How to buy a perfect Abaya for every occasion?

Abaya traditionally is attire that is commonly worn by women following Islamic religion. It is worn on the regular outfit, as a covering fabric that is a general tradition that women follow. The Abaya covers up all the areas of the body, including the entire hands and legs. The outfit is designed in accordance to the Islamic religion, which forbids the women to expose any part of their body, including the face.

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Earlier the traditional Muslim attire used to be plain black colored fabric without much design or embellishments on it. The fashion industry hardly experimented with making the outfit attractive. In Islamic religion, this attire is considered as an outfit that has relevance to the modesty, elegance and culture of the women.

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These days, the way it is designed is seeing a lot of change, be it in the color or the pattern on the fabric. It has taken the attention of most fashion designers who have made all efforts to transform the plain fabric into something that looks not only attractive, but also completely abides to the Islamic religion’s teaching. As against the conventional black colored Abaya’s, these days the outfit is also available in bright and bold colors. Also, the fabric used to make it has changed and is available in various types including crepe, cotton, chiffon, georgette, etc.

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The way it is designed ensures that the outfit is available in numerous forms to make it perfect for any occasion. Moreover, it can also be paired up with matching jewelry and sandals to accentuate the complete look. Depending on the fabric, embellishments and the color of the outfit you can customize the jewelry, sandals, and handbags to suit the occasion and the wearer’s comfort. Be it a casual occasion, or traditional festive requirements, these are available to suit the customer’s requirements.

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Abaya has transformed into an amazing looking outfit, and the best part is that the comfort level has not been compromised. In fact, to suit all seasons, they are designed in a variety of fabrics. For instance, if you’re looking for a light weight, comfortable Abaya in summer then you can choose the one that is tailored out of cotton. If you’re considering buying for a festive season, then you can choose the one as per your color choice, with mirror, bead or sequins embellishments.

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What more? You do not have to search for the perfect designer for this traditional Islamic attire from one shop to the other, stressing out in the heat. All you have to do is shop from the vast collection available online. Right from a paisley printed Abaya, to a floral printed light weight, a pleated evening wear to a zebra printed contemporary– think of a style and a variety and it would be easily available easily online.

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When buying, apart from the color and the design always choose the one that suits your body type by ensuring you check the size chart mentioned on the site.

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Visit online store to buy Abaya Online, don’t forget to check simple Abaya collection, it looks perfect for every occasion.


Top 3 Extremely Stylish way of wearing Leggings

Women surely know how to mix and match various forms of clothes to get a perfect attire. Gone are the days, when women had to choose between a Salwar , Churidaar Or A Patiyala. With the onset of designer and focus on wearing streamlined and more defined clothes the preference is now towards leggings. Another major factor that can be attributed to the success of leggings is the fact that it is easy to wear and non hassles and the best fact being that it can be teamed up with almost anything and everything under the sun so in simple words you can wear them with both indo as well as western wear.

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Now, as already explained earlier this is indeed an extremely versatile piece of garment that can be teamed up with almost everything. However, going by the fashion trend and latest designer dictates here are a few modern and interesting ways of wearing leggings, it will surely you help you while leggings online shopping.

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1    Replace Stockings:
Stockings and dresses or skirts are an eternal feminine combination. Women across the world seem to swear by this combination as it never goes wrong. However, if you think that it is too much skin show and you want an option that is thicker and yet smarter than replace the stockings with leggings. Now, please be careful, we are not referring to the boring one color solid leggings that you get to team up with your kurtis.We are talking about leggings that come in its new avatar like leggings with lace work or cut work, then leggings made of net and so on. You can browse through the online stores or websites that sell leggings to discover the beautiful delicate and feminine avatar of leggings that are easily available to choose from.

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2    Team up with Shirt Dresses:
You must have teamed up the leggings with kurtis to death. If you want to sport an Indian avatar with a modern twist then you can team up a shirt dress with leggings. The length of the shirt dress can be decided as per your comfort zone and will also give your whole look an extremely sophisticated and elegant look. You will be surprised from many compliments you get from this. The best part being that this Indo western look is known to suit almost all kinds of body types. So, there is no way that you will not look good in them. Try them once and see the difference.

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3    Must Have Essentials:
We are now so dependent on leggings that no matter what, we must have at least 2-3 basic leggings in solid colors to mix and match in our wardrobe. The must have colors are black, white and red. These 3 colors will ensure that you have a whole plethora of options to mix and match your clothes with. That’s not all, browse through the net to find the desired fabric and size in leggings that you have in mind. There are various one’s available that one can simply buy with a click.

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Try the whole new world of leggings India and see your wardrobe transform.

Manifest Your Style With The Fascinating Collection Of Sarees In Your Wardrobe

When it comes to ethnic Indian outfit, you will consider none other than sarees. It goes without saying that this outfit perfectly matches any occasion and any woman. Whether it is a marriage ceremony or a small office party, you can be at your best in the sarees. These outfits offer the most stylish looks in a traditional manner. The appealing designs, shades, fabrics and motifs are something that makes this garment so interesting and appealing to large numbers of users. Different buyers have different tastes and demands. Hence, sarees are weaved beautifully to fulfill the diverse requirements of the customers.

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Increasing Popularity Of The Attire:
It is true that saree is associated with Indian ethic wear. However, the outfit has successfully expanded its global base. Hence, today it is popular among various countries like UK, USA, Australia, Canada and Singapore. The amazing look offered by sarees in a sensitive way is one of the most promising things that you will find in this outfit. Moreover, if you can match it with trendy accessories, nothing can be better than this. It will create a sensuous look in you, and you will stand out from the rest of the crowd. The market offers diverse collection of sarees today. Hence, the availability will never be a problem.

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Following The Trends Of Your Favourite Actress:
If you love to follow the trends of your favourite actress in a film or in normal times, you might be inspired to wear sarees. Well, Bollywood inspired sarees are available that follow the latest fashion trends of Bollywood. These designs comprise of the exact replica of the designs worn by some of the famous actresses on the screen. Hence, you can have an eye-pleasing appearance by draping yourself in these sarees.

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Going For The Casual Sarees:
Sarees are not only worn in occasions, but also in casual purposes. You can find the casual sarees in impressive designs, thereby contributing to the attractive look, as a whole. You can obtain several printed designs with various colours for impressive motifs. The motifs are best suited along the borders and even on the other parts of the fabric. Consequently, it can create a wow touch on the overall saree.

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Impressive Lehanga Style Sarees:
If you take a look at the impressive collection of sarees, you will come across several designs and patterns. In the recent years, the popularity of the Lehenga style sarees has increased to a great extent. In fact, they are ideally suitable for parties and weddings. They are designed in such a way so that they offer the impression of Lehanga. Hence, when you wear them, you can be sure to attract the attention of many people. Men will also be ready to fall on your heels.

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The Highly Demanded Designer Sarees:
Apart from the traditional sarees, the demanding trend is for the designer sarees. The impressive designs with various colour patterns perfectly match the theme of any occasion. They are often amalgamated with embroidery and printed designs. As a whole, the collections are simply mind-blowing.
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Exploring Your Options In Silk Saris For A Rich Collection

Ranging from festivals, birthdays, wedding, or gifting, saris are one such items to which Indian women are highly attracted since ancient times. The elegance and ethnicity of Sarees women love is not only because of its look, but also for the luxuriousness. Apart from that, there is also a feeling of comfort in most of the Indian saris. The credit of the designs and embellishments made in the saris should not be overlooked. The material of the saris also plays an important role in this context. Traditionally, this nine yard wonders were made only in silk and cotton.

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Continue winning hearts:
Though several materials are used today for designing and making saris, yet the cotton and silk saris continue to enjoy superiority. In this article, we will discuss about silk saris that has a place in the wardrobe of every woman. The silk saris are some of the finest and luxurious pieces that you can find anywhere. The historic importance, the fabric and the clothing style is found best in silk. Therefore, when you buy them, you can not only use for yourself, but can also preserve it for your next generations.

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Richness Of The Material:
There is undoubtedly an element of richness in the look and feel if silk, which is supposedly not found in any other material. These are heavily gorgeous and are made in different Indian states. Silk is the common material used in all the states, but there is a difference in patterns and styles of weaving. This in turn results in varieties. You will find uniqueness in the silk patterns of different states ranging from Maharashtra, Karnataka, Assam, Bengal and Kerala. Therefore, before looking forward to buying silk, it is best to explore the options available. You never know, you might end up purchasing more than a single piece from different states.

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Knowing The Options:
As mentioned, there are hosts of options available in silk saris. Some of these options include:
•    Bhagalpuri silk- These are artistically decorated and they deliver a luxuriously thin texture. The combination of these things deliver an attractive piece in the range of semi-formal saris.

Bhagalpuri silk saree

•    Matka silk- It is a rough handloom fabric that is applied into saris with a coarse spinning method.

Matka silk saree

•    Ikat silk- These are made with ties & dye method and are woven with a print. The method is quite similar to the ones followed for Bandhej, but with a slight difference.

Ikat silk saree

•    Paithani silk- It is an expensive and elegant sari that is made in a combination of silk and metal. The colours used here are derived from natural sources like leaves, flowers and soil.

Paithani silk saree

•    Banarasi silk- These are the most popular and expensive of all silk saris. These are made of golden thread and are used mainly as bridal wear.

Banarasi silk saree
This is not the end. You can find many more options in silk, and you might even be spoilt for a choice. In any case, you will be fascinated with the varieties. Some of the most common options are Kanchipuram, Bangalore silk, Mysore Silk, etc.