A look at Top 5 Abaya Designs

Abaya is all about class and customization. The full coverage attire is not the only aspect that makes it a quintessential item of fashion. In some parts of the world, it has been fused with local dressing habits to come with unique style. One of the most enticing fashion fusions to hit the international scene is the Abaya. It is especially popular in countries where there is a considerable Muslim population. Egypt, Turkey, Philippines, Myanmar, Indonesia, Mongolia, Tadzhikistan, Russia and Morocco are some parts of the where Abaya are well accepted.

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What is an Abaya?

The abaya is an Arabic robe-like garment worn by both men and women. It resembles a Turkish cloak and often designed as an overcoat. In Africa, it is called Abayat. It is worn as the official attire in embassies and consulates. Some international airliners specifically design the abaya gown as the uniform attire for their crew.

What are the different ways Abaya that are worn?

Abaya and kaftan are two fashion trends arising from the same cloak-gown series. Abaya is often combined with a head cover. In Islamic countries, covering the head is an essential fashion regulation. It is available in different colours but the black ones are most popular.

Here are 5 ways in which Abaya is worn.

1.    Shoulder cut blouse and flat neckline
Instead of a round button-down Abaya, modern fashionistas design their gown with shoulder cuts. It almost comes like an evening gown but with a cover head.

Shoulder cut abaya

2.    Short arm Abaya
Abaya is essentially a full length gown. Entire body except the hands, face and feet are covered by the attire. To give it a modern twist without taking away its ethnic beauty, Abaya are now designed with shorter arm lengths. Sleeves can be folded up till elbow and even half-sleeve Abayas are now part of Muslim attire.

short arm abaya

3.    Naaqaab Abaya
Abaya saris can be stitched with a naqqab or a face veil. It is a screen made of silk or satin. It is worn on weddings and engagements when the girl’s face is not supposed to be seen by other men. Abaya with Naqqab is a beautiful fusion of style and orthodoxy.

naqaab abaya

4.    Skirt Abaya
Full length abaya has an elegant shorter version as well. Ababya’s flowing till knee give it a trench coat-like appeal. Skirt abaya can be worn with a choli flowing down the waist. It has similar border designs like you would find in a kaftan or a regular Indian sari.

skirt abaya

5.    Backless abaya
Backless abaya is a rather blatant projection of style, flamboyance and contemporary feminism. The front is covered elegantly as in a traditional Abaya, while the back is left open. The gown flows down from the waist to cover the legs and the buttocks. It could be worn like a laced gown or a halter-styled dress.
It may or not have a head top.

backless abaya

Readymade Abaya are available in the market especially for women who are comfortable behind the hijab.


Top 4 Tips Look Gorgeous In Sexy Flared Skirts

Flares skirts look smart and chic and are catching up the fashion trend these days. A skirt with the right fit and flare will make you look trendy and glam. It is time to bid your plain straight fit or maxi skirt a goodbye and welcome the flares! A perfect outfit to suit most casual occasions, flared skirt are extremely comfortable and portray an uncompromising stylish appeal. Depending on the flare, height and volume of the skirt, you can pair it up with different types of tops and heeled sandals. In fact, these days flared skirts are available to suit the climatic conditions too. Be it sultry summer climate or the breezy winter season, a sexy flared skirt will keep you jazzed up all the time. Do you want to know more about to jazz up your recently bought flared skirt? Then, scroll down to find out –

1 Jazz it up with a waist belt:  

If you wish to flaunt your thin toned waist, then pair up your flared skirt with a classic thin waist belt. The best way to explore more of the waist belt is to tuck in your top and secure it with a waist belt. It will give a chic and elegant look, thus add scores of flamboyance to your appeal. That said, for females with a curvaceous body, you can dress up with a longer top keeping it loose and un-tucked. Belt can be worn around the waistline, surrounding the tee that will make it look classic and smart.

2 Evening wear flared skirts:

If you wish to wear a flared skirt for your evening casual party, then you can go for lovely floral prints and a sober yet smart design. Brighter shades would look good for a night party and can be teamed up with high heels and matching jewelry. Flared skirts with a formal touch would be right for an office night party.

3 Leather fabric flared skirt:

A perfect attire to keep you warm on a breezy winter morning, leather flared skirts look chic. Add glamour to your fashion quotient by teaming up these flared skirts with full sleeves shirts or tops and woollen scarf. Keep your feet warm and cozy by wearing cardigans and boots along with leather skirts. If it is extra cold, then you can also wear leggings or tights beneath the leather skirt to keep away from the chills.

4 Casual flared skirts:

Wondering what to wear for a casual dinner with friends? Then a flared skirt paired up with a shirt, or Tunic and sleek heels would be the best attire. Casual flared skirts look good on an outdoor trip with family, or for a shopping spree with friends. Pair it up with shirts or casual crop tops to look smart and like a fashionista.

Crop tops have a charming appeal, and suit most body types, especially if worn in the right way and with the apt top.

A Look At Top 3 Kinds Of Leggings Ruling The Fashion World

Nowadays, the leggings India are popular outfits in the fashion industry. They have seamlessly replaced jeans in many cases not only in terms of style, but also in terms of comfort. Many people already have a great collection of leggings, and many of them are looking forward to enhancing their collection. After all, these leggings are available in a plethora of designs and styles. You might often feel overwhelming in making the right selection. Though there are many styles, not everyone can wear each style. However, you can be rest assured that you will find a style that will work for your body frame and body shape.

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The Top Trends And How To Wear:
Here is a list of some of the trendiest leggings available in the leggings online shopping stores. You can check out the details of each along with getting an idea of how to wear them.

1    Denim leggings-
These are simple leggings that create the appearance of jeans. However, they are not skin tight as the jeans. Therefore, they can turn out to be a great alternative to the regular skinny jeans. You can find them in different styles, some with zips and some with additional embellishments in them. It can help you get a sleek look without feeling slightly uncomfortable.
You can wear them like your regular jeans by pairing it up with different kinds of tops. However, it is a good idea to avoid short tops.

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2    Sequined leggings-
If you have a somewhat petite frame, these sparkling pieces of outfit can match your looks and style. These are shiny pieces and it is better to avoid by those who are overweight because anything shiny will add to the weight. These leggings are designed in such a way so that they create an element of diva in every outfit. However, these are basic stuffs and therefore, wearing them is quite easy.
These are ideally suitable for night hangouts and parties. You can pair them up with an excellent shiny or rocking top and a leather jacket. This in turn will create a glam look in you, and you will get a different vibe altogether.

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3    Leather leggings-
If you want a rock star feel to your outfit, these leggings are the ideal options. The material of these leggings are designed in such a way so that they look like leather. As a result, they are wonderful alternatives to leather pants without any feeling of discomfort.
Casual dressing is ideal with these kinds of leggings. You can match it up with a simple shirt and some cowboy boots. Moreover, if you want, you can even accessorize it with some calf length boots. This in turn will bring some texture and enhance the interest in your outfit. If you want, you can also wear them underneath your dress for getting a unique look and feel.

Apart from these above mentioned styles, there are many other styles in leggings. With the constant advent in fashion designing, designers are coming up with several new and hot trends in leggings.