The festival of Eid brings with it bountiful of happiness and many reasons to be grateful. The gaiety experienced after a month long fasting in the month of Ramadan indicates the time for celebrations with friends and family. As any other festival, it sets the mood for a relaxed and happy time, visiting near and dear ones, exchanging gifts and enjoying gastronomic treats. In fact the thought of Eid fills one’s mind with the picture of well lighted decorated homes, beautifully dressed men and women and lots of fun and laughter.

Eid Special Sarees

Buying new clothes at the time of Eid is customary and it surely adds to the excitement and thrill, one feels. Eid’s Shopping is as special as the festival and much goes into planning as to what attire should be shopped which would make them stand out and is something exclusive. Especially, women give a lot of thought to what to wear for the festival.

Eid Special Saree Collection

Saree has been the part of our civilization since ages and it still is considered as one of the most preferred attires to be worn at special occasions. Sarees lend grace and elegance to its wearer and they never fail to match the festive mood. For any woman, buying a new saree is exciting and she would pay a lot of attention to the present fashion trends before buying a special saree. Though saree is evergreen and is never out of fashion, yet changing times have seen the evolution of the saree designs and the style of draping which may be different from the regular one.

Eid Special Sarees

Big festivals demand rich and lavish dressing up. Eid’s celebrations too call for shopping for the sarees that are bright, vibrant and with some embroidery or sequin work, giving them a heavy look. These sarees should reflect happy times in their appearance and in the present scenario of busy times; online shopping experience provides you with convenience and comfort of choosing your clothes at the time best suitable to the buyer.

Special Sarees For Eid

Certain online stores, because of their professionalism and customer friendly approach take no time in winning the hearts of so many customers and carve a niche of trust and faith. One such store, Indian Wedding Saree outshines any other store in variety as well as quality. We at Indian Wedding Saree take special care to understand the occasions and cater for the products that are on our customers’ minds so that their shopping experience is not only enriching but also fulfilling. Same is the case with our premium collection of Eid Sarees, especially styled and designed to bring to your doorstep something exquisite and unique. These sarees are available in array of colours and fabric. Ranging from heavy silk traditional sarees with zari borders to heavily sequined or mirror work or embroidered sarees, our workmanship remains unparallel and unmatched. Be it the bright red saree or an elegant cream coloured one with red border; you are going to fall in love with each of our exclusive pieces. They are here to make your Eid a special one.

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Saree has been since ancient times, the most fascinating attire which has charmed and bewitched the whole world with its 6 yards sensuality and grace. Though saree has its hypnotic effect on the onlookers, yet one cannot deny, young minds always want to experiment with traditional attires and give them a new look which is bold and beautiful. One such new avatar in saree is a Designer Lehenga Saree which is a beautiful blend of lehenga choli and a saree, an outfit suitable for any occasion, adding irresistible charm to the personality.

designer lehenga saree

Lehenga Sarees have gained popularity because they are convenient to wear and are not as heavy as a saree but gives it a competition in elegance and sophistication. If you are attending a Sangeet or Mehendi ceremony as a bride or as a guest, you are definitely going to attract a lot of admiring and envious glances because the lehenga sarees compliment the curves and can be termed as a trendy and modern as well a traditional wear. Being easy to wear as all you have to do is to tuck and drape, unlike a saree where you must know how to form pleats. All you have to do is just slip into the long flared skirt and zip it at the side and drape the pallu. Like a saree, a lehenga saree is worn over a petticoat too. It also has an accompaniment in the form of a blouse or a choli. Choli can either be the conventional blouse or the long choli as worn with a Ghagra Choli.

Bridal lehenga saree

Designer wear Saree Lehengas are the most suitable for the weddings which look festive and grand with embroidery or embellishments on the blouse and the saree of kundan, beads, pearls, mirror etc. Various types of embroidery patterns can enhance the looks of the lehenga saree. Bagh, chikan, zardosi, kantha, kashida are some of the types of work that are done on the attire to give it a rich look. These embellishments make the garment exquisite and unique in any of the fabrics like georgette, silk, brasso, chiffon or brocade.

Bridal Lehenga Saree

We at Indian Wedding Saree can proudly display our most exclusive collection of Designer Lehenga Sarees which make you stand apart in the wedding or any party as they add flamboyance to the look and style. The colour combinations we offer are the trendiest and the richest which make them even more irresistible. Each piece is exquisitely designed with embellishments, most suitable for it. Our designers believe in quality, grace and sophistication that attire should lend to your persona and they ensure that whatever you choose from our rich collection is not only beautiful and unique but also affordable and reasonably priced. There is no wastage of time when you choose your pick from our ready to ship collection as we understand your urgency. We even offer Lehenga sarees in four, six, eight and nine yards in case you want to try out different styles. Our fabric options are to ensure that your fabric choice should compliment your figure.

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Every new season breathes fresh ideas into fashion. Some trends are revived, while others are revamped and given a new look. This is commonly seen with India’s most recognized fashion icon, the saree.

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Listed below are saree trends you can expect to see in 2018:

Revival of the Classics
Silk sarees are a must in every woman’s closet. This is especially true of classic silk sarees like Benarasis and Kanjivarams which are not bound by changing fashion trends. These are timeless and classic saree styles that represent the regions where they came from. So if you don’t have either of these evergreen fashion items, you must get them as soon as possible!

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Plain Sarees
Plain sarees are eternally elegant and can be styled in a myriad of ways. The trend of wearing a plain saree with a stylized blouse was hot in 2017 and will continue strongly in 2018 as well. You can push the limits of fashion even further by pairing a plain saree with a halter blouse or opting for a saree with an embroidered drape. Since there are no embellishments on your saree, consider wearing heavy jewellery.

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Plain Sarees with Woven Handloom Borders
Plain sarees with woven handloom borders have always captured the attention of big shot fashion designers and in 2018 they will continue to reign supreme. They were a favourite amongst office goers but they are fast becoming a favourite amongst Bollywood divas. To up the style factor, you can opt for a plain Kanjeevaram saree in a metallic border.

Plain Sarees with Woven Handloom Borders

The trend of wearing a cape or poncho with your saree started in 2017 and will continue into 2018. Sheer ponchos are very hot this season. They are easily worn over your saree blouse. If a poncho is not your thing, you can opt for a cape or a mini jacket. This attire is ideal for an office or cocktail party.

poncho with saree

Lehenga Saree
Are you far from being confident when wearing a saree? Consider wearing a lehenga saree. Lehenga sarees are lovely, elegant and stylish. They give you the same appearance as a traditional saree without the fear of making pleats or styling and pinning up your pallu. Lehenga sarees are available in a myriad of materials, from chiffon and georgette to net and lace. The accessory options are also endless with this form of attire.

Lehenga Saree

Want to be in fashion trend this season? Consider adopting any of the fashion highlights for 2018 mentioned above.

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Tussar silk is an exquisite material that is obtained from a special wide-winged moth called Antheraea Paphia. These yellowish-brown moths are a true wonder of Mother Nature. Their wings have circular markings which reflect images like a mirror. This means if you were to look into those markings, you would be able to see your reflection.


Tussar silk is a lighter variety of silk and is considered a breathable fabric. One can wear Tussar silk during the height of summer season and still feel cool.

History and Origin of Tussar Silk
Tussar silk is also known as Desi Tussar or Kosa silk. It is produced mainly in India. Tussar silk is highly prized for its naturally occurring gold colors. Tussar silk was discovered during the Medieval period. What sets it apart from regular silk is that the latter is fed mulberry leaves while Tussar silk worms are not. This makes Tussar silk more affordable but no less luxurious.

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The state of Jharkhand is the central hub for Tussar silk production. This is a rural art form produced by women belonging to various tribes in that area. These women are trained in the technique of weaving silk threads out of the cocoons. Once the threads are obtained, the fabric is woven. It takes up to three days to complete ten meters of Tussar silk fabric. Each female who is employed in this industry weaves up to ten Tussar sarees every month. A single Tussar silk saree can range from Rupees 3,000 and up.

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Although the production of Tussar silk is still done by hand, due to the increasing demand for this material much of it is now made through mechanized processes.

Tussar silk fabric is often transformed into sarees, suits and sometimes scarves. This material has a light gold sheen making it a suitable fabric for embroidery work and printed motifs. It is common to see floral and nature inspired motifs on Tussar silk.

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Caring for Tussar Silk
Although a silk, Tussar is not very hard to maintain. This fabric should be dry cleaned and stored in a dry cupboard. Avoid getting stains on this material. Ironing your Tussar suit or saree will help to maintain its look and glow for a long time.

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The Nauvari saree is a traditional saree style worn in the Maharashtrian community. It is worn during special cultural or religious celebrations.


Origins of the Nauvari

Nauvari means nine yards. This saree is made from nine yards of fabric. During the rule of the Maratha Empire, women were involved in helping their fellow warriors. To make movement easy, the Nauvari saree was born. In appearance, it resembles a male trouser. Women who wore it were able to easily move around the battlefield.


Although the Maratha Empire has ceased to exist, this beautiful saree style has not. In fact, wearing the Nauvari reminds many women of their equal stature and competency in a male dominated society.

Cultural Importance of the Nauvari
This stunning saree attire is typically worn by Maharashtrian brides. It makes the bride look suave and elegant. Apart from weddings, the Nauvari can also be seen worn during cultural festivals such as Gudi Padwa and Ganesh Chaturthi.


Design and Variety
Nauvari sarees are available in a myriad of choices and colors. They were initially made from cotton but today they are also made from satin and silk. Traditional Nauvari sarees are decorated with floral prints, elegant patterns and motifs. The saree looks even more graceful and traditional when worn with a three quarter sleeve or sleeveless blouse.

During a Maharashtrian wedding, brides typically wear a Paithani silk saree in Nauvari style. The fabric of this type of saree is smooth and features royal wedding colors. Silk Nauvaris in particular are famous for having a thick border with golden or silk thread.


No Indian saree would be complete without complementary accessories and the Nauvari is certainly no exception. Women wearing the Nauvari will often wear jewellery that is characteristic of the Maharashtrian culture such as the Nath or nose ring, heavy necklaces, toe rings, payals, a prominent bindi, earrings that wrap the ear bridge and hair that is tied up in a neat bun and tucked in with a gajra or flowers.

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The famous Benarasi sari has its origins in Benaras or Varanasi. It is one of the finest types of saris in India. A Benarasi sari typically features silver zari, high quality silk, lavish embroidery and gold brocade. It often reflects Mughal-inspired designs like foliate and floral motifs, bel, kalga, jhallar and leaves. Due to its extensive gold work, minute details, mina work and metallic effects, the Benarasi sari is considered a staple item in a woman’s bridal trousseau.


What makes the Benarasi sari a popular choice amongst brides?

#1 Luxurious Texture
Fabric plays an integral role in a bride’s wedding attire. Your wedding sari should be opulent and “bridal” while being comfortable. Considering the number of lengthy rituals in a Hindu marriage, your bridal outfit needs to be cozy to an extent while being elegant at the same time. A Benarasi sari achieves this feat. Not only is it a gorgeous sari with its silky sheen but it is comfortable and soft to wear.

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#2 Array of Colors
Benarasi saris are available in multiple shades and hues, from single colors to mutli-colored hues. Due to the opulence of this sari, most bridal Benarasi saris are made in royal purple, vibrant red, brilliant blues and sunny yellows. The color choice is highly personal and reflects the bride’s personality.

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#3 Numerous Embellishments
Whether your Benarasi silk sari is contemporary or traditional in design, it has numerous enhancements on it that make it an ideal choice for wedding attire. These include zardozi work, sequins, thread work, beads, stones and zari, etc. The embellishment you choose is highly personal, but when in doubt you can always opt for a conventional bridal Benarasi sari.

bridal banarasi saree

#4 Affordability
Most beautiful things come with a price tag and the Benarasi sari is no exception, especially a wedding one! Although your wedding is a once in a lifetime affair, your budget cannot be ignored. Luckily, Benarasi wedding saris are priced as low as
Rs 8,000 to Rs 10,000. This price range is considered manageable by a majority of middle class Bengalis.

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The Buying Aspects of Sarees that Belong to the Western Part of India

It is a widely accepted fact that sarees play a significant role in making an Indian wedding spectacular. You cannot imagine an Indian Wedding without sarees. It is so because they are worn on all the major occasions in India. Moreover, there are different styles in draping a saree. These techniques coupled with the unique look of each sarees play a significant role in depicting their popularity to the world. The saree is an integral part of a gala Indian wedding event. Sarees originated from India, and nowadays they have attained sheer popularity. On the other hand, the sarees are quite popular on most of the social occasions across India as wearing a saree retains the traditional flavor in an Indian wedding.

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In this context, it is important to point out that the sarees originating from the western part of India are gaining popularity and publicity as they help a bride and the other women to look fabulous. If you concentrate on the sarees that originate from the western part of India, you would be amazed to know that there are many astounding collections of sarees within your budget.

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The Considerations in Buying these Types of Sarees as Traditional Indian Wedding Attire

While buying Pre-Stitched Sarees that hail from the western part of India, emphasis should be laid on their quality. Besides that, you should also put stress on the prices. It is best if you compare the prices of the sarees in a comparison site before buying them. This would suit your budget too. Quite interestingly, you should also be on the lookout for the color combinations in these sarees as the perfectly matched combination would always make you appealing for a wedding occasion. Your primary concern should be to select the bright colors in the saree as it would give you a stylish look.

Wedding Saree

Selecting a Proper Shop

If you are of the opinion that you would buy these sarees only from the physical stores, then you can buy them from there too. On the other hand, you can also opt for buying them from the online medium too as they would give you the best discounts.

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Moreover, if you buy these sarees through online stores, there are high chances that you would get your favorite western saree. You can check website for this purpose.

Sarees are a Hot Favorite for the Christian Brides in India

If you have the perfect alignment of choices for your wedding, then nobody can stop you from being a beautiful bride for your wedding day, especially if you are a Christian lady hailing from India. It is obvious for you to stop and breathe a few heaves before choosing a saree for your wedding. For you there are hundreds and million pieces of beautiful Kerala based silk sarees available that will immensely help you in achieving the best look for your wedding at the Church. The Kerala Christian Weddings have inspired the Indian designers so much, that they do not fail to showcase a great line of designer sarees of the Christian Brides of India. Below are some great examples as well as the details of the Kerala Christian Bridal Sarees that are extremely popular with the ladies out there. Dig in to know more before your D-day and start preparing.

Christian Bridal Saree

  • Unlike the other parts of India where the bridal sarees start from the bright shades of red, pink, blue, green and magenta, the Bridal sarees of Kerala are based on the elegant color of White and its variety of shades. If ever, you get to attend a Christian wedding in Kerala, you will be able to witness how beautiful the bride looks in a stunning white color based saree bordered with golden intricate designs.

Kerala bridal saree

  • Since Christian weddings are forbearers of elegance, natural beauty and grace of the bride, a white or cream saree bordered in golden thread provide the best way to showcase the beauty of the bride when accompanied with great golden jewelry.
  • The real magic of the entire attire unfolds when the bride adorns her total look with a garland of jasmine flowers, just like the southern superstar Asin Thottumkal adorned in her wedding with her North Indian husband.

Christian Bridal Saree

  • It is extremely important to trust your tailor who will take up the job of cutting and sewing the properly matched blouse for your saree. In the case of the saree, you do not have much to experiment, whereas, in the case of creating a blouse, you are at the full advantage of getting a great piece stitched to suit your style.

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What you ought to know about Tusshar Silk Sarees?

Silk is one of the world’s largest versatile fabrics with so many varieties. This material is sumptuously textured with impeccable softness. One of the best variants of silk is the Tusshar silk. Another name of the Tusshar silk is the Kosa silk which is a Sanskrit name. The material of Tusshar silk is extremely airy as well as light. It is breathable fabric due to its porous structure. The material is also known as wild silk because the moths breed on trees of local areas.

Tusshar Silk Sarees

Tusshar silk sarees make extremely comfortable apparel for the Indian women because they have the ability to hold the moisture, so, you can very well imagine that the sarees made out of this material are ideal to be worn in summer. Beauty and grace are intricately woven in the very weave of the Tusshar sarees so that they can enhance the beauty of the wearer.

Silk Sarees Online

The Origin and Other Aspects of the Tusshar Silk Sarees

Nothing is known about the origin of the Tusshar silk sarees, but the material hails from Jharkhand, the state of India. Tusshar silk material reflects a golden hue on the apparel it is used to make. This golden hue is derived from Antheria Paphia, Antheria Proylei, and Antheria Militia. Tusshar silk is believed to have been discovered during the medieval period of India. This material back then was extracted from the silk worms that breed on the trees like Saja, Arjun, and Sal.

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Tusshar weaving tradition is counted among the rural cultures. The tribal population of India, especially the tribal women is mainly associated with the weaving of this fabric. Due to the introduction of the modern technology, instead of weaving Tusshar silk by hand, it is now weaved on machines by the same people. Tusshar silk sarees take around two to three days to get completed. The days can also expand up to five to seven days based on the time taken to weave it with the variety of colors and designs. The weaving of Tusshar silk sarees comprises of two very intricate processes. The very first step comprises the initiation of the weaving of the Tusshar sarees and then the last stage is about dipping the woven saree in the dye. The elegance and beauty of women increases multifold when a Tusshar silk saree is worn.

Opara Silk Saree, Variation of the Traditional Kanchipuram Silk

You all have an idea of the Kanchipuram silk or the Kanjeevaram sarees which hail from the Southern part of the sub-continent of India. This silk variation is one of the most popular silk sarees of India which is worn by the women on auspicious occasions of wedding, puja or similar other ritualistic occasions. Kanjeevaram silk sarees are popular for housing the most intricate designs of the weaving culture of India with precious golden as well as the silver thread all over the body of the saree. A weaver takes around three to four weeks to weave one piece of Kanjeevaram saree. There is a reason why Kanjeevaram sarees are expensive, and that is due to the usage of pure raw silk in the weaving as well as the using of pure gold and silver threads. Kanjeevaram sarees are extremely heavy to be walked in. The wearer must have the proficiency to manage the saree otherwise she can inevitably create a ruckus.

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Here Comes the Opara Silk

Opara silk sarees are considered to be the cousin of Kanjeevaram silks. This newly launched variation of silk saree resembles the entire look of Kanjeevaram, but the weight of Opara silk sarees are half than that of the Kanjeevaram silks. The wearer can equally look good by wearing this saree, and she does not have to worry about managing it. Just like Kanjeevaram, the Opara silk sarees can be teamed up with traditional gold jewelry along.

kanjeevaram silk sarees

Opara silks are available at extremely affordable prices because they are light. You must know that Opara silk sarees are combined silk sarees, that is, the silk sarees are made up of pure silk mixed with synthetic threads. The most expensive combination of Opara silk saree comes in the ratio of eighty percent silk and twenty percent synthetic. The less expensive the opera silk is, the more will be the ratio of synthetic thread in the entire body of the saree. Opara silk sarees are available both in the saree stores as well as in the online stores.