designs: Most of us like hand embroidered designs; if you do, too, then these sarees can suffice your needs to look different than the rest of the brides your guests have ever seen in their lives.

Top Five Blouse Cuts for Beautiful Indian Woman

Every Indian woman knows the importance of Saree in her life. Right from the time growing up, she is fond of looking at her mother getting dressed up in front of the mirror. Looking at the kind of jewelry and the beautiful traditional attire the mother wears, the daughter falls in love with the beauty of fashion or style.

Even today, despite all those designer gowns available on different e-stores, women prefer wearing sarees on their wedding days. A lot of women still wear such traditional outfits to their offices.

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If you are planning to wear a saree on some special occasion, here are the top five blouse patterns you must know about, in order to flaunt your beauty in front of others:

1) Go backless this year: If you are confident about how you look and want to show others the efforts you have put in achieving your target weight, going backless this year is the best thing for you. Tell your tailor to give a nice backless design for your blouse; let your partner fall in love with your dressing sense this year!

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2) The decent square: This may sound like a very traditional design, but it looks amazing. A lot of women wear squared neck patterns to look decent. Most of the chubby women prefer this neck as it makes them look slimmer. If you have recently put on a little bit of weight, but don’t want the others to know about it, get a nice square shaped neck pattern for your blouse.

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3) The royal boat neck: Boat necks have always been close to the hearts of a lot of women. Such neck patterns make you look gorgeous and elegant. The best thing is that it is neither too exposing, nor too traditional. Once you wear such a neck pattern, you don’t feel like wearing any other pattern at all.

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4) The seductive halter neck: This neck pattern is my favorite; I have always been wearing halter neck blouse all my life, especially in blouses. It doesn’t matter if you are slim or chubby, if you know how to carry yourself in this neck pattern, you can easily wear it. You may have to take care of it a bit since women, who are not used to low necks, find it difficult to wear this pattern.

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5) Full sleeves beauty: No – I am not a fool to tell you to wear full sleeves blouse in summers, but I want you to know that there are a lot of tailors who know how to design and stitch net material sleeves for you. If you can get a professional tailor for yourself, you don’t need to be worried about feeling hot in full sleeves blouses.

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If you don’t trust any tailor and want to try ready-made blouses, you can easily get them on different online stores. No doubt you have to be sure of your size; some of the blouses can also be altered!