5 Kaftan Designs that Lighten up Evening Parties

Women today are always on the lookout for a perky sexy new kaftan design on streets or online. With comfort taking more points than style, there is a serious fan following behind kaftans today than there ever was. Be it the traditional wrap-around kaftans or the ultra-modern crisscross back sequin-embellished push-over top kaftans. There are more than 1000 designs and inspiringly fresh cuts launched everyday around the world.

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However, choosing a Kaftan Online India for a party is a challenge. And we give you an edge in making this challenge a fun. Here are 5 kaftan designs we find rocking the party circuit this season.

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1. Natural Gemstone Embellished Kaftan

Absolute new arrival in the fashion world, embellished kaftans studded with real gemstones on satin fabric is a royal buy. Most of them sport a Maxi-length with chiffon ruffles. Digital print kaftans with jewel rocks lining the neckline are particularly hot sellers. Most girls prefer to buy illusion jewel studded Mermaid-styled Arabic kaftans which more or less resemble the Abaya dress.

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For winter evenings, create a dazzling line with semi-transparent bejewelled brooch kaftans.

2. African Print Wax

Looking for something that borders the ethnic and wild, but still bears the party appeal? African print kaftans with head wrap never quite go out of fashion. Instead, African Print kaftans have evolved more than any other dress in the party circuit. Also called the Dashiki Shirt, this kaftan style holds your excitement all night long. Whether you are there to dance or enjoy your drink shots, these delectable shirt-styled kaftans are cut big enough to fit women of all size and shape. Sling in a sexy belt around the waist to create a ravishing hour glass appeal.

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3. White and Red Mini Kaftan

Almost passed over as a casual beach cover-up kaftan, mini kaftans are pretty popular in party scenes as well. Best part about mini kaftans is its decisive length that allows it to be paired with your favourite denim or leather pants. Bold red pattern on white fabric kaftan is a cross-over theme for this season’s party look. Boho chic skirts and palazzos compliment the shirt-styled kaftan tops elegantly.

White and Red Mini Kaftan

4. Long V-neck Sunset Silk

Evening cocktail kaftan in maxi-styled contour creates flamboyant appeal in the parties. Open shoulder and asymmetrical off-shoulder kaftans in full length with a diamond weave belt is a spectacular way to glorify beauty without looking too blush. The V-neck amps up the sexiness quotient up the bar! With loads of colour options to choose from, one tip every kaftan designer would recommend with V-neck dress is going solid. Prefer the blacks and beige over metallic shades.

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5. Lace-up Garden Party Kaftans

Day-time party wear kaftans resemble a jumpsuit design. Adorned with diamond studs and gold belt; this is best dressed down hippie look for cocktail party as well. It can be matched to resemble a beach wear too, when you team it up with your favourite bikini.

Garden Party Kaftans

Length of the kaftan is crucial. Lace-up garden kaftan dress symbolizes an effortless fashion style.


Fashion & Me: Six Celebrities you would Mostly Notice in Kaftans

If you think Kaftans are meant for the ordinary crowd only, you haven’t seen pictures of all those famous personalities, who prefer wearing these outfits over the others that they have in their wardrobes. There are so many celebrities around the globe and a lot of the famous ones are seen wearing such outfits, even when they go for award ceremonies or charity functions.

To help you know about the six popular celebrities, who are mostly noticed in kaftans, we are here with the following list:

1) Angelina Jolie: Who doesn’t know this beautiful actress? There was, is and will never be another Angelina Jolie; no matter what she has done in her personal life, we all know the kind of personality she has and the kind of aura she posses. Also, she has helped a lot of kids in her life. She is known for the way she carries herself in public. She has been a survivor of a lot of health related problems as well. Despite her struggles, she has always been there for her kids and her husband, Brad Pitt. Looking at the kind of personality she carries, many of her fans get influenced by her fashion and style. This beautiful celebrity is seen wearing designer kaftans a lot of times. When she was pregnant, she wore these outfits quite a lot of times.

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2) Kim Kardashian: Right from the time she entered into the reality show, she has gained a lot of popularity within her fans. There are millions of people who admire her for the way she is. Kim is seen wearing different simple kaftans a lot of times at different award functions and events.

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3) Jennifer Lopez: No doubt she looks gorgeous in her short outfits, JLo wears seductive kaftans as well. She has worn different printed kaftans quite a few times. Despite the low necked outfits, she has carried herself way too comfortably than the other actresses that walk the ramp or are shy to come in the media.

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4) Miley Cyrus: When she was a little girl, people looked at her and called her cute; now that she is a fully grown young woman, her fans admire the way she dresses up. She wears kaftans in a lot of her concerts; she surely looks comfortable in them!

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5) Sushmita Sen: If you are an Indian or a fan of Bollywood, you surely know who Sushmita Sen is; there have been times when this beautiful Miss Universe has covered herself in different loose and comfortable Kaftans. You would find her pictures in a leopard printed kaftan, if you search for her wearing such outfits.

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6) Deepika Padukone: This Bollywood girl is now entering Hollywood and with full confidence; you fall in love with her slender beauty and there is no other actress that can beat her beauty in long and loose kaftans. Deepika prefers keeping herself simple, when she is not on the screen.

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Follow your favorite actress’ style statement and look stunning in Kaftan. Just search for Kaftan Online India to find stores selling this stylish attire.

Know more about Kaftan Tops

A trending outfit, kaftans are becoming popular among most women these days. Kaftans are available in various designs and patterns to suit the occasion. From a beach wear, to an evening social party, or a casual day out with friends and family members, the right kaftan to suit your body type will keep you comfortable and fresh all day long. In addition, kaftans suit all weather types, especially if you choose the right fabric.

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Dating back to the Ottoman Empire, kaftans have been an outfit for both men and women, especially from the Mughal community.

Most commonly, kaftans are available in a perfect blend of contemporary, abstract designs with a authentic traditional hint. That said, kaftans suit women of all age group – be it a 16 year old college girl or a 60 year old woman.

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Kaftan top is available in various patterns and sizes. The length of the kaftan can be best chosen to accentuate your body type. For eg- if you have a broad, heavy waist then you can choose a design that fits straight and body-hugging. Whereas, if you have a slimmer body type, then a kaftan that has pleats or has a heavier make would make you look fuller and in perfect shape.

The kaftan designs vary in numerous forms and depend on the fabric and the occasion they are made for. Some have lovely embroidery work done on the collar or chest area, while some have printed motifs all over the fabric. Some kaftans have full sleeves, while some have flared crop sleeves.

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Kaftans are tailored in various fabrics, the most commons ones being cotton, silk chiffon, crepe, jersey or lycra. It is advisable to select the fabric types that keep you comfortable both indoors as well as outdoors.

Available in various length sizes, Kaftans can be worn individually or with leggings. If you are comfortable then you can wear a knee-length individually and pair it up with high heeled sandals and enhance the outfit with indo-western jewellery. The other way to wear a kaftan top is to team it up with leggings or tight, straight-fit denims. The look can be enhanced with a flat heel or peep toes and matching ornaments.

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A short-length kaftan can be an ideal outfit if you are heading the beach, or a casual long drive with your spouse. A full length kaftan can be the right choice for an evening party, or a semi-traditional occasion.

Kaftans are available in various prices, depending on their make and design. Buy kaftans online India stores according to the occasion. In addition, the outfit requires less maintenance, the washing process mainly depending on the fabric type and how delicate the design is. Make sure to dry it in cool shade and not in direct sunlight, so as to maintain the colour and crispiness of the fabric.

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Catch up with the latest fashion, and make sure you own at least one kaftan that you can rely on when you want something comfortable and reliable to wear.