3 best ways to reuse your old silk saree!

There are times when our favorite wardrobe essentials just get outdated because they are not in trend anymore, but our love for them just never fades away. Such one item is a saree. Sarees are available in thousands of different patterns, colors and fabrics that are enormously loved by the women and worn. There are plenty of sarees that are in the wardrobe but aren’t worn anymore because of certain reasons. One such fabric of saree is a Silk Saree.

Silk Wedding Saree

Every woman once, would have purchased a silk saree with a thought of looking absolute classic like the Bollywood actress Rekha. Attachment to such sarees is eternal and cannot be just expressed with words. If you too have a bundle of such sarees, that you dearly love, and cannot just give away on them, here’s something you can do. Here are 3 best ways to reuse your old silk saree and keep it with you forever, even when you can’t wear it.

silk designer saree

1. Turn them into beautiful curtains: Curtains are important. Curtains are not just used as a partition but also as a vital decorative item in homes and businesses. What could be better than making curtains of the sarees that you love, and making them swirl around? Through curtains, you can flaunt the amazing colors and designs of the sarees you have had and could not wear.

Silk saree curtains

2. Make adoring accessories: You would be thinking how sarees could be turned into accessories. Well, you can just cut long strips from the silk saree and remember to hem the edges to prevent fraying. You can now gracefully wear these as scarves, to accessorize your outfits.

scarfs of old silk saree

3. How about cushion covers? Another great wear to reuse your shiny, beautiful, classic silk saree is to make stunning cushion covers out of it.

cushion covers of old silk saree

The cushion covers will not only make you feel pleasant and good about your saree and the interior of the house, but will also make the on-lookers gaze at them for long, until they ask, where did you buy these gorgeous cushion covers from?  But shush… that’s a secret you must not spill.


Top 4 Designs of Ladies Jacket for Fall 2016

Fashion divas are always on the hunt for the most trendy ladies jacket of the season. If you are one of those shoppers who vouch for jacket for the way they make you feel, it is the best season to get your hands on some of the most dazzling items of collection. Best thing about jackets is that you can never grow old and bored in them. They have some charming element it them that makes you jump and run around like a teenager, isn’t it?

buy ladies jacket online

Let us make your shopping easy by pulling out 4 top designs of ladies jacket for the Fall 2016.

1    The Cape:
Divas who spent their life out of a blazer, sweater or a bomber know what it takes to wear them. If you are an indoor kind of person, and love to wear ladies jacket to your workplace, these bombers and sweaters can restrict your movement significantly. Heavy jackets as they are, they could make you feel claustrophobic as well! The answer to such moments is a Cape. Comfortable, smooth and stylish design, the Cape is now a quintessential fashion item we recommend to every girl willing to be in limelight 24 x 7.

Buy Cape coats

Cape coats are well-cut rectangular silhouettes with layered accents. If you are slim and tall, they will give you a bustier look. It compliments girls with heavy bust and midriff too. Open arm holes, raised collar and closed necklines—that’s what we want to see on a girl who loves to sport bright colours and chic accessories. Cape coats can be paired with every dress—tees, cropped top, shirts and even kaftans.

2    Parkas:
It is best described as the “Hunter’s quilt”. Also called Anorak, it actually means “animal skin”. They have a hood with leather or woollen straps. Modern Parkas feature faux fur lining and lace panelling. Inspired from the Eskimo jackets, they are perfect Fall Collection if you live in a cold and wet place. Available in many colours and texture, knee-length Parkas with synthetic inner lining is what we recommend for Fall 2016. Red is the colour to embrace.

Parkas Online

3    Poncho:
This is one ladies jacket that holds so much potential, but lacks the creativity on the designer’s part. Sexy lacy attire for winters, Poncho jacket hugs all types of body with additional feature of wrapping up your not-so-good paunchy parts. They glide over your body like a second skin, without compromising on the warmth and comfort. Pair them with jumpers, polo-necks, and of course kaftans. In case, you have no clue about the colour or print that is in trend in Pocho, go for the Latin American inspiration.

Poncho Online

4    Blanket coats:
Make a blanket statement on the Fall season with traditional tweed and twill jackets. The comfort comes in supreme style, laced with asymmetrical hems, serape shapes and rich Scottish textures. We pick alpaca blend, wool and cashmere-blend in reversible designs. Kaftan-styled jackets are mesmerizing attires, popularly decked in cocktail parties and beach outings.

Blanket coats Online

Checks and checkerboard prints buoy up the whole idea of sporting a ladies jacket for sure!