Best Wedding Attires Ideas – Plus size Women

Whether you are curvy like Vidya Balan or size zero like Kareena Kapoor or fall in between, you will agree that finding the right bridal attire is a laborious task. Things become more difficult if you are one of the plus size Brides looking for an attire to camouflage those extra flab. It is essential that you should make list of problematic areas before you start the search at an online wedding saree store for the perfect wedding outfit.

First, stand in front of a full size mirror to observe yourself carefully.   The idea behind is to ascertain your body type. This will help you to understand which part to conceal and which to accentuate. Let us take a close look at options for wedding outfit silhouette for the most common “plus size” body shapes.

Best Wedding Attires

Apple-shaped body: 

Most of the Indian women have apple shaped body. The characteristic of this body shape is heavier midriff. The upper body is heavy and hips and legs are somewhat slimmer. Such women should opt for dresses that highlight the bust line. The ideal attire can be a Lehenga Choli, go for a U – neck or V- Neck. The other attractive option is to go for empire waistline attire with low or deep neckline. The attention in such outfit will be on the bust rather than the mid riff.

Pear-shaped body: 

Women with pear shaped body have heaver bottom. The upper part is proportionately less than the bottom. It is important that you wear attire that draws the attention away from the hips. Here wearing a high neck blouse or wearing a broad necklace over the Choli will do the trick. It will ensure that the center of attraction is the upper body. If you are planning to wear a Churidhar then chose a dark shade and pair it with embroidered jacket. It will win you lot of applauses. Ladies with heavy bottom should strictly avoid Fishtail gown and heavy Lehenga.

Round-shaped body: 


It is seen that most of the plus size ladies have round-shaped body. The right attire for them would be one that gives illusion about their waist. Here sari is the perfect attire for them. Make it a point to tie that petticoat just below belly button. They can also go with a well fitted Anarkali or Lehenga. It will make them look tall and also draw the attention away from the body below the bust line.

Feel beautiful & look beautiful:

If you “feel beautiful” then only you will “look beautiful” – always follow this mantra. Don’t try too much to conceal your curves in layers of clothing; it will only make you look unflattering. On the other hand, well fitting clothes will accentuate your curves making you look groomed and attractive.  Keep all these points in mind when you are searching for your dream attire. If you want the latest fashionable Indian apparels for plus size women at the right cost then visit Indian wedding saree stores.