Top 4 Designs of Ladies Jacket for Fall 2016

Fashion divas are always on the hunt for the most trendy ladies jacket of the season. If you are one of those shoppers who vouch for jacket for the way they make you feel, it is the best season to get your hands on some of the most dazzling items of collection. Best thing about jackets is that you can never grow old and bored in them. They have some charming element it them that makes you jump and run around like a teenager, isn’t it?

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Let us make your shopping easy by pulling out 4 top designs of ladies jacket for the Fall 2016.

1    The Cape:
Divas who spent their life out of a blazer, sweater or a bomber know what it takes to wear them. If you are an indoor kind of person, and love to wear ladies jacket to your workplace, these bombers and sweaters can restrict your movement significantly. Heavy jackets as they are, they could make you feel claustrophobic as well! The answer to such moments is a Cape. Comfortable, smooth and stylish design, the Cape is now a quintessential fashion item we recommend to every girl willing to be in limelight 24 x 7.

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Cape coats are well-cut rectangular silhouettes with layered accents. If you are slim and tall, they will give you a bustier look. It compliments girls with heavy bust and midriff too. Open arm holes, raised collar and closed necklines—that’s what we want to see on a girl who loves to sport bright colours and chic accessories. Cape coats can be paired with every dress—tees, cropped top, shirts and even kaftans.

2    Parkas:
It is best described as the “Hunter’s quilt”. Also called Anorak, it actually means “animal skin”. They have a hood with leather or woollen straps. Modern Parkas feature faux fur lining and lace panelling. Inspired from the Eskimo jackets, they are perfect Fall Collection if you live in a cold and wet place. Available in many colours and texture, knee-length Parkas with synthetic inner lining is what we recommend for Fall 2016. Red is the colour to embrace.

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3    Poncho:
This is one ladies jacket that holds so much potential, but lacks the creativity on the designer’s part. Sexy lacy attire for winters, Poncho jacket hugs all types of body with additional feature of wrapping up your not-so-good paunchy parts. They glide over your body like a second skin, without compromising on the warmth and comfort. Pair them with jumpers, polo-necks, and of course kaftans. In case, you have no clue about the colour or print that is in trend in Pocho, go for the Latin American inspiration.

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4    Blanket coats:
Make a blanket statement on the Fall season with traditional tweed and twill jackets. The comfort comes in supreme style, laced with asymmetrical hems, serape shapes and rich Scottish textures. We pick alpaca blend, wool and cashmere-blend in reversible designs. Kaftan-styled jackets are mesmerizing attires, popularly decked in cocktail parties and beach outings.

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Checks and checkerboard prints buoy up the whole idea of sporting a ladies jacket for sure!


A complete Online buying guide for Seasonal Ladies Jacket

Buying a Ladies jacket online is no mean task. There are various aspects you need to tackle before zeroing on the perfect jacket within your budget. With over hundred materials to vouch for, with as many brands and labels, here is a quick buying guide for finding the best ladies jacket online with minimum fuss.

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1. Select the style that suits you

Here are some of the top ladies jacket styles for particular season and purpose.

  • Fur trimmed shearlings — exclusive winter wear with stylish designs and accessories offered in leather, faux-leather and resins.
  • Ski jackets—Also called Bomber jacket. This is a perfect adventure-inspired style in the contemporary ladies jacket segment.
  • Leather and suedes– Blazer-like ladies jacket for every outing, indoor or outdoor.
  • Performance jackets—exclusively meant for athletic outings. These jackets have a breathable material with Velcro/zipped sleeve lines and adaptable fleeces. They also have velcro closures and elastic cuffs for extra protection from rain and wind.
  • Vests and raincoats—A multi-purpose ladies jacket style that looks casual with an extra layer of protection against the weather.

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2. Top ladies jacket materials

There are many skin-friendly and stylish materials available in the market. When it comes to picking a ladies jacket online, here are some of the safest materials to choose from.

  • Wool—The most preferred jacket material that serves its purpose perfectly. Wool jackets are available in sheep fleece, cashmere wool, llama wool and even camel and yak wools.
  • Fleece—The lightest and most comfortable ladies jacket material that allows you to take it out and enjoy without worries. There are different fleece varieties—Polar Fleece, Arctic fleece and Yukon.
  • Leather—The charming jackets are made of leather. Unisex jackets with best price are available online in leather category. Embroidery, boho-chic and embellished ladies jacket online display a wide range of personalities in a single attire.
  • Microfiber—A relatively new entry into the segment, ladies jacket manufacturers are embracing this technologically-advanced material for its cost-effective and durable properties.

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There are four types of microfibers:

  • acrylic microfibers
  • nylon microfibers
  • polyester microfibers
  • rayon microfibers

3. Utility tips

A jacket should fulfil all the basic needs of an outdoor activity. 6 things you should look for in a utility-driven ladies jacket online.

  • Removable/detachable  cape hoods
  • Zipped pockets
  • Reversible wearing
  • Quick dry mechanism
  • Polyurethane coating with rip-top fabric and storm flaps

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4. Fits and size

In order to get the best fit from ladies jacket online, always measure the size up at bust, waist and hips. Bust and waist are the fullest parts that should be covered completely for best fit. If you are picking an oversized ladies jacket online, measure 20 cm down your natural waistline for a better fit.

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5. Labels and refund policies

In case the Ladies jacket online does not meet your expectations or body size, look for the conditions on return policy. A return policy within 15 to 20 days should be your top choice.

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Lastly, it is best to read through the reviews and testimonials online. Do enquire about the ladies jacket in the stores first before placing an order.

How To Choose Harem Pants As Per Body Shape?

In today’s date, pants have become one of the quintessential elements in the wardrobe of every woman. Be it for travel, work, or relaxation, these have innumerable uses. They are available in wide varieties of designs, styles and fabrics. However, there are some pants that are flexible as well as exemplary in all seasons and times. Therefore, if you are planning to look stunning and exceptional along with a feeling of comfort, you should go for the harem pants. These pants can definitely play a great role in improving the overall shape of the body.

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Tips For Selection:

Here are some of the most common tips that you can follow for selecting the harem pants. This in turn will make you glad and satisfied.

1    For curvy figure and sleek look-
If you have a curvy figure, you need a pant that comes with wide-legged trims. The palazzo pants are one of the best types of harems that will ideally suit your curvy figure. You can find them in plethora of styles by means of which your figure will look absolutely amazing. If you wear them, they will reduce your hips and thighs and will bring a smooth female line. You can get them in delicate fabrics. Wearing a dark colored pant will definitely turn out to be great and it will help in accomplishing a thin outline.

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2    For petite figure-
You might want to get pants that might make you look somewhat taller. You can get some perfectly sized cut in pants that will complement your figure, and even protract your legs like never before. Straight leg pants can make you look admirable and give you an exceptional flattered shape. Delicate flared pants that come with some additional length will definitely make your legs look longer. This is especially applicable when you wear heels. In this case, one of the best things that you can do is to go for dark colors with some vertical enumeration. It will add to a leaner look.

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3    For boyish figure-
Some ladies have boyish figures along with indistinct waistlines. Paints with High waist pants can look great on you if you have a boyish figure, and you can get them in various customized styles. Flared pants, contraband cuts and harem pants will definitely look great and it will give the perfect shape that your body requires. Moreover, you can even think of upgrading your small hips and thighs by wearing leggings and some thin pants. Just give it a try.

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4    Hiding your big belly-
If you have an apple shaped figure along with a bigger middle part, it is obvious that you want to hide your belly in the best way. Consequently, you can go for flared and wide legged pants with mid-ascent boot cut. If you want, you can layer with a waterfall designed cardigan to draw the attention far from your mid area.

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Therefore, with different options in harem pants, you can easily go for an option that suits your figure the best way.  You can buy these harem pants, palazzo pants and lot more from legging India online stores.

Top 10 Things you didn’t know about Abaya

Do you know about the beautiful cloak-like outfit called Abaya?

If you know what it is, then you are surely fond of it. Abaya is beautiful; it not only protects a woman’s respect and dignity, but also ensures that she feels comfortable in all that she wears.

However, gone are the days when a woman used to wear a Simple Abaya just to cover herself; now, hundreds of stylish Abaya are available in the market for all the stylish women out there.

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If you think you know everything related to Abaya, here is a list of the top ten things that you might not know:

1) Abaya were supposed to be extremely loose in the olden times: Don’t go on the fashionable Abaya that you see in different e-stores and land based stores these days; there was once a time when they were supposed to be loose and flowing.

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2) Some women prefer wearing hand gloves along with Abaya, to cover their hands: There are still a lot of women, who wear loose Abaya and hand gloves with them, so that their hands are protected from the eyes of the others.

3) Most of the women wear Niqab to hide their faces, along with their Abaya: Niqab helps in keeping safe the face of the woman; thousands of women still follow the typical traditional of wearing a Niqab with their Abaya.

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4) Generally, Abaya were supposed to be black, only: You may see a lot of colored Abaya, but this outfit was not supposed to be worn for fashion, earlier. It was meant to be worn as a protective outfit for the women and was meant to be only in black.

5) Abaya has its roots in the Islamic culture: This outfit has its roots in Islamic culture; if you read the Islamic history, you get to read a lot about Abaya.

6) There is a Quranic quote related to Abaya: The quote states that ladies should cover themselves with a loose garment. This way they won’t be recognized and nothing will go against them. The loose garment here talked about is Abaya.

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7) There are a lot of celebrities that wear Abaya just for style: If you look at all the Saudi Arabian celebrities, you would notice them wearing Abaya and other such covered outfits. Some of the Hollywood celebrities are also seen wearing Abaya at different events.

8) The Malaysian and Indonesian women’s dress has received its name from Abaya: Kebaya is the name of the Malaysian and Indonesian women’s dress and it has been derived from the name of Abaya.

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9) Abaya are not very expensive: The good news is that this outfit is not very expensive; anyone can afford to buy it. The reason why it has been kept so affordable is so that all the Islamic women wear it.

10) Designer Abaya are available in the market: If you want to buy expensive Abaya, you can go for the designer Abaya.

Fashion & Me: Six Celebrities you would Mostly Notice in Kaftans

If you think Kaftans are meant for the ordinary crowd only, you haven’t seen pictures of all those famous personalities, who prefer wearing these outfits over the others that they have in their wardrobes. There are so many celebrities around the globe and a lot of the famous ones are seen wearing such outfits, even when they go for award ceremonies or charity functions.

To help you know about the six popular celebrities, who are mostly noticed in kaftans, we are here with the following list:

1) Angelina Jolie: Who doesn’t know this beautiful actress? There was, is and will never be another Angelina Jolie; no matter what she has done in her personal life, we all know the kind of personality she has and the kind of aura she posses. Also, she has helped a lot of kids in her life. She is known for the way she carries herself in public. She has been a survivor of a lot of health related problems as well. Despite her struggles, she has always been there for her kids and her husband, Brad Pitt. Looking at the kind of personality she carries, many of her fans get influenced by her fashion and style. This beautiful celebrity is seen wearing designer kaftans a lot of times. When she was pregnant, she wore these outfits quite a lot of times.

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2) Kim Kardashian: Right from the time she entered into the reality show, she has gained a lot of popularity within her fans. There are millions of people who admire her for the way she is. Kim is seen wearing different simple kaftans a lot of times at different award functions and events.

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3) Jennifer Lopez: No doubt she looks gorgeous in her short outfits, JLo wears seductive kaftans as well. She has worn different printed kaftans quite a few times. Despite the low necked outfits, she has carried herself way too comfortably than the other actresses that walk the ramp or are shy to come in the media.

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4) Miley Cyrus: When she was a little girl, people looked at her and called her cute; now that she is a fully grown young woman, her fans admire the way she dresses up. She wears kaftans in a lot of her concerts; she surely looks comfortable in them!

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5) Sushmita Sen: If you are an Indian or a fan of Bollywood, you surely know who Sushmita Sen is; there have been times when this beautiful Miss Universe has covered herself in different loose and comfortable Kaftans. You would find her pictures in a leopard printed kaftan, if you search for her wearing such outfits.

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6) Deepika Padukone: This Bollywood girl is now entering Hollywood and with full confidence; you fall in love with her slender beauty and there is no other actress that can beat her beauty in long and loose kaftans. Deepika prefers keeping herself simple, when she is not on the screen.

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Follow your favorite actress’ style statement and look stunning in Kaftan. Just search for Kaftan Online India to find stores selling this stylish attire.

Top 6 Designs Abaya Trends 2016

Abayas are very popular items in the recent years, and many women wear it for different reasons. However, when they were first available in the market, they were in a single size so that it could fit all. Moreover, there was not much variety in terms of design, style or choices of fabric. Well, the same cannot be said today because it can be easily said that the Abayas have undergone a great transformation. Moreover, they have even received attention from the designers that have added a fashionable line along with the element of modesty in the traditional design. Consequently, it has undergone a great makeover.

Here is a list of some of the top designs in which you can wear the abayas.

1    Going for the Moroccan style-
It is well known fact that the Moroccan style of clothing is rich, and this design is reflected even in the Simple Abaya collection. These comprise of layers of draping that reflects an art in itself. Some of these are even embellished with exquisite laces and silver embroidery along the neckline and trim. Some of these also come attached with hoods.

2    The floral pattern-
There was a time when these were made only in dark and solid colors. However, now you can even expect to find them in prints. Flowers are often incorporated into these outfits in the forms of stones and different embroidery motifs. Some of these are also embossed in floral fabrics. The combination of these things gives an elegant look to the overall outfit.

3    The butterfly design-
The wide sleeves of the abaya often resemble the wings of the butterfly and hence the name. They easily get attached to the body, and they look best in fabrics like chiffon, jersey knit and silk that comes with lots of drapes.

4    Adopting the kaftan style-
The most popular of abaya design is the kaftan style. They come with long and loose sleeves that resemble the robes. Some of these are even designed to look like belted tunics. The necklines are elaborate and light and they are often adorned with luxurious fabrics. Consequently, they are dressier in appearance and can be used in different occasions.

5    Two tone style-
This style is also acquiring popularity in the fashion dictionary of Muslim women. The skirt of the dress can be stitched in a different color from the bodice. Apart from that, you can also find them with a dress of one color and a fabric of a contrasting color. This can look great on any one.

6    Going for the open style-
It is a good idea to go for the open style abayas which is more like a cloak, and is open at the front. Most of these comprise of a thin belt that goes around the waist, and these are secured for a short length below the waist. You can easily wear them in parties for showing off your outfit.

Therefore, you can try out any of these styles and buy abaya online to make an exceptional style statement.

A look at Hot Favorite Blouse Designs Among Women

Sarees are traditional Indian attires that enhance the look and gorgeousness of any woman. Various kinds of sarees attract women of different ages. In the recent years, even the blouses have started occupying an important place in terms of design. It is said that the design of a blouse can add to the overall appeal of the saree and define the style statement of a lady in a great way. Therefore, whether you wear saree only on occasions or you wear on a regular basis, you should always give emphasis on the designs of the blouse. After all, they can create a huge difference in the way you look.

Choosing The Right Design:
In the context of choosing a design, it is always wise to look at the saree first. The texture of the saree will play a great role in defining the cut or the tailoring of the blouse. As a result, it can make you look greatly stylish. Some blouses are sewn while some come readymade. It is often sewn to match the saree. However, the recent trend is not to match the saree with the blouse. Moreover, special attention is also given on the neck and back designs, some of which can even come in thick embroidery.

Some Popular Designs To Consider:
1 Many designer blouses come with halter necks and noodle straps. Some variations can also be found in the designs, and they are designed in accordance with the particular requirements in terms of both fabric and color.

2 The blouses that are worn everyday or in offices generally come with half way cut sleeves. In most cases, the necks are U shaped or round based on the taste of the wearer.

3 The air hostess design is also quite popular which comes with a covered back, but the front can be opened with hooks. Though traditionally this design was worn by the Indian air hostesses, yet this style has become popular among other ladies, as well. It gives the wearer a graceful appeal due to which it is one of the top favorites among Indian women.

4 Sleeveless blouses have also become popular in the recent years. These are usually made of cotton and go great with chiffon or cotton sarees. It is not only intended for style, but also for comfort. The necks can again come in different designs.

5 The backless saree blouse design is preferred by women who can carry it. Some of these are also worn with zarees, gotta or sequence work. These are stitched and padded for more comfort.

Thus, there are several types of designs currently available in blouses. Regardless the styles and designs, you should always go for an option that is most suitable to you. You should also feel extremely comfortable, by means of which you can carry it well. The combination of these things will create a great difference in your look, and you will be more than satisfied. Therefore, get ready to deck yourself with a dashing outfit.

Know more about Kaftan Tops

A trending outfit, kaftans are becoming popular among most women these days. Kaftans are available in various designs and patterns to suit the occasion. From a beach wear, to an evening social party, or a casual day out with friends and family members, the right kaftan to suit your body type will keep you comfortable and fresh all day long. In addition, kaftans suit all weather types, especially if you choose the right fabric.

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Dating back to the Ottoman Empire, kaftans have been an outfit for both men and women, especially from the Mughal community.

Most commonly, kaftans are available in a perfect blend of contemporary, abstract designs with a authentic traditional hint. That said, kaftans suit women of all age group – be it a 16 year old college girl or a 60 year old woman.

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Kaftan top is available in various patterns and sizes. The length of the kaftan can be best chosen to accentuate your body type. For eg- if you have a broad, heavy waist then you can choose a design that fits straight and body-hugging. Whereas, if you have a slimmer body type, then a kaftan that has pleats or has a heavier make would make you look fuller and in perfect shape.

The kaftan designs vary in numerous forms and depend on the fabric and the occasion they are made for. Some have lovely embroidery work done on the collar or chest area, while some have printed motifs all over the fabric. Some kaftans have full sleeves, while some have flared crop sleeves.

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Kaftans are tailored in various fabrics, the most commons ones being cotton, silk chiffon, crepe, jersey or lycra. It is advisable to select the fabric types that keep you comfortable both indoors as well as outdoors.

Available in various length sizes, Kaftans can be worn individually or with leggings. If you are comfortable then you can wear a knee-length individually and pair it up with high heeled sandals and enhance the outfit with indo-western jewellery. The other way to wear a kaftan top is to team it up with leggings or tight, straight-fit denims. The look can be enhanced with a flat heel or peep toes and matching ornaments.

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A short-length kaftan can be an ideal outfit if you are heading the beach, or a casual long drive with your spouse. A full length kaftan can be the right choice for an evening party, or a semi-traditional occasion.

Kaftans are available in various prices, depending on their make and design. Buy kaftans online India stores according to the occasion. In addition, the outfit requires less maintenance, the washing process mainly depending on the fabric type and how delicate the design is. Make sure to dry it in cool shade and not in direct sunlight, so as to maintain the colour and crispiness of the fabric.

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Catch up with the latest fashion, and make sure you own at least one kaftan that you can rely on when you want something comfortable and reliable to wear.

Top 3 Extremely Stylish way of wearing Leggings

Women surely know how to mix and match various forms of clothes to get a perfect attire. Gone are the days, when women had to choose between a Salwar , Churidaar Or A Patiyala. With the onset of designer and focus on wearing streamlined and more defined clothes the preference is now towards leggings. Another major factor that can be attributed to the success of leggings is the fact that it is easy to wear and non hassles and the best fact being that it can be teamed up with almost anything and everything under the sun so in simple words you can wear them with both indo as well as western wear.

leggings online shopping

Now, as already explained earlier this is indeed an extremely versatile piece of garment that can be teamed up with almost everything. However, going by the fashion trend and latest designer dictates here are a few modern and interesting ways of wearing leggings, it will surely you help you while leggings online shopping.

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1    Replace Stockings:
Stockings and dresses or skirts are an eternal feminine combination. Women across the world seem to swear by this combination as it never goes wrong. However, if you think that it is too much skin show and you want an option that is thicker and yet smarter than replace the stockings with leggings. Now, please be careful, we are not referring to the boring one color solid leggings that you get to team up with your kurtis.We are talking about leggings that come in its new avatar like leggings with lace work or cut work, then leggings made of net and so on. You can browse through the online stores or websites that sell leggings to discover the beautiful delicate and feminine avatar of leggings that are easily available to choose from.

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2    Team up with Shirt Dresses:
You must have teamed up the leggings with kurtis to death. If you want to sport an Indian avatar with a modern twist then you can team up a shirt dress with leggings. The length of the shirt dress can be decided as per your comfort zone and will also give your whole look an extremely sophisticated and elegant look. You will be surprised from many compliments you get from this. The best part being that this Indo western look is known to suit almost all kinds of body types. So, there is no way that you will not look good in them. Try them once and see the difference.

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3    Must Have Essentials:
We are now so dependent on leggings that no matter what, we must have at least 2-3 basic leggings in solid colors to mix and match in our wardrobe. The must have colors are black, white and red. These 3 colors will ensure that you have a whole plethora of options to mix and match your clothes with. That’s not all, browse through the net to find the desired fabric and size in leggings that you have in mind. There are various one’s available that one can simply buy with a click.

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Try the whole new world of leggings India and see your wardrobe transform.

Sabyasachi Mukherjee – The Darling fashion Designer of Bollywood

Prince of fashion industry from Kolkata, Sabyasachi Mukherjee is currently ruling the fashion market with his clothing range. From Rani Mukherjee to Madhuri Dixit every Bollywood actress is fond of his sarees design and collection. Known mostly for his sarees, Sabyasachi has created his own fame in the fashion industry in a very short time with his unique ideas and creativity.
This creative and hard working fashion designer from Kolkata pursued courses in arts from Government Art College in Kolkata and landed in Mumbai with his high dreams. Aspired to study in National Institute of Film Designing, Sabyasachi however could not make in to it initially due to any support from his family. His parents wanted him to be an engineer and never were in favour of his career choice of fashion designing.  A deep patron and learner of Indian regional handicrafts, Sabyasachi finally collected fees for NIFD by selling his books and studies fashion course there.

Indian sarees online
Explore the Unique Designs
The brand name of Sabyasachi Mukherjee is called “Sabyasachi” as his name goes. He is one of the most respectful associate members of Fashion Design Council of India. He has brought sarees into new age fashion and has created a storm in the fashion industry.
Sarees were started to be acknowledged as red carpet outfits much due to his efforts and creativity. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Rani Mukherjee, Kareena Kapoor, Vidya Balan are some of his biggest fans. Vidya Balan gained her lost image in fashion industry after her few flop choice of garments after she chose sarees as her saviour. The entire new look of her was designed by Sabyasachi Mukherjee. Pepsi, as he is fondly known as amongst his friends, Sabyasachi is always in news for his new saree collections. Apart from sarees his Churidar and salwar kameez collections are hugely popular amongst people.
One of Sabyasachi‘s signature collection is his range of Sabyasachi wedding wear. The entire western and eastern garment market of India has been flooded with his bridal collection once been launched.

indian lehengas
One of the Most Trendy part of His Fashion
The most unusual textures and designs looked ravishing in his wide bridal range. Lehengas got a new look from him. Even shararas and other heavy wedding dresses from his collection became so uniquely popular with his magic. There was almost a fever which arose after the launch of his bridal collection. Most brides wanted to grab those mind blowing embroidered bright coloured heavy Lehengas, Shararas and Sabyasachi sarees.

lehenga online
His Connection with Bollywood
Sabyasachi has a deep connection with fashion in bollywood film industry. He got his first break in the film Black, directed by Sanjay leela Bhansali. After that he never had to look back. He has designed clothes for Rani Mukherjee in the films Babul, Laga Chunari me Daag, No One Killed Jessica etc. No one could forget the chiffon saree and long over coat look of Sri Devi in English Vinglish created by Sabyasachi. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has wore his designs in Guzarish and other events. He is the first choice for Indian actresses for their red carpet outfits. Many international celebs have also sported his labels.