Top 4 embroidery styles on wedding saris that will never go out of fashion

India is a land of diversity, yet one thing that binds the country is the eternally flamboyant stylish attires. Indian women are known for their experiments with the tradition and in the process they come up with some of the most fascinating artworks in the fashion world. The fabrics remain the enthralling canvas, but one thing that makes the world go crazy is the immaculately crafted embroidery. What better way to make presence felt than the trendy wedding sarees worn with grace and carried with aplomb?

We tell you about 5 top embroidery crafts and patterns that keep the wedding saris in vogue.

  1. Exquisite Badla work:

No attire can light up the wedding event as the wedding saris that are stitched with Badla work. The Badla work is exclusive to the heavy fabrics in wedding saris. The world of Badla embroidery on wedding saris boasts of gracefully stitched patterns made with the flattened wires. The wires are not any ordinary items. This embroidery work is done exclusively with the silver wires. The price of a wedding sari with Badla work ranges anywhere between ten thousand rupees to fifty thousand rupees.


  1. Humble Batik print:

Never consider the humble Batik prints as a simple tool. It has made its presence even in the wedding saris adorned with gleefully charming golden ornaments and leather accessories. The Batik wedding saris are stitched using the resist-dyeing method. It uses wax as the buffer in the resistance technique to avoid blotting of the dye over the fabric. It is a very popular style in the segment of wedding saris. It suits the complexion of all women, irrespective of their demographic origin.

  1. Eloquent Bandhani prints:

One thing that you probably would miss desperately in a wedding event is the eloquent Bandhani prints. The wedding saris with Bandhani prints showcase on saris. It brings out the intent of feminism and chic quotient that deserves every bit of attention. The Bandhani craftwork is very popular owing to the variety of patterns and die frames you can experiment with. Don’t limit your class to the conventional style of wearing a sari. The wedding sarees with Bandhani print offer a chance to experiment with multiple draping styles. The half sari sporting the Bandhani prints is probably the fieriest combination in the segment of wedding sarees.


  1. Block prints:

Fabrics, dyes and wooden blocks have a very old relationship. The wedding saris that feature the traditional block print patterns are not only one of the costliest fabrics they also demand a lot of attention. In terms of draping, these wedding sarees are hard to balance with the modern day fashion. They can raise your class if you are prepared to go convention with the ornaments and lot of accessories around your neck, waist and ankles.

The block prints on the wedding saris may look a little flashy if you wear too much of facial make-up. To keep up to the demands of the event, jazz up your wedding sari with a smartly designed side-bag. Check out the ones made of cotton or jute with elegant block prints, contrasting in nature to your sari’s design.