Gear up with Leggings for International Yoga Day 2018

In today’s stressful life, we sometimes forget to take care of our mind, body and of course, the soul. We forget that the amount of negative impact our modern lifestyle is casting upon us. However, one thing that can save us from this scenario is Yoga. In fact, the meaning of Yoga in Sanskrit is “to join”. Yoga has been proven to have many physical and mental remedial benefits for women as well as men. A sedentary lifestyle has even more negative impact on our body than smoking. Neck and back pains have been a problem since long for women. Lack of physical activity like sitting for hours in front of computer, driving for extended duration, improper body postures while sleeping are some causes of these complications.

International Yoga Day 2018

A study has found out that sedentary lifestyle also promotes faster aging of cells. In fact, the research says that women who sit for 10 hours without any physical activity tend to make their cells older by 8 years, biologically. Women don’t want to look older, isn’t it? Absolutely, Yoga is the solution.

Yoga Leggings Online

The International Yoga Day is approaching and lakhs of people all over the World are setting up for the same, even Bollywood celebrities. Here, we can take the example of famous actress Malaika Arora Khan. She is gearing up for the World Yoga Day in style with her cool black yoga leggings. Her instagram pictures are spectacular. Some of the other celebrities addicted to yoga are Bipasha Basu, Shilpa Shetty, Lara Dutta. We can indeed see the positive effect of Yoga on their figures and that how young they look even in their 40s.


Yoga should be performed in comfortable clothes that are not too tight. Clothing like jeans, tight fitting shirts or pants should be avoided for Yoga. We can opt out for clothes like tops, shorts, T-shirts, yoga pants and leggings which are somewhat loose on our body. It keeps our blood circulation in check while we are performing some complex yoga poses. We can see in Malaika’s pictures that how comfortable clothes she is wearing which do not interfere in her postures.

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There are various communities worldwide that teach Yoga, meditation and various other physical and mental fitness exercises. Their efforts are truly commendable in making the lives of people healthier and promotion of Yoga all over the world. So, let’s prepare ourselves for the yoga day and take a pledge that we will put an end to sedentary lifestyle from this day onwards. Let’s brace Yoga and bestow our mind and body with the everlasting gift of physical and mental fitness.


Top 6 Shopping Tips for Legging Online

Leggings are perfect staple for any wardrobe. It goes casually with any dress. Leggings online shopping online can be a little tricky if you fail to acknowledge that they can make or break any fashion statement instantly. Here are some 6 cool tips for regular online shoppers looking for trendy leggings.

leggings online India

1. Leggings are not pants and trousers

The biggest mistake legging shoppers do online is to pick trousers and wardrobe pants instead of the staple item. The filters online may not show the best results while you search for leggings online. The only way to find the difference is to search for clues—size, fabric, stretching ability, compression materials and waist hold.

India online leggings

2. Be careful with the colours

Leggings India are thinner than traditional pants and trousers. This makes them rather unwelcoming when it comes to wearing them on formal occasions, Solid colours in white and pastel shades are big no-no, if you are buying online, You can instead opt for darker shades in black, red and green.

Online leggings India

3. Check out the right length for you

Leggings are mostly available in universal sizes. Unless you are heavily built, there is no reason why the leggings online would not fit you. The right length for the legging is decided by the top you wear, The kurta, kaftan, shirt or tee you wear should be long enough to cover your waist, hips and of course, your V-area.

leggings online

4. What is the purpose?

Leggings are multi-purpose fashion items. They gel well perfectly with formals as well as sporting attires. If you plan to wear leggings regularly to the office, you can experiment them with your kurtas and churidaars. You can also try out kaftans and shirts with bias jacket.

For Yoga and gym, you can explore the big world of colourful leggings made of flexible materials and mesh panels. Ensure that the material is flexible enough to allow you complete motion while working out. Moreover, there are only a handful of legging materials online that are rated as 100% sweat-resistant with quick drying.

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5. Layer it up—the jackets and the skirts

Give your leggings a signature fashion push by layering them with some of the most iconic attires. You can wear them underneath the skirts for a cool look, If you are worried about the length of your skirt, you can still sport them with leggings underneath. You can also wear mini pants and beach skirts with printed leggings featuring animal spots, floral vines and digital patterns inspired by abstract and geometrical shapes.

You can also create a great layering stuff with shrugs and buti jackets dotted with some of the best handiwork embroideries, Indian ladies jacket made of khadi and cotton are also popular choices that go well with plain kurta and printed leggings.

buy leggings for mini skirts

6. Deck up your bling factor

Leggings online India are available with metallic embellishments. The trendy copper-inspired themes with mesh and panel are making rave impact on shoppers. Leggings with golden thread embroidery and zippy side pockets also add loads of utility to the lovable pair of staple fabric.

Top 10 Tips to Take Care of your Leggings

Are you in love with all those leggings that you see in different e-stores? Got your own wardrobe full of different plain, basic and printed leggings? Tired of having your favorite leggings getting torn all the time?

Buying leggings is easy – you just visit a leggings India online store and pick up the color that you want to wear below or under something. Since leggings are cheap, you don’t mind buying them over and over again. But how many times would you really want to buy all those same bottoms?

indian leggings online

It is better to learn to take care of your leggings and avoid spending more than you really wish to or should. Here are the top ten ways for you to take care of your leggings:

1) Prefer washing them separately with hands: It is always good to wash leggings with your hands, since their fabrics or materials are quite delicate and soft. Machine wash may tear these bottoms.

2) Do not keep them soaked in laundry detergent for a long period of time: Do not keep the leggings soaked for a longer period of time. Even if you wish to wash them in the washing machine, ensure that you don’t soak them for long.

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3) Do not use brush to wash or clean them: It is better to keep the leggings away from hard materials like laundry scrubbers or brushes; these would not clean them, but tear them away!

4) Prefer using a gentle detergent to keep those leggings for longer durations: It is always good to keep the leggings away from strong laundry detergents, due to the softness of their materials. When you use gentle detergents, you increase the life of your leggings.

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5) Never bleach the leggings: Bleaching is bad for any cloth, unless you are a professional in the process. If you try bleaching your leggings, you are bound to make them useless.

6) If you are planning to use a stain remover, do not keep the legging soaked for a long period of time: Even if there are strong stains on your leggings, do not soak them for longer durations if you want to wear them over and over again.

online leggings india

7) Buy a branded legging to ensure that it stays with you for a longer time: Branded leggings stay with you at least for a year or two; thus, always prefer brands, when it comes to buying leggings.

8) Before you wear a new legging, get it double stitched from a good tailor: Get the leggings double stitched before you wear them; you enhance their lives by spending a few bucks extra.

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9) Iron your leggings just like you iron all the other clothes: To enhance the appearance of your leggings, get them ironed, just like you get all of your clothes ironed.

10) Create a separate section for leggings in your wardrobe: It is better to make a separate section for leggings in your wardrobe, so that the other clothes don’t tear their threads by tangling with them.

Leggings: Top Five Colors That Go On Any Top!

Believe it or not – leggings India are considered to be boons by almost all the women around the globe. There are so many women, who prefer leggings over pants or trousers. Looking at the growing demand of these garments, some of the organizations have also started allowing women in leggings, when they come to work. Therefore, more manufacturers are seen getting into this type of garments for the customers, since the demand has suddenly increased.

You know what is the most amazing thing about leggings? You don’t have to fill your wardrobe with a lot of them; some of the common colors can help you wear anything at any time!

Here are the top five colors that go on almost all the colors, it will help you in leggings online shopping.

1) The Evergreen Black: Whether you want to wear a nice long evening gown or a short pink colored tanker top, everything looks gorgeous when you wear black leggings. We believe this is the most common color and all the women around the globe have at least one black legging in her wardrobe. But you know what? You should not buy just one black legging, every woman should have at least two to three black leggings so that they can be worn anytime they wish to.

2) The Soothing Off-White: The best thing about the off-white shade is that it can be worn below any color that your wardrobe has. From yellow to bottle green. Everything looks great when an off-white shade is present to keep it soothing. You can also wear a nice figure-fit tunic on the skin fit off-white colored legging and impress people at the party.

3) Blue, The Deepest Shade Of Ocean: You know how soothing it feels to see a calm and silent ocean displaying its deepest shade of blue. Remember Titanic’s Heart of the Ocean locket and its deep blue color? If you do, then you surely know what shade we are talking about because that’s the color that complements all the other colors. From white to beige, everything looks awesome when it is combined with blue colored leggings.

4) Yellow, The Shade Adored By Every Fellow: Gone are the days when yellow color was said to be one of the loudest colors, it is now in full-swing and is considered to be one of the trendiest colors any woman can ever have in her life. Instead of buying all dark shades, it is better to have at least one yellow colored legging that looks good enough on almost all the colors. Purple, lavender, green and blue are some of the colors that look awesome on yellow colored legging.

5) Pink, The Shade That Can Make His Heart Sink: You may think that this is the color meant for the little girls only, but real women can never get enough of pink! Color has no age and if you really want to pick up anything from the wardrobe and match it up with a nice legging, pink is the shade you must have!

A Look At Top 3 Kinds Of Leggings Ruling The Fashion World

Nowadays, the leggings India are popular outfits in the fashion industry. They have seamlessly replaced jeans in many cases not only in terms of style, but also in terms of comfort. Many people already have a great collection of leggings, and many of them are looking forward to enhancing their collection. After all, these leggings are available in a plethora of designs and styles. You might often feel overwhelming in making the right selection. Though there are many styles, not everyone can wear each style. However, you can be rest assured that you will find a style that will work for your body frame and body shape.

leggings india

The Top Trends And How To Wear:
Here is a list of some of the trendiest leggings available in the leggings online shopping stores. You can check out the details of each along with getting an idea of how to wear them.

1    Denim leggings-
These are simple leggings that create the appearance of jeans. However, they are not skin tight as the jeans. Therefore, they can turn out to be a great alternative to the regular skinny jeans. You can find them in different styles, some with zips and some with additional embellishments in them. It can help you get a sleek look without feeling slightly uncomfortable.
You can wear them like your regular jeans by pairing it up with different kinds of tops. However, it is a good idea to avoid short tops.

leggings online shopping

2    Sequined leggings-
If you have a somewhat petite frame, these sparkling pieces of outfit can match your looks and style. These are shiny pieces and it is better to avoid by those who are overweight because anything shiny will add to the weight. These leggings are designed in such a way so that they create an element of diva in every outfit. However, these are basic stuffs and therefore, wearing them is quite easy.
These are ideally suitable for night hangouts and parties. You can pair them up with an excellent shiny or rocking top and a leather jacket. This in turn will create a glam look in you, and you will get a different vibe altogether.

online leggings

3    Leather leggings-
If you want a rock star feel to your outfit, these leggings are the ideal options. The material of these leggings are designed in such a way so that they look like leather. As a result, they are wonderful alternatives to leather pants without any feeling of discomfort.
Casual dressing is ideal with these kinds of leggings. You can match it up with a simple shirt and some cowboy boots. Moreover, if you want, you can even accessorize it with some calf length boots. This in turn will bring some texture and enhance the interest in your outfit. If you want, you can also wear them underneath your dress for getting a unique look and feel.

Apart from these above mentioned styles, there are many other styles in leggings. With the constant advent in fashion designing, designers are coming up with several new and hot trends in leggings.

A Look at Top 8 Difference between Leggings & Tights

Before you lay your hands on your favorite leggings or tights it is important to know what is the basic difference between the two. Buying the wrong bottom wear might harm the entire look, thus making you look unsightly and feel uncomfortable. After all who wants to step out of their house looking like a complete fashion disaster?

leggings online shopping

We offer some insight on some distinct differences between leggings and tights and how to choose the right outfit to suit your body type, the dress, and the occasion.

To begin with, the most common of all is that tights are thin, translucent outfits that offer a leg-hugging fit, while leggings are solid and heavier outfits that appear as footless tights. Many would consider tights to be similar to stockings. However, that is not so. Stockings can be considered as light weight, thin stretchable socks that stretch up to the thighs, thus making them specifically different than tights.

1.    Tights are made of thin and translucent fabric that covers the body from the waist to the tips of the toe, while leggings are thick and solid and cover the body from waist to the ankles. Leggings are worn by both men and women, since many are designed in a manner that they look like pants.


2.    Designed using elasticized cotton along with polyester blends, tights are light in weight and thinner, while leggings are made of nylon, lycra, cotton, polyester or spandex. The fabric can be chosen depending on the weather conditions, comfort of the wearer, and the top or tunic with which they need to be paired.

3.    Tights are tailored so as to cover the entire feet, while leggings are available in two lengths – one that covers up to the ankle, and the second that goes right up to the mid-calf.

4.    Tights most often are worn underneath a skirt or other clothing, while leggings are designed to be worn as bottom wear on long tops/tunics and Kurtis.


5.    Tights offer a leg-hugging fit that often appears like a second skin. Whereas leggings do have a leg-hugging fit but are available in solid colors that make them appear as pants. In addition, leggings also have pleats at the ankle, whereas tights fit tight at the feet too.

6.    Tights need to be paired up with shirt dresses, skirts, dresses, shorts, etc, while leggings can be paired up with tunics, tops, Kurtis, mini-skirts, shorts, etc.

7.    When it comes to footwear, tights can be accessorized with ballerinas or boots, while leggings seem to be versatile as they can be combined with any footwear that suits the entire outfit and the occasion.

leggings online

8.    As concerns the occasion to wear tights, they seem to be perfect attire for ballet dancing or theme parties. Also, tights can be worn during winters to offer warmth to the legs. Leggings can be worn in all seasons, and most occasions, especially with the right top or Kurti. In addition, the variety of fabrics used for leggings make it a comfortable wear in all seasons.

When buying leggings or tights visit online store, just type leggings Indian and you will see come across shop dealing in the attire. The leggings online shopping is easy and fun.

Top 3 Extremely Stylish way of wearing Leggings

Women surely know how to mix and match various forms of clothes to get a perfect attire. Gone are the days, when women had to choose between a Salwar , Churidaar Or A Patiyala. With the onset of designer and focus on wearing streamlined and more defined clothes the preference is now towards leggings. Another major factor that can be attributed to the success of leggings is the fact that it is easy to wear and non hassles and the best fact being that it can be teamed up with almost anything and everything under the sun so in simple words you can wear them with both indo as well as western wear.

leggings online shopping

Now, as already explained earlier this is indeed an extremely versatile piece of garment that can be teamed up with almost everything. However, going by the fashion trend and latest designer dictates here are a few modern and interesting ways of wearing leggings, it will surely you help you while leggings online shopping.

leggings india

1    Replace Stockings:
Stockings and dresses or skirts are an eternal feminine combination. Women across the world seem to swear by this combination as it never goes wrong. However, if you think that it is too much skin show and you want an option that is thicker and yet smarter than replace the stockings with leggings. Now, please be careful, we are not referring to the boring one color solid leggings that you get to team up with your kurtis.We are talking about leggings that come in its new avatar like leggings with lace work or cut work, then leggings made of net and so on. You can browse through the online stores or websites that sell leggings to discover the beautiful delicate and feminine avatar of leggings that are easily available to choose from.

online leggings india

2    Team up with Shirt Dresses:
You must have teamed up the leggings with kurtis to death. If you want to sport an Indian avatar with a modern twist then you can team up a shirt dress with leggings. The length of the shirt dress can be decided as per your comfort zone and will also give your whole look an extremely sophisticated and elegant look. You will be surprised from many compliments you get from this. The best part being that this Indo western look is known to suit almost all kinds of body types. So, there is no way that you will not look good in them. Try them once and see the difference.

leggings online

3    Must Have Essentials:
We are now so dependent on leggings that no matter what, we must have at least 2-3 basic leggings in solid colors to mix and match in our wardrobe. The must have colors are black, white and red. These 3 colors will ensure that you have a whole plethora of options to mix and match your clothes with. That’s not all, browse through the net to find the desired fabric and size in leggings that you have in mind. There are various one’s available that one can simply buy with a click.

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Try the whole new world of leggings India and see your wardrobe transform.