An Expression of Purity & Beauty – White Bridal Saree

Beauty of a woman is not defined by the skin she shows but by the elegance through which she carries herself. The purest of form in which an Indian woman ornate herself is a saree.  It is in an unsewed strip of cloth of 4 to 9 yards in length. Not only in India but it’s is popular in Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Burma, Malaysia and Singapore. It is worn with a ‘CHOLA’ also known as “BLOUSE” , which can be designed according to the wish and will of the person wearing. However, it is commonly draped by wrapping it around the waist and the loose end is worn over the shoulder, baring the midriff.
White Bridal Saree

Nivi is most popular sari style today. Nivi starts with one end of the saree slipped into one end of the petticoat (a long skirt). This long cloth is draped around the lower body, and then hand gathered into even plates below the navel. The pleats are tucked into the waistband of the petticoat. This is how the Nivi sari is draped. The site of this apparel is very alluring, prepossessing and engaging. It captivates the person in a sweet spell who gets to watch!

The attire is as graceful and scenic as a red butterfly on the sparkling white petal of a rose! The rose blossoms the day the lady gets married or it should be quoted as the MARRIAGE being the day saree defines every inch of the lady. The colors are many to prettify and grace but talking about marriage, white bridal saree is best chosen by many. It enhances the peaceful, pure, soft, innocent, heavenly and angelic beauty of the lady.

white bridal saree

White Colour Bridal Saree

White bridal sarees with a red border or golden border will make the bride look stunningly beautiful. Choice of fabric is amazing; in case you want to go very expensive then Embroidered Banarasi Silk in white is just perfect for the grand occasion.

How to buy?

Buying a perfect bridal saree is a tough task because different people tend to have different choices. The search of the perfect outfit almost kills the small baby inside craving for the favourite chocolate, they lose hope when they do not find at one place and have to run through streets, shops, and malls. Not letting you through anymore disappointments on your special occasions, the right place to buy these attires at an affordable price is online sarees stores.  It offers you the opportunity to be unique, contended and simply look gorgeous! They bring you whole new variety and designs of white Wedding saris.

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