A look at history of Sournachuri Silk Sari

Saris are a part of India’s garments and clothing history. Such is the grandeur of this garment, that every single location of India has some or the other kind of specialized woven treasure to boast of. The famous Sournachuri Silk Sariis one such jewel that is presented by West Bengal. Many people are also known to refer to this saree as the rich sister of the famous age old baluchuri bridal saree of West Bengal. This Sawrnachuri garment has derived its name from the use of Gold thread that is used in its weavings. While the intrinsic difference between the two sisters is that baluchuri has silk threads used while weaving, the sournachuri one has the Gold threads that are used while weaving. That’s the only difference amongst the two. Apart from this, if you observe closely there is no major difference amongst the two. Otherwise both the are designed, woven in the same manner. Even the mode of weaving is identical. The Sournachuri is actually a variant of the famous Baluchuri attire. The former is famous for its extremely intricate and filling patterns and motifs that lends the sari a sense of mystery and ethnicity.

These sarees are woven in Gold threads. As a result a lot of bright color fabrics in silk is used to make these ethnic attire and it is also ensured that they are bright and colorful in nature. The usual silk sari with gold threads is woven in white or off white and a lot of red and Gold threads are used to make it look more illustrious than otherwise. Though these are famous attires offered by West Bengal, as there are only limited weavers, the supply of this garment is far less than before.

In the Golden era of West Bengal, these woven jewels were worn by kings and queens. The Nawab of Bengal in 18th century is known to have promoted this attire and patronized the weavers. However, during the British reign, they sabotaged the weavers to such an extent that both the art and handloom suffered gravely. Much later Shubho Thakur again took charge in his hands and ensured that the Sournachuri Silk Saris gets its due share in history and amongst other sarees.

Characteristics of this Woven jewel:

Here are a few common characteristics:

The pallu of the attire is known to be intrinsically woven with motifs from mythology. Episodes from the books of history and known to be depicted on the Pallus.

The silk used to weave these are treated in such a manner that the sari gets a smooth and slightly thick texture.

The usual time taken to weave this long apparel takes nothing less than a week.

These are mainly woven in the Murshidabad belt of West Bengal.

The grandeur of this attire is hard to be matched by others. Many designers are seen to promote these traditional and historical attires on ramp that will ensure that it reaches out to the youngsters.