Tussar silk is an exquisite material that is obtained from a special wide-winged moth called Antheraea Paphia. These yellowish-brown moths are a true wonder of Mother Nature. Their wings have circular markings which reflect images like a mirror. This means if you were to look into those markings, you would be able to see your reflection.


Tussar silk is a lighter variety of silk and is considered a breathable fabric. One can wear Tussar silk during the height of summer season and still feel cool.

History and Origin of Tussar Silk
Tussar silk is also known as Desi Tussar or Kosa silk. It is produced mainly in India. Tussar silk is highly prized for its naturally occurring gold colors. Tussar silk was discovered during the Medieval period. What sets it apart from regular silk is that the latter is fed mulberry leaves while Tussar silk worms are not. This makes Tussar silk more affordable but no less luxurious.

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The state of Jharkhand is the central hub for Tussar silk production. This is a rural art form produced by women belonging to various tribes in that area. These women are trained in the technique of weaving silk threads out of the cocoons. Once the threads are obtained, the fabric is woven. It takes up to three days to complete ten meters of Tussar silk fabric. Each female who is employed in this industry weaves up to ten Tussar sarees every month. A single Tussar silk saree can range from Rupees 3,000 and up.

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Although the production of Tussar silk is still done by hand, due to the increasing demand for this material much of it is now made through mechanized processes.

Tussar silk fabric is often transformed into sarees, suits and sometimes scarves. This material has a light gold sheen making it a suitable fabric for embroidery work and printed motifs. It is common to see floral and nature inspired motifs on Tussar silk.

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Caring for Tussar Silk
Although a silk, Tussar is not very hard to maintain. This fabric should be dry cleaned and stored in a dry cupboard. Avoid getting stains on this material. Ironing your Tussar suit or saree will help to maintain its look and glow for a long time.

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Consider the following five sari blouse styles the next time you dress up in a sari:

Chinese Collar Blouse
Chinese or mandarin collar blouses are a favorite across all age groups. This style was adapted from Mandarin collared kurtas. Chinese collar designer blouse design has a slightly raised collar and can be sleeveless or long sleeved. It may also be semi-back less in the back. A Chinese collar blouse design has stunning appeal and can be paired with many different saris such as cotton, embroidered, chiffon and crepe saris.

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Jacket Style Blouse
This contemporary style designer blouse is an appealing trend with women of all ages. Its traditional, semi coat design with embroidery and embellishments makes it a perfect accessory for handloom saris such as Banarasi and Kanjeepuram silk.

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High Neck Blouse
The High Neck designer blouse design takes its inspiration from the Chinese collar and closed neck style blouse. It is a perfect complement for embroidered or simple saris. High neck blouses are also great for women who want to preserve their modesty. This blouse style has a collar that is higher than a Mandarin style blouse and often features embellishments such as mirror or patchwork and heavy embroidery.

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Round Neck Blouse
This classic style will never go out fashion and is a must for every woman’s wardrobe. It is the perfect style for women who have broad shoulders or are wider in the chest. Whether your sari is heavily embellished or understated elegance, a round neck blouse is perfectly suited for all types of saris. While keeping the round neck design, you can increase the style factor by opting for a velvet or crepe material blouse. In addition, you can opt for cap sleeves or long sleeves to add more sophistication to your look.

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Square Neck Blouse
If you have lean shoulders or a narrow frame, the square neck design will suit you well. It is one of the simplest design to have and is also a basic style to keep in your wardrobe. Apart from having a button up front, you can opt for one without buttons or dori knots that act like buttons.

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