Bollywood has influenced many aspects of social life and fashion in particular. Every time an actress is showcased on screen, her ensemble is carefully perused to see how it flatters her body shape and complexion. Ask yourself, how many times you’ve stared at starlets like Madhuri Dixit or Aishwarya Rai Bachchan when they’ve made their appearance on screen? These must have influenced your shopping decision when you’ve wanted to purchase a saree! Some of the most memorable Bollywood inspired sarees are from blockbuster films such as Devdas, Yeh Jaawani Hai Deewani, English Vinglish and Mohabbatein.

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3. The convenience of shopping ahead of time before major festivals like Karwa Chauth, Diwali, Teej and Navratri.

4. Your selection is not limited to traditional saree styles. You can opt for contemporary, modern and classically inspired saree designs as well.

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The mens wear dhoti kurta is a traditional outfit that has been a part of men’s wardrobe for a long time. Other popular traditional men’s wear items are the achkan, men’s sherwani and kurta pyjama. These items have remained much the same since their early days, unlike their women’s wear counterpart which regularly make the catwalks with new style and design variants.

mens wear dhoti kurta

For the most part, men’s wear has been dominated by Western clothing styles. You will commonly see this in office and casual wear. The traditional outfits mentioned earlier will only be seen during festivals, weddings and special religious occasions.

Luckily ethnic men’s wear has recently come into the spotlight. It is being reinvented into an exciting and modern way for the 21st Century man, without losing its original spirit. At Indian Wedding Saree, we have an extensive range of mens wear dhoti kurta ranging from very simple designs to dhoti kurtas with zari, embroidery and embellishments.

mens dhoti kurta

How are modern men dhoti kurtas designed?

Much like their predecessor, the modern dhoti kurta is also light weight and easy to wear. Both types are also made using natural materials such as cotton, linen and silk. Where both differ is how they are designed. Modern dhoti kurtas are elaborate and often mimic the sherwani style. The kurtas are long sleeved with a high neck, often sporting a short button placket. Depending on the occasion for which you need the dhoti kurta, even the most basic one will have some embroidery work on it.

Modern dhoti kurtas also differ in their colors. Most often they showcase dual colors. The two hues are visible in the kurta and the design work. This lends versatility to the kurta.

dhoti kurta online

What types of accessories are worn with dhoti kurtas?

You may complement your modern dhoti kurta with a series of accessories such as pocket squares, cuffs, mojris, etc. A gold bracelet, a thin gold chain and formal watch will definitely kick up the charm factor.

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Long lehenga cholis are a must for every Indian bride. Without her lehenga, a bride’s look would be amiss! In 2018, lehenga designs will focus more on patterns and fabrics, compared to last which promoted embellishment and embroidery.

long lehenga choli

If you’re a bride who’s looking for the perfect outfit to wear on the wedding day, consider the following trending long lehenga cholis designs:

#1 Designs and Embellishments
This season, it will be common to see metallic tone and gold embossments in various figure motifs. Not only are these eye-catching but they make you stand out (which is what you want as a bride). These types of lehengas have a no-frill attitude. Be prepared to see gold tones on neutral or dark colored fabrics, which is an innovative way to balance elegance and minimalism.

long lehenga choli online

#2 Crop Top
This style of lehenga choli will always be an evergreen design. They are perfectly suited for all types of pre and post wedding rituals. This festival season, expect to see silk brocade crop tops or ones made from plain silk featuring minimal embroidery. You will also notice the use of velvet and net in this crop top design.

#3 Indo Fusion
Here’s the perfect example of East meets West. If you’re planning on sporting an Indo fusion design, consider loose fitted crop blouses, peplum tops and for daring brides, the midriff-baring cholis. Be prepared to see brides of all ages adorning various Indo fusion designs this season. Other choli designs to look out for include long sleeved tops and wrap around blouses. Where Indo-fusion meets haute couture is when you see a West inspired blouse design paired with a traditional Indian fabric such as Banarasi or Jamawar silk.

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#4 Three-Piece Choli
This is perhaps the hottest design trend this season. The three piece choli is as the name implies: a lehenga with a simple and minimalist pattern but paired with a bustier top, a tunic styled top or a blouse with a jacket. The obvious focus will be the blouse so not surprisingly high quality silks with fine embroidery and embellishments are used to adorn it. This style is perfect for brides who want to retain a modest look but still appear majestic and fashion forward.

#5 Solid Color Embroidery
Fashion guru Sabyasachi has set this trend for everyone this festival season. Expect to see a monochrome fabric with many layers of intricate embroidery in the same color on top. This lends a very elegant and exquisite look to the entire lehenga choli. He has adopted a tone on tone theme in this fashion trend. For example, you will see brides wearing a red embroidered lehenga with a blouse in the same red but with detailed and intricate embroidery in the same color, i.e. a red net lehenga with a red dupatta and embroidered red blouse.

lehenga choli online shopping

#6 Silk Designs
When it comes to design variety, nothing beats long lehenga cholis made from silk. This season you’ll see an array of silk from brocade to plain to ones stitched in box pleats. You’ll also notice A-line silk lehengas and ones layered with silk and net tulle. This type of lehenga is perfect for the desi bride who wants to appear traditional and demure on her wedding day.

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Festival season is around the corner. This means it’s time to go shopping for your favourite silk sarees!

Wearing a silk saree into a flawless style isn’t easy but it isn’t very hard either. With a little practice (before the actual day), you too can flaunt your beautiful saree much like one of those Bollywood starlets.

wedding saree

So how do you expertly pick and drape a silk saree?

Here’s how you can perfect your silk saree look:

Select the Right Colour
The first thing you’ll notice when shopping for any type of saree, is the variety of colours. Selecting just one particular colour is a battle. One rule to keep in mind is to pick a shade according to the time of day. For instance, if you need a saree for an evening wedding, opt for deep hues. For a festive morning like a puja, religious celebration, etc., choose a fresh colour like orange, yellow and even bright red. The rule: keep the occasion in mind when selecting your colour.

Designer silk saree

Choose a suitable blouse style
Once you’ve selected a suitable saree colour, the next important thing is to pick a blouse. Most sarees have the blouse piece attached at the end, so all you have to do is take it to the tailor and he/she will cut it off.

You can create a refined look by the design of your saree blouse. If you’re planning to wear your silk saree to a formal party or wedding, opt for an embellished design. For religious occasions, a simply designed blouse will suffice.

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When designing your saree blouse, you can experiment with the cut of the neck and back, the sleeve length and embellishments. The scope for creativity is enormous.

Pick a Draping Style
This is where many women stumble. To start, ensure your silk saree is ironed well. There shouldn’t be any wrinkles or creases as this will ruin your pleats. If you’re relatively new to draping a saree, we recommend pre-pleating your saree the night before and securing it with pins. On the actual day, you’re simply tucking in the saree and pleats on top and tossing the pallu over your shoulder. If you want your pallu pleated as well, ensure you make the pleats the night before. When you’re wearing them secure it with a saree pin.

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Complement your silk saree with the right jewellery
Your saree is incomplete without appropriate jewellery. For a silk saree, select a pair of kada style bangles, jhumka earrings and a bold antique style necklace. Don’t forget to wear a bindi as well.

Wear light make up
Your saree is very beautiful as it is, so keep your make up simple and fresh. Start with a good foundation. Follow this with a kohl or kajal to give your eyes a bold look. Next, select a lipstick colour with lip liner and you’re good to go! For an evening look, consider applying eye shadow and a little rouge.

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Complete your look with a beautiful hairstyle
Traditional hairstyles suit silk sarees very well, particularly long braids. However, if you don’t have long hair, a pony tail or bun with a garland of jasmine wrapped around it is just as beautiful.

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Silk sarees are the essence of Indian culture. Every Indian woman has a silk saree hanging in her closet right now! From grandmothers to modern women, India is a treasure trove of silk sarees. Each state produces its own type of this silk attire.

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This desi attire never goes out of style. Whether to the office, party, birthday, religious ceremony or kitty party, silk sarees suit many occasions. Listed below are seven types of silk sarees that you must have in your closet:

#1 Kanjeevaram
This saree is the pride and joy of Tamil Nadu. Kanjeevaram sarees are vibrant and vivid, often designed in contrasting borders. This distinctively beautiful saree features a wide range of designs such as floral, temple designs and even check prints. Some borders even depict scenes from mythological epics such as the Mahabharata and the Ramayana.

designer silk saree

#2 Banarasi Silk
Originating from the divine city of Varanasi, this saree features the finest silk in its makeup. It showcases intricate designs, Mughal motifs and filigree designs. It is not uncommon to see silver and gold brocade lining its borders Banarasi silk sarees are favourite amongst brides-to-be.

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#3 Raw Silk
This is a silk saree in its natural form. It is often plain with a highly contrasting border. The saree may appear very stiff and less shimmery compared to its Banarasi and Kanjeevaram counterparts. However it is far easier to wear. Wearing a raw silk saree makes the wearer exude simplistic elegance.

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#4 Patola
Patola sarees originated from a small town called Patan, located in Gujarat. It is one of the most expensive types of silk sarees. These sarees often feature attractive colour combinations and symmetrical geometrical shapes in the design.

patola silk sarees

#5 Mysore Silk
This is one of the purest types of silk sarees. Originating from Mysore in Karnataka, Mysore silk sarees are known for their durability and long-lasting sheen. These sarees are dyed with natural pigments and have non-crush quality to them. Motifs of fruits and birds are often featured. These elegant sarees are perfectly suited for festivals and religious ceremonies.

mysore silk sarees

#6 Chanderi Silk
This beautiful silk saree originates from Madhya Pradesh. Unlike other silk sarees, Chanderi silk is lightweight and easy to adorn. It often features motifs of flowers, peacocks, coins, Chanderi temples and geometric shapes. This saree looks extremely gorgeous when worn with a piece of statement jewellery.

Chanderi Silk Sarees

#7 Tussar Silk
Tussar silk sarees originate from West Bengal. They are very soft in texture and are available in many vivid colors. It features natural designs and motifs and are often favoured by fashion designers. Wearing a Tussar silk saree is considered auspicious.

Tussar Silk Saree

No wardrobe is considered complete without the addition of silk sarees. To purchase your own Tussar silk, Kancheevaram, Banarasi, Patola, Chanderi, Raw silk or Mysore silk saree, visit Indian Wedding Saree today.

How Salwar Kurta Can Be A Perfect Wear For Indian Moms

Salwar Kurta has been a Traditional Indian Wear since a long time. After saree, it is the most popular Indian Dress which is loved by women, especially in the Northern side of the country. This graceful attire is famous for young women as well as those who are preparing to be new moms. Here we are taking examples of some of the most famous bollywood moms, who are an idol for women of the nation.

Kareena Kapoor

This is not a new name for fashion enthusiasts. Kareena Kapoor Khan has always rocked the silver screen with her sensuous looks and has been an icon for young women. Even now, when she has become Taimur’s mom, there is no change in her style and sophistication. Kareena absolutely looks gorgeous in Patiala Salwar Suit, whenever she wears it.

Kareena Kapoor Patiala Salwar Kameez

Malaika Arora Khan

Malaika has been famous for her sublime figure and charm. She is also a fitness idol for many women in the country. Mother of one and at the age of 44, she still looks flawless and can perform as a young woman. She has shown up on the stage many times in different styles of Salwar Suits. It is undeniable that she looks fabulous wearing the attire even in her middle age.

Malaika Arora Khan salwar suit latest

Mira Rajput

It has been 3 years since Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput got married. Now, Mira is expecting her second from Shahid. They already have a daughter named Misha who is undoubtedly excited to be the elder sister of the little one to be born next. Photographers caught the couple on the airport with Mira wearing a simple pink hued Salwar Suit. The cameras were flashing continuously to catch Mira’s side profiles.

Mira Rajput Salwar Suit wearing during pregnancy

Soha Ali Khan

Saif Ali Khan’s sister hasn’t acted in many films but is a renowned name in the bollywood industry. She is the wife of actor Kunal khemu. She has become the mother of ‘Inaaya’. You can check out many times when she has worn Salwar Suit and looked really stunning and beautiful.

Sohan Ali Khan Salwar Suits

Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa Shetty has modeled for various fashion brands in a Salwar Suit. Proud mother of one, she still looks stunning even in her middle age. You can’t deny how gorgeous she looks in a well tailored Salwar Suit by famous designers and fashion brands. You can see her picture in a designer Orange Salwar Suit with husband Raj Kundra below.

Shilpa in salwar Kameez

These were some of the examples where famous bollywood divas who are proud moms can be seen wearing a Salwar Suit. You can buy latest designer Salwar Suits from Indian Wedding Saree, which is a premium portal to buy all the traditional wear.

Manish Malhotra’s Bridal Lehenga Can Help You In Making A Statement On Your Special Day

Manish Malhotra is absolutely a renowned name in the Indian Fashion Industry. He always comes up with something innovative for women’s wear. His work is really appreciated by bollywood actresses and divas throughout. Most of the divas wear Malhotra’s designer dresses to parties and ceremonies to look enthralling. Manish Malhotra is famous for his work towards bridal wear too. Here we are discussing some of his latest collections from which you can take inspiration from to choose your outfit.

Manish Malhotra's Bridal Lehenga

Alia Bhatt in Red Lehenga Choli

This modern diva looked really charming in a red designer Lehenga Choli by Manish Malhotra. It was a Zari embroidered Bridal Lehenga. It was combined with a full sleeved matching Choli and a Beige dupatta. Alia was looking absolutely alluring in this dress. If you’re in the hunt for an outfit for your special day, this one can be a perfect choice for you.

Alia Bhatt in Red Lehenga Choli by manish malhotra

Deepika Padukone’s Bridal Lehenga

Deepika is the favorite for many youngsters in the country. She has impressed everyone with her acting and charm on the silver screen. When she wore this Navy Blue Bridal Lehenga by Manish, she absolutely looked like a princess. To enhance the overall look, Malhotra complimented the Lehenga with a Silk & Velvet blouse with uniquely crafted sleeves. This is one of the latest designer Lehenga by Manish Malhotra and can be a great attire for your wedding day.

Deepika Padukone’s Navy Blue Bridal Lehenga by Manish

Poorna Patel’s Wedding Attire

Poorna Patel & Namit Soni’s wedding celebrations were in the headlines recently. Many famous bollywood stars, businessmen & cricketers attended the grand wedding. The cameras couldn’t ignore the elegance of custom made attire designed by Manish Malhotra which made the bride, Poorna Patel an absolute stunner. The outfit was an off-white and light pink Lehenga, which according to Malhotra, took more than 3 months to be fashioned. Pink floral embroidery, Silver zardosi appliques and a Phirozi Blue border gave the Lehenga a sophisticated and opulent touch.

Poorna Patel Bridal Lehenga

Katrina Kaif’s Golden Lehenga Choli

You can’t deny the charm of bollywood actress Katrina Kaif and how beautiful she looks on the Silver Screen. She wore a Manish Malhotra designed Golden Lehenga Choli and really set the stage on fire. The Lehenga had a Pink colored border which popped out and complimented the overall elegance of the attire.

Bridal Lehenga wearing Katrina Kaif

Aishwarya Rai’s Velvet Lehenga

We have noticed Malhotra using Velvet in his designer attires often. This time he came up with a fetching design of a Maroon Velvet Lehenga which was displayed out by Aishwarya Rai in a show. It was a Zari embroidered Lehenga which was combined with a short top and a jacket to compliment the style. Aishwarya looked really glamorous and charming in the dress. This design can be a superior option for your outfit on the D-day.

Aishwarya in Velvet lehenga by Manish Malhotra

Nargis Fakhri in Pink Anarkali

If you’re a fan of Anarkali Lehengas then you must take a look at this Pink Anarkali Lehenga which is designed by Manish Malhotra. Nargis Fakhri portrayed her charm by wearing this outfit and it really complimented her elegance. The Lehenga was paired with a heavy dupatta and embroidered with Zari. The overall sophisticated look of the dress can be perfect for your wedding day.

Nargis Fakhri in Pink Anarkali lehenga

These were some of the great examples of designer bridal wear by Manish Malhotra. You can get inspired by his design and select the best attire for yourself for the occasion. To make your task easier, we recommend you to buy from Indian Wedding Saree, which is a great online portal for your wedding and traditional wear shopping needs.

5 Times When Hollywood Celebs Rocked The Indian Wear

Dandy Indian wear had made its way into the Hollywood a long time ago. We have seen many hollywood divas turn up the heat in various fashion events and red carpet shows. Nobody can deny that how drop dead gorgeous the hazel eyed beauties look when they come down in favour of the elegance of traditional Indian wear. Here we are recalling the 5 moments when hollywood celebrities have picked Indian wear as their preference over any other dresses.

The Pussycat Dolls

Everyone knows about the famous American female dance ensemble and music group, The Pussycat Dolls. They have achieved a world wide success over the years. In a concert named Fashion Rocks in 2008, all the stars of the group like Nicole Scherzinger, Melody Thornton and Kimberly Wyatt were the show stoppers with their hot black and gold sarees. The outfit was designed by Rocky S. The fans were mesmerized by the looks of ‘The Pussycat Dolls’ in their exotic Indian saree attire.

pussycat dolls in saree

Selena Gomez

This singer celebrity is known to captivate her fans with her bold and short dresses. However, in a charity mission in Nepal, she was seen with a new Desi look in a saree. She posted her picture on the social network, Instagram and fans were fascinated by it. The photo was captioned by her as “Sari, not sari”. A small bindi was adding to the charm of Gomez during the event in 2014.

selena gomez in indian saree

Pamela Anderson

Pamela made an entry in the famous Indian reality show, Big Boss. She was seen wearing a enticing white saree and made the TRP go up with her presence. The pictures of Pamela Anderson wearing the white saree in the show can easily be considered as the hottest moments for a graceful attire like saree. She was definitely the attention of the show till she remained a contestant there.

Pamela anderson wearing saree

Anna Kournikova

Kournikova is not a Hollywood actress but a renowned Tennis player. In a Tennis exhibition in Dubai, Anna Kournikova looked absolutely gorgeous in a baby blue Saree. The saree had a white embroidery design and was draped like traditional Indian style. Due to some health reasons, she is not continuing to play Tennis. Kournikova is currently living at Miami Beach, Florida.

Anna Kournikova in saree

Lady Gaga

Who doesn’t know about this famous American singer? Lady Gaga performed in India on the eve of inaugural Grand Prix at the Buddh International Circuit. She wore an enticing Tarun Tahiliani saree. Many other stars like Shah Rukh, Preity Zinta and Sophie Chaudhary were present on the eve.

Lady Gaga in Tarun Tahiliani saree

These were some of the famous incidents when Hollywood divas totally rocked the Indian attire. If you’re looking out to buy graceful Indian sarees for yourself, then don’t forget to check out the collection of Indian Wedding Saree. You will find the best variety there.

5 Trendy Indian Gown Designs To Try in 2018

Gown is an elegant dress which can be worn on any formal or informal occasion. This trendy outfit has been a favorite since a long time for women. Even the famous actresses can be seen wearing a gown on the red carpet. It makes a perfect bridal outfit for women who want a break from the traditional bridal dresses like lehenga and sarees.

womens gown

Indian gown designs are very graceful and elegant. Many fashion designers of the country are working on some of the latest designs. Here we are listing some of the trendy gown designs for the year 2018. Take a look.

1. Belted Design: Extra add-ons to the clothes help redefine their style and charm. Belts are one of them. They look very dashing and stylish with both Indian and western wear. If you’re looking for some uniqueness and attraction in your dress, you can choose out the belted gown design.

Belted Design Gown

2. Jacket Gown: Another trendy accessory with your gown is a jacket. It can be a floor touching jacket or a shorter one, matching the style and design of your gown. Knee length and cropped ones are more popular. This style can be adopted in winters to look fashionable as well as protecting yourself from the cold.

Jacket Gown

3. Long Trails: Princessy long trails of the gown make it perfect for bridal wear. They look very charming and are sure to add to the beauty of the one who is wearing it. Longer trails make the overall outfit very gorgeous. Off-shoulder and strappy gowns with trails are in the current trend. They can be a good option for other formal parties too.

Long Trail Gown

4. Full Sleeves: Full sleeved gowns are very elegant and look charming on both younger and older women. These gowns are ideal for winter parties and also as a festive wear. They are available in various designs and you can also go for custom stitching as per your liking.

Party Wear Gowns Online

5. Statement Shoulders: Statement shoulder dresses have always been in the trend and will remain for this year too. Gowns with statement shoulders can be bold and impressive for parties and wedding ceremonies. At least they are here to stay in trend for long. Consider buying the gowns from a reputed seller or get it stitched from an experienced tailor. You know what can happen if statement shoulder gowns malfunction. Statement shoulder gowns are being designed by reputed designers like Gaurav Gupta, Shyamal & Bhumika and Monisha Jaising.

indian gown online

If you’re planning to buy gowns for this wedding or festive season, then try Indian Wedding Sarees. They have a unique collection of gowns and other bridal and party wear dresses for women. Happy shopping!

Why Lehenga Saree Is The Best Outfit For This Wedding Season

The wedding season is approaching and all the women might be looking out for what to wear to look special this time. Well, nobody can ignore how charming a woman looks in an elegant saree or a well designed lehenga. So, why not combine both together to make one mesmerizing dress to add to the sensuousness. Here, we are talking about the new trend, Lehenga Saree.

lehenga style saree

Lehenga saree is a great innovation in Indian fashion. They are available in a variety of designs, be it lehenga like flares or saree like pleats, there are a lot of options. What makes a lehenga saree unique is that it has the design of lehenga in the pleats area and the pallu is draped like a saree.

wedding lehenga saree

This attire is highly favored by young brides and other women as the perfect wedding wear considering its easiness to wear and elegance. It has gained popularity and the one who is wearing it, feels fascinated.

designer lehenga saree

Indian wedding wear is also in vogue abroad d ue to the crafting and sophistication. For years, lehenga choli and sarees have ruled over the wedding outfits. But now the trend is changing with the introduction of new and fresh garb like the Lehenga Saree.

However, Lehengas and sarees have not been a grace only for weddings, they are very popular amongst festive wear too. So, Lehenga Saree can be a great option for festival outfits which are sure to add a charm to your celebrations.

buy lehenga saree online

India’s top fashion designers are also busy in introducing great designs in the Lehenga Saree range. Manish Malhotra is one of the favorites. Every woman has a crush for his designs, isn’t it? He has designed some great Lehenga Sarees which are sure to revive the ethnic avatar of women.

If you too are thinking of catching up with the trend and buying Lehenga Sarees for yourself, then you must try the collection of Indian Wedding Sarees. They have some of the most beautiful designs and a wide range of ethnic and bridal wear. We are sure you will like their collection.