5 Must Saree Styles to have you in Collection

Sarees comes up as a unanimous choice for Indian women when it comes to special occasion. Even the young girls take special pride in slipping into this traditional attire on special occasion like college farewell or fresher’s party. The choice of shades, fabric and design that you come across is simply astonishing. Selecting right kind of saree is a tough task. Here, we are going to reveal 5 must sarees for every saree loving women.
1. Kanjeevaram:
The rich Red Kanjeevaram Bridal Saree has been the favorite of south Indian brides from ages. The Kanjevaram is counted among one of the most expensive silk saris. The motifs on the saree are generally inspired from nature. The popular motifs that you will come across include parrots, chariots, moon, sun, palaces, temples etcetra. Apart from the attractive pattern the other major attraction of it is the pure gold ornamented Zari work. Ladies, your saree collection is going to be incomplete without Kanjeevaram.

2. Assam Silk:
The Assam Silk saree is another classy saree that every woman should have in their wardrobe. Silkworms are reared to get the best silk for making the stunning attire. These sarees have a glossy texture that is retained for years. Another advantage that women love about is the fact that it can be easily hand washed.  In fact, after every wash its luster is enhanced. Isn’t that amazing!

3. Bandhni Sarees:
You will see women dressed in colorful Bandhni Sarees on occasion of Dandiya nights. It is first choice of women for Garba and Dandiya. It is the reason that Bandhni Saris are very popular in Rajasthan and Gujarat. The making of Bandhani is unique – the fabric is tied at various points to make exclusive patterns on the fabric. The patterns you will come across include waves, strips, polka dots, and squares etcetera. Bandhani saree is must in wardrobe if you are planning to have some fun in traditional Indian attire.

4. Gadwal Sarees: 
What if you get a saree that just can be folded and kept in a match box? Well, you heard it right Gadwal Sarees has a length of 5.5 meters and can be easily folded and kept in a matchbox. You don’t need to necessarily do that but it’s a unique feature that makes it extremely famous.  These saris have silk Pallu and silk borders.  Make sure to include them in your wardrobe. Of course, they are unique gift; surprise your near & dear ones by gifting Godwal sari in a matchbox.

5. Banarasi Saree:
The saree collection is going to be incomplete without the famous Banarasi Sarees. The fine embroidery, golden and silver Zari work makes it simply standout. The popular designs you will come across includes Mughal era inspired designs like flowers, peacock and leaves. The sarees are weaved by extremely skilled workers. It takes them anywhere between 15 to 30 days to weave a saree. It is wonderful saree to have in your saree collection. The Indian brides takes special pride in wearing them on occasion of wedding and engagement.


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