Top 6 Startling Wedding Gown Trends & Fashion Ideas

Marriages are made in heaven but solemnized on Earth. For every moment of bliss there is an equally challenging hours of shopping that goes into making a girl look her best on the D-day. To make your search for the best wedding gowns easy and quick, here are 5 startling wedding gown trends and fashion ideas that will turn you into a diva within minutes, if not seconds.

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Let us start with best of love at first sight gowns.

1    Tropical-themed Beach gown

Lace gowns with loads of frill and sleeveless mystery, beach gowns with open back and boho-styled skirts give a starry appeal to the whole idea of an afternoon event. Easy on the eyes, the bridal wedding gowns for beach events have a tightened midriff with a split leg room.

Ethereal and dusty shades pick good mileage with tropical themed wedding gowns.

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2     The English charmer

A perfect blush pink wedding gown marks the best outing of the season into the hills and garden tops. Stunningly soft and tender, the satin bridal wedding gown turn into a heady affair with a rather romantic bouquet and satin bow complimenting the curves. Shades of apricot, yellow and canary green set the trends rolling for the season.

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3    The Navy picks

Vintage and veiled bridal wedding gowns in navy blue and darker blue colours is a slithering throwback moment into the Spanish romance of 18th century. Blue is the colour of unending fortune and fertility in many cultures, and when adored with pearls and olive crown, the bridal dress transforms into an ocean of emotions.

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4    Wow black

Women are ditching white gowns for all the good reasons in life. Black is no longer the colour of obscurity or omen. Rather, black bridal wedding gowns enhance the sensuality of the modern woman like no other element on the planet. Delicate on the top, and a stunning pattern outlining its bodice—that’s how beautifully black combs out the fragility of the attire. Subtle embellishments and pearly lace give a comforting brilliance to the gorgeous.

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5    Godly crochet

Go bare and nude with the most alluring piece of bridal wedding dress separating your skin from the wind, the sun and the earth. Crochet bridal wedding dresses might seem an unpractical idea for tropical destinations, but in Europe and colder countries, this is the best item you can ever lay your hands on for your D-day.

Only magic could be better than the crochet gracing your body. Intricate weaving in cotton and silk, the bridal wedding dress can be supported by short padded midriff and breast pads. The netted bodice is what gives the crochet its unique signature existence.

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6    OMG Mermaid Trumpet

Sans doubt, mermaids are the most stunning bridal wedding gowns for any season. Flattering from head to toe, and behind the veil, there are many designs and necklines to opt from.

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A sophisticated twist at the bottom with intimate pockets along the sides and the back, Mermaid trumpet is a show-stopper for wedding circuit.


A complete Online buying guide for Seasonal Ladies Jacket

Buying a Ladies jacket online is no mean task. There are various aspects you need to tackle before zeroing on the perfect jacket within your budget. With over hundred materials to vouch for, with as many brands and labels, here is a quick buying guide for finding the best ladies jacket online with minimum fuss.

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1. Select the style that suits you

Here are some of the top ladies jacket styles for particular season and purpose.

  • Fur trimmed shearlings — exclusive winter wear with stylish designs and accessories offered in leather, faux-leather and resins.
  • Ski jackets—Also called Bomber jacket. This is a perfect adventure-inspired style in the contemporary ladies jacket segment.
  • Leather and suedes– Blazer-like ladies jacket for every outing, indoor or outdoor.
  • Performance jackets—exclusively meant for athletic outings. These jackets have a breathable material with Velcro/zipped sleeve lines and adaptable fleeces. They also have velcro closures and elastic cuffs for extra protection from rain and wind.
  • Vests and raincoats—A multi-purpose ladies jacket style that looks casual with an extra layer of protection against the weather.

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2. Top ladies jacket materials

There are many skin-friendly and stylish materials available in the market. When it comes to picking a ladies jacket online, here are some of the safest materials to choose from.

  • Wool—The most preferred jacket material that serves its purpose perfectly. Wool jackets are available in sheep fleece, cashmere wool, llama wool and even camel and yak wools.
  • Fleece—The lightest and most comfortable ladies jacket material that allows you to take it out and enjoy without worries. There are different fleece varieties—Polar Fleece, Arctic fleece and Yukon.
  • Leather—The charming jackets are made of leather. Unisex jackets with best price are available online in leather category. Embroidery, boho-chic and embellished ladies jacket online display a wide range of personalities in a single attire.
  • Microfiber—A relatively new entry into the segment, ladies jacket manufacturers are embracing this technologically-advanced material for its cost-effective and durable properties.

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There are four types of microfibers:

  • acrylic microfibers
  • nylon microfibers
  • polyester microfibers
  • rayon microfibers

3. Utility tips

A jacket should fulfil all the basic needs of an outdoor activity. 6 things you should look for in a utility-driven ladies jacket online.

  • Removable/detachable  cape hoods
  • Zipped pockets
  • Reversible wearing
  • Quick dry mechanism
  • Polyurethane coating with rip-top fabric and storm flaps

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4. Fits and size

In order to get the best fit from ladies jacket online, always measure the size up at bust, waist and hips. Bust and waist are the fullest parts that should be covered completely for best fit. If you are picking an oversized ladies jacket online, measure 20 cm down your natural waistline for a better fit.

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5. Labels and refund policies

In case the Ladies jacket online does not meet your expectations or body size, look for the conditions on return policy. A return policy within 15 to 20 days should be your top choice.

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Lastly, it is best to read through the reviews and testimonials online. Do enquire about the ladies jacket in the stores first before placing an order.