5 Designer Wedding saree themes that will blow your mind

Numerous celebrities have adorned saris on the screen and you have loved them everytime they project their personality through the exquisitely crafted wedding saris. Wedding events flutter with dazzling fashion that highlights the importance of the occasion. While it is hard to point to a particular wedding sari designer that will suit all body types, focusing on the basics of sari draping and choosing a fabric that will accentuate your body shape go hand in hand as far as defining a trend is concerned. With tailoring masterpiece available now in a short time, most women prefer to go with the wedding saris from various parts of the country blended with splendid art work and embroidery.

We tell you 5 designer wedding sari themes that are cut in style to blow your mind.

  • Chiffon with yellow Resham

Chiffon is considered as the best friend of a woman who has her heart in the right place. The Resham blended in yellow dye stitched into the wedding sari made of chiffon. It forms a beautiful pattern around the waist and the bust. It feels like a creeper twirling over the body with a grace of petals. In the designer set of wedding saris, chiffon fabric looks elegant on women in an evening outing as well as day affairs.

Chiffon Saree

  • Plain red and white Cotton saris

Cotton saris are natural fabrics that find it hard to be labelled as a wedding sari. The wedding saris stitched in cotton are comfortable to wear and go perfectly with the auspicious occasion. For the event, choose the plain red and white combination so that you are always geared for a photography session.

Plain red

  • Elegant maroon and black Paithani Silk

The wedding saris loomed from Paithani silk offer excellent options in the segment of classic designer saris. The Paithani Saree dyed in maroon and black is not only enthralling but also easy to drape. Wear corduroy blouse with buttoned style. Jazz up your style quotient by slinging a leather bag across your shoulder. Gold jewellery and copper base anklets look elegant when you add a dash of shimmer into your overall look.


  • Sunshine yellow georgette

Bright and flamboyant is the code of the season, especially when you have defined your designer wedding sari as the biggest thing in the circuit. Georgette is a breathable fabric that allows you to experiment with more designer options. Go backless with the sunshine yellow georgette designer wedding sari. One special attention that you must keep in mind when you drape the georgette wedding sari is to keep its holding line below the navel.

Sunshine yellow

  • Purple and peacock green Banarasi silk

Banarasi silk is the best thing one can drape in a desperately hot occasion. Wedding saris have to be stitched with embellishments and metal works. Mirrors and glass works also look fantastic over the Banarasi silk. Purple threads with Peacock green background bring out the elegance of the wedding sari, especially when you drape it in the evening outing. Though, it is hard to manage in a crowded place, the banarasi silk easily ranks among the best designer wedding saris any woman can wear for the biggest stage in life.