Wedding, an occasion guided by rituals based on traditional, religious and regional customs, is the time to create an everlasting impression, as a bride. Being a bride, is an experience so special and unique that one wishes to be best prepared for the wedding. Bridal Dress has to stand out and must portray elegance, style and splendour at the same time. It is every bride’s dream that she should look her traditional best and be the most beautiful bride. To achieve this, it is important for the bride to buy the Bridal Lehenga in a colour and style that compliments her complexion and figure.

bridal lehengas

Lehengas come in many designs and styles and if you are a bride, it is important for you to know about them before you decide to pick yours.

Some of the lehengas come with flare, as were in the olden times. These lehengas are huge and heavy with a broad border at the lower end. They are heavily embroidered and come in array of colours and fabric. These look most graceful on a tall and slender bride.


Next, we have A-Line Lehengas, which are designed in the shape of ‘A’, with flare at sides. They are fitted tight at the waist. The choli to complete the look should be of medium length.

A-Line Lehengas

Fishtail Lehengas which are tight at the thighs and has flare from knees downwards. It is divided into pleats. It should complement the look with a tight fitting choli or a blouse which is short.

Fishtail Lehengas

Saree Lehenga is the latest trend which is chosen by the bride for being easy to wear and comfortable. It suits any body type. Medium length blouse completes the attire.

Shararas are more of a palazzo in looks with parallels as the bottom wear. These are worn with a kurti. They can also be put in a category of a comfortable wear.


Bollywood Designer Lehengas are any bride’s dream as they are extravagant and lavish, inspired from the bollywood celebrities.

Indian Wedding Saree brings to you the latest and classic collection of bridal lehengas which come in abounding variety and range of colours. Lehengas are also called ghagras which are a must buy for any bride. Wedding Lehengas must be bought with care and attention to the details that can enhance the feminism and arouse confidence in the bride. The fit and flare of the lehenga, its colour, embellishments and how does it compliment with the bridegroom’s attire or if the lehenga has been designed according to the theme of the wedding party. All these points are to be kept in mind before buying an exquisite lehenga at a reasonable price. It is also important that lehenga and choli are well stitched. The jewellery to be worn with the lehenga should accentuate its beauty. The radiance emitted from the bride’s personality has its share in the bridal attire.

Bollywood lehenga choli

Indian Wedding Saree is one of its kind online store that completes one’s search for anything related to a wedding, be it the outfits for the bride and bridegroom or other members of the family or the wedding invitation cards.

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Shopping for your wedding lehenga is both an exciting and nerve-wrecking affair. Like most Indian brides, you’ve probably have a vision of what you want to look like on your wedding day. However considering the numerous styles, embroidery work, materials, cuts, design motifs and other special touches that are added to wedding lehengas, it’s very easy to get frazzled and confused.

wedding lehenga

To ensure you end up with the wedding lehenga of your dreams, consider using the following shopping tips:

Avoid Shopping with Family Members
Shopping for your wedding lehenga is no doubt an important decision. You will definitely be tempted to take everyone in your bridal party with you, but keep in mind this will also result in too many diverse opinions which will make finalizing your lehenga a problem. To ensure you get the most honest opinion possible, take along your mother, sister and best friend only. These three women likely know you the best and won’t hesitate to be honest.

bridal lehenga

Avoid Shopping Too Early
Wedding lehenga trends come and go every few months or so. However buying a lehenga too early runs the risk of being out of fashion or looking old fashioned. Unless your wedding is themed around retro-inspired looks, avoid buying your lehenga too early.

Another reason for this tip is most brides like to slim down a little before their big day. If you fit into this category, you will be disappointed in how you look when trying on lehengas. For the best results, shop for your lehenga four to six weeks before your wedding day.

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Research online for the latest Trends
Before shopping for your wedding lehenga in person, know what’s in style. Learn the lehenga-speak so that when you’re in the store you can understand what the sales person is saying. Learn about the different materials, embellishments, cuts, and finishes that can be applied to lehengas. In addition, be in the know about what the lehenga of your dreams should cost. This way you won’t be fooled by the shopkeeper and can haggle for a bargain.

buy lehnga online

Determine your Budget
Ah! No one likes the ‘B’ word, but it’s a must. It’s easy to go overboard on spending for your wedding lehenga. Knowing your budget beforehand helps you spend wisely and prevents you from overpaying for your outfit. Also think about all the accessories that you will need to complete your bridal look, i.e. bangles, maang tikka, shoes, make-up, etc. Overspending on your lehenga may cut into your accessory budget.

Avoid Shops that don’t suit your Budget
When shopping for your lehenga, avoid visiting shops that you know are too expensive. The best decision is to ask friends and family members where they have shopped for their wedding lehenga and decide accordingly. There’s no point shopping for your outfit and paying too much. You will have to make cuts elsewhere.

bridal wedding lehenga

Know your Body Shape
Lehengas can take many shapes, i.e. mermaid, fish tail, A-line, anarkali, etc. The old adage, ‘dress for your body type’ applies to your wedding lehenga as well. Before you begin your shopping adventure, determine what your body type is. Are there certain areas that you want to mask or accentuate? Keep this in mind when shopping for your lehenga.

Examine the Overall Look
After you have finalized your lehenga, examine the overall look. Wear a maang tikka, dupatta, some bangles, earrings and a pair of heels, to get that bridal feel. Examine yourself in the mirror and ask the women who have accompanied you on your shopping expedition if you are a befitting bride. If you and your bridal party are satisfied with the look, proceed with purchasing the lehenga.

wedding lehenga choli

Shopping for a wedding lehenga, doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With these handy tips, you will make the best choice.

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The use of beads in designing clothing is as old as human history. Initially, beads were used as curative agents, good luck charms and talismans in religious rituals. Today, the art of beadwork has taken a firm footing in traditional and Indo-Western fashions. Beautiful beadwork can be seen in both loom and off-loom lacing such as stringing, bead crochet, bead knitting and bead embroidery.

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History and Origin of Beadwork
The use of beadwork embroidery can be traced prior to the Ice Age. During this time, beads were made from egg shells, sea shells and seeds. In Iraq, archaeologists have unearthed 5,000 year old tombs of human skeletons wearing intricately stitched beaded headdresses. Similarly in Europe, human burials were unearthed that displayed linen and wool embellished by bone needles.

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From the period of Kings, Queens and empires, pearls were the dominant ‘bead’ used in decoration. Apart from ornamental wear, pearls were used in a variety of home furnishings as well such as table cloths, curtains and napkins. With the introduction of fine-toothed needles, embroidery was also incorporated with beadwork. Some of the stitches used with beads include the back stich, chain stich, herringbone stitch, single stitch, the crouching stitch and cross stitch.

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In the Middle Ages, beadwork was considerably used to embellish fancy boxes, pictures, shoes and purses. During festive occasions such as holidays, weddings and parties, members of the royal family and nobility were often dressed in clothing adorned with rhinestones, pearls and other fancy beadwork. This trend was brought over from Persia by the Mughals and has remained till this day.

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Current Trends
Today, there is not a single saree, lehenga choli, salwar kameez or any other form of Indian attire that does not contain some form of beadwork. It has become an inherent part of Indian fashion. This fancy beadwork is also noticeable on bags, purses, footwear and most notably, jewelry.

Image result for BEADWORK lehenga choli wearing bollywood

Hand embroidered beadwork continues to be an essential component of Indian handicraft culture. It’s fine craftsmanship and finish is hallmark of our rich culture.

Image result for BEADWORK lehenga choli wearing bollywood

The use of beadwork has a global presence as well. It is often seen on haute couture garments produced by famous fashion houses such as Karl Lagerfeld, Marchesa and Chanel.

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Indian wedding dress shopping practice in modern times

Indian weddings are getting more magnificent and splendorous with each passing year. This is resulting in an increase in competition among wedding planners i.e., their aim to be ahead in the race of arranging a grand and impressive wedding for their clients. Earlier Indian weddings used to be closely knitted family affair where every ceremony and preparations were taken care by every family member. But, with changing time and growing wedding market today the scenario has revolutionized. Nowadays, weddings are more about wedding planners, fashion designers, luxurious Indian bridal dresses and loads of shopping.

Indian wedding dresses

From traditional aspects, Indian wedding sarees are supposed to be the most obvious choice as Indian bridal wear. Number of fashion designers and labels are offering loads of designs, styles and patterns in wedding wear collections, in varying price range, that has however, put before women, several choices to choose from.

Indian Wedding Sarees

Today, fashion designers and online fashion websites will spoil you for choices. Let’s look at fashion designers first. Designers excelled in wedding wear collections are leaving no stones unturned to allure their customers. From designing bridal sarees, bridal lehengas to offering heart conquering customization facilities… they are doing everything to win your attention and mint money. In recent times, couturier of the Indian fashion industry are seen setting up luxurious designer boutiques. Reason being, they want to make their customers feel special in the sophisticated air of their stores. These days, designers not only just offer exclusively designed wedding lehengas and Indian bridal sarees, but also offer personalized styling tips.

Designer Wedding Lehengas

Their collections range from finely embellished concept sarees, bridal sari gowns, to wedding lehengas with eye catching detailing, woven in rich and luxe fabrics. Elements of intricate hand embroidery and sparkles of Swarovski crystals are some deciding factor for expensiveness of the wedding dresses. If you want a subtle and less glittering wedding lehengas and bridal sarees, go for Sabyasachi Mukherjee, while if you’ve a weakness for drapes and pleats, Gaurav Gupta should be your obvious choice because he is known as the Duke of Drapes. If you want to follow the old traditional charm of Indian wedding with a twist of bling, none other than JJ Valaya and Tarun Tahiliani.

Indian Wedding Lehengas

After fashion designer boutiques, lets’ move on to know more about the latest trends available at online fashion shopping websites. Spoil yourself and be a shopaholic with convenient ways of online shopping by relaxing at the comfort zone of your abode. Whether its online lehenga shopping for your reception ceremony or buying bridal sarees, Indian wedding jewelry and other Indian bridal dresses, online shopping offer attractive offers which are hard to resist. Wide array of colors, numerous styles and designs in Indian wedding sarees, bridal lehengas, and wedding lehengas, make online shopping fun and pocket friendly. It offers an assortment of Indian bridal wear collections, jewelry and other accessories under one web address.

Now, choose from the wide range of options available for wedding shopping.

Best lehengas to try this summer wedding season!

Lehengas are undoubtedly one of the most favorite ethnic apparel of the women in India. Given the huge variety of colors, designs, and patterns, it is obvious that all the lehengas out there are unique and different from each other. This uniqueness and the variety makes them a perfect choice to be worn at different places like the weddings, the engagements, the festivals, and other such important occasions that we witness throughout the year.

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Bridal Lehengas today are available in different fabrics including net, georgette, chiffon, velvet, crepe, etc. and this huge variety is what makes lehenga shopping confusing. If there’s an event approaching for which you too have been lately very confused on what type of lehenga you should buy, don’t you worry? This is because we have got for you most popular designs and types of lehengas that are highly preferred by the Indian women for various occasions.

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  • Straight cut lehenga: As the name suggests, these are one of the most common types of lehengas that you would see out there. These are straight in appearance from top to bottom and do not really have a flare. These are best recommended for festivals and engagements. They are available in various colors to suit every occasion and skin color.

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  • Mermaid style lehenga: These are best suitable for pre-wedding events and are best recommended for women with a slim body figure. These types of lehengas are usually tightly fitted from the top till the knees and are loose below knees giving it a fish tale like look.

Image result for Mermaid style lehenga

  • Flared lehengas: These are another one of the most popular lehenga styles that you could consider wearing. These are the best for the brides and bridesmaids. They have an expanding flare from top to bottom.

Image result for Flared lehengas

  • Lehengas with jackets: These are the contemporary lehengas that come paired up with a long jacket. The jacket can be used in place of a blouse or can be used as an over coat.Image result for Lehengas with jacketsThese are recommended if you are attending an event during the winters.


The latest fashion trend – Crop Tops & Lehengas

Did you think crop tops was only a casual wear fashion statement? Well, this fashion trend is slowly dominating the bridal wear market too. Crop tops or colloquially called as crop blouses with floor length Lehengas are considered a classic contemporary combo these days. Crop tops are loose and have a free form, as compared to the traditional Cholis. They have a casual and contemporary touch to them, which looks enthralling and captivating too. Make sure you design a crop top that best suits your body type and get ready to mesmerize your onlookers by creating a style statement like never before.

Read more to find out some of the best crop top designs you can try for your wedding.

Navel length crop tops:
Made for women who have a slightly heavy figure, these crop tops should be stitched right up to the navel. Try to design the sleeves into 3/4th lengths to make the top look smart. Pair it up with Lehengas that are slight above the waist. Such designs make you look slimmer. Use chiffon or Georgette material to enhance the look of such a designer Lehenga and crop top pattern.

Flaunt your tummy:
Best suited for women who have a classic athletic figure this crop top design ensures you can flaunt your toned midriff with pride. Pair up the crop top with a low waist Lehenga that flows right up to the floor. Try stitching the dress in raw silk material. You can accessorize the dress with shimmering jewelry and try wearing a waist belt (Kamar Patta) to grab the attention of your onlookers.

•    For women with small bust– Worried that you have a small bust, and crop tops and Designer Lehengas won’t look good on you? Well, you are absolutely wrong. Design a crop top that has heavy Zari, embroidery, or gem stone work done on the top. This will make your crop top and hence your figure looks heavy and fit. If the crop top has heavy embellishments, then ensure the lehenga and Dupatta have a simpler look. Make sure to accessorize with lovely Bling earrings, and bangles. It is best to avoid necklaces.

•    For women with a heavy bust – Well, we have something for women with a heavy bust too. The design goes completely opposite for such figures. Try designing a crop top that has a simpler design. Make sure you stitch a sleeveless or a half sleeve crop top. You can work on a heavier Lehenga and Dupatta to cover up the simpler blouse. Women with a heavier bust can avoid wearing heavy neckpieces, and stick to designer and bold earrings instead.

Crop tops bring in a perfect blend of contemporary style and traditional appeal. Carry them with style and the right attitude, and you will surely get loads of compliments. The best part of designing crop tops is that they can be used numerous times after your wedding too. Say no to Cholis and bring on those crop tops!


The Mehendi ceremony during Indian weddings is full of dance, music, delicious food, and the mesmerizing smell of the Mehendi (heena) lingering in the air. It feels amazing when you see how the Mehendi designer carves an intricate and delicate design on your hands and legs that mark the beginning of your marriage ceremony. A function that lasts for 4-5 hours, it is a perfect family reunion and warming up session for the big day. However, it is for the bride that the ceremony holds utmost importance. Hence, make sure that you are dressed in the most comfortable attire, as most times the designer would ask you to keep the Mehendi on the hand overnight to get the best color out of it.

For such brides, we have come up with the most trendy and comfortable attires that you can try on your Mehendi function. Let us take a look at top six trending Mehendi Outfits for 2015.

1    Short Length Lehenga:
A contemporary design, short length Mehendi Lehenga not only looks traditional but also is extremely comfortable. Since the bride applied Mehendi both on the hands as well as legs, it is important to wear a blouse that is either sleeveless or has half sleeves, and pair it up with knee length Lehengas.

2    Say yes to Bright Colours:
Add charm and vibrance to the ceremony by adorning bright and fresh coloured attires. The trend these days is to include multiple colours. Pastel colours are trendy, so try a combination of your favourite shades. However, it is important to make note that since it’s the Mehendi ceremony make sure that you do not mess up your dress when you are busy dancing and singing with your family and friends.

3    Short length traditional attires:
Gone are the days when brides used to prefer flowing heavy-work Lehengas. Try stitching a shorter and less Flowy Lehenga. Most important thing to note is that you have to ensure you are comfortable and feel lighter when you wear the dress. In fact, these days most brides choose such traditional attires that they can wear them after the wedding too.

4    Casual shorts:
Well, if you want to be the most comfortable, and create a fashion statement, then wear denim shorts with short length Kurtis and a chic and fashionable traditional jacket. Add more ethnic charm to the entire look my propping your costume with exotic, traditional jewellery. Not only will this attire keep you comfortable, but also will ensure you look chic and absolutely traditional.

5    Slit skirt:
Show off your slim, toned legs by wearing a body hugging slit skirt. Make sure the skirt looks traditional by designing it with Zari or mirror work embellishments. A contemporary design that is topped up with the best traditional embellishments will make the crowd go all praises about you.

6    Traditional straight fit pants:
Grab hold of bright coloured Chikankari pants and ask your tailor to customize them to look perfect for the traditional occasion. You can pair up these pants with short length Kurtas or tunics.

5 Fashion Trends Indian Brides can imitate from Pakistani Brides

Love for Bollywood, passion for cricket, similar culture, bridal fashion and the enthusiasm by which wedding is celebrated, are the common interests that we share with our next door neighbor Pakistan. In the recent years, Pakistani Fashion Industry has made a mark for itself with its modern, chic and refreshing fashion designs. The amazing thing is that designs from Pakistan are a beautiful blend of modernism and traditional charm. It is the reason that the Pakistani Bridal couture is pretty famous with Indian Muslim brides. If your wedding is on cards, then here are some wonderful tips from our stylish neighbor to look stunning on your wedding day.

 1 Give a skip to Red:

The modern Pakistani brides are seen giving a miss to red, a shade that ruled the wedding scene for decades. The wedding trousseau in beige, champagne, forest green, fuschia, teal and cream are a hot favorite of Pakistani brides. Another adorable shade is golden – a golden wedding Lehenga with fine metallic sequins, colorful stones, intricate thread work and Goti Patti makes the bride look breathtakingly beautiful.

 Tip: Give a skip to red and go for any of these off wonderful shades.

indian wedding lehenga

 2 Eye Catching design:

The Pakistani fashion designers have completely replaced heavy fabrics and long panels with shorter Kurtis, stylish hemlines and chic Palazzo pants. The styles give you an opportunity to experiment with Churidars – go for skin tights pants with self-made prints on it. A flowing pant in Brocade will also make you look stunning.

3 Sheers & Layers:

When it comes to layers, it is seen that the Indian bridal Dupattas and Lehenga generally have one layer or a maximum double. The Pakistani brides love to have multiple of layering of shimmering fabric on Dupatta and Lehenga. The yards of net, lace and tissue give a lavish look to an outfit. The flowing fabric gives an opulent look to the bride. It creates a beautiful visual effect.

4 Color blocking:

It is a style that India to-be-brides can replicate from their neighbor. The Pakistani bridal couture has color blocking on Lehenga, Choli and Dupatta. It creates a striking and unique bridal look. If you are not aware what color blocking is then let us explain – in color blocking, bold and vibrant multiple shades are printed on the attire. Patterns are avoided on the fabric as it will take away the charm of color blocking. It is one style that Indian would-be-bride should try in occasion like engagement and Sangeet.

indian lehenga

5 Gracious Jackets over traditional silhouettes:

It is a style that has become a trend with Pakistani brides. They love to wear designer jackets over the Lehenga. The most popular jackets styles include Colored, Blazers, long Embroidered Sherwani, bolero-style jackets, and Chinese jacket. The girls are fearless they love to experiment with different style to come up with something simply gorgeous that not only make them stand out but also becomes a trend setter. Indian brides take a clue and try to create fusion by trying out different styles and combination of Jackets and go for that makes you look lovely.