5 reasons why you should try Wedding Sari in Crepe Fabric

Summers can turn the heat on your health and the fashion style. While youare wondering if you can go all out with the saris, it is better to stick to the crepe fabric in summer. It is beguiling and attractive to say the least. Finally there is one more fabric in the catalogue of wedding saris that can challenge the reputation of silk, cotton and georgette. Before you choose a crepe wedding sari, it is advisable to do research on the types of crepe fabric available with the stores and designers.

  1. Hard-finished crepe
  2. Soft-finished crepe

The hard finished crepe is often blended with silk to give it an authentic look. Though it is often dyed in dark colours, owing to advanced printing and colouring techniques they are now days used to manufacture exotic wedding saris as well. They offer exciting range of vibrant colours and embroidery designs. It is made with hand-spun yarn and woven using modern power looms.

 The soft-finished crepes are far more popular than the hard varieties owing to the glamorous finish it offers to the whole package of the wedding saris. They are tagged as Oriental crepe or Cantonese crepe. Often blended with silk, the wedding saris made of soft-finished crepe are finished with woven threads made of different colours, wires and fabrics.

 Check out top five reasons why you should go with the crepe fabric for wedding saris.

  1. Dazzling embroidery

The crepe wedding saris offer dazzling options in fashion circuit. Owing to the vibrant thread machining available with the crepe wedding saris, prospective brides actually look for the high end version of the fabric. The wedding saris made of crepe look fantastic with embroidery works from the house of bandhani, zari and even bandhej.

 Dazzling embroidery

  1. Fancy patterns

For women who love to work with fanciful attires, the crepe wedding saris allow a greater flexibility. They can be manufactured with the right-twist as well as the left-twisted threads. Fancy work looks great on the crepe fabric. No other fabric offers so many fancy options as crepe does.

 Fancy patterns

  1. Comfort

Crepe fashion is growing at a rapid rate owing to the advancement in the way they are manufactured these days. They offer irritation free fabric which is a revolution in the segment of designer wedding saris. Comfort ranks among the top qualities that women look for in a sari, especially when it is meant to be worn for the most auspicious occasion in life. Wedding saris made of crepe take a little long in draping, but once it is finished, the look is surreal.


  1. Photogenic fabric

Undoubtedly, the most photogenic wedding saris are invariably made from crepe woven with silk or cotton. They don’t reflect too much and hence are perfect for afternoon wedding affairs. They are easy to manage and don’t lose their fold and crease even when you are seating in a position for a long time.

Photogenic fabric

  1. Anti-sweat

The crepe fabric used in wedding saris offers great resistance against the sweaty affairs that come with the hot weather. It ensures that there are no sweat stains on your sari and the sari remains fresh and bloomy even when you know, it was not exactly the freshest of the days.