How To Accessorize Your Tunic To Look Glamorous?

What is a tunic? Is it a dress or a top? Well, tunics are available in wide varieties of styles, and when it comes to giving your style the best award, you should go for tunics. Embracing this piece of outfit is a matter of great choice. Apart from that, you will also have to remember that tunic needs right accessories. If you fail to accessorize this dress correctly, you might end up looking less stylish. This is something that you do not want at all. When you pair it up with the right shoe, jewelry and belt, you can go all the way to looking super stylish, smart and extravagant.

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In fact, it is important to know the right way of accessorizing. This is because while minimal jewelry will accentuate the look of a tunic, using excess jewelry can make you look messy. Therefore, you will have to be confident about what you pair your tunic with for the perfect look. In this article, we will discuss some of the ways to accessorize your tunic to make it look highly trendy.

The Right Necklace- The type of necklace you wear will depend on the occasion for wearing the tunic. If you are on shopping or a beach instead of an office or party, you can select beady necklaces. On the other hand, you can use fine chains with precious gems when you are at the beach. Some tunics already come with embellishments at the neck, and they do not need any separate necklaces. A tunic should be embellished with the suitable length. You can try to play around with the length of the neckpieces to find the suitable option for you.

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The Bracelet, Ring And Earpiece- If you are wearing a sleeveless or a short sleeved printed tunic, you should try to match it with a bracelet. Go for the ones that compliment your overall look. This is applicable even for the selection of rings and earrings.

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The Choice Of Belt- If you want to define yourself and draw attention, you should surely wear a belt over your cotton tunic. Try to select a wide belt and make sure that it does not clash with the tunic. A band of elastic will also give a good stretch or you can even go for metal belts.


Pairing With The Right Shoe- You will be happy to know that wide varieties of footwear go well with tunics. Right from pumps, boots, sandals and ballet flats, you can try out any of them. However, boots will be the most versatile option regardless of they are in heels or flats. They are even the best when you wear tunics with leggings, skinny jeans, shorts or skirts. With tunics, you should avoid wearing straight cuts, but even if, you wear, you should wear with ballet flats. Pumps are good for dressier tunics. Sandals can bring a more formal look.

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You can keep these few things in mind in order to accessorize your tunic in the best way.


A Look at Top 8 Difference between Leggings & Tights

Before you lay your hands on your favorite leggings or tights it is important to know what is the basic difference between the two. Buying the wrong bottom wear might harm the entire look, thus making you look unsightly and feel uncomfortable. After all who wants to step out of their house looking like a complete fashion disaster?

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We offer some insight on some distinct differences between leggings and tights and how to choose the right outfit to suit your body type, the dress, and the occasion.

To begin with, the most common of all is that tights are thin, translucent outfits that offer a leg-hugging fit, while leggings are solid and heavier outfits that appear as footless tights. Many would consider tights to be similar to stockings. However, that is not so. Stockings can be considered as light weight, thin stretchable socks that stretch up to the thighs, thus making them specifically different than tights.

1.    Tights are made of thin and translucent fabric that covers the body from the waist to the tips of the toe, while leggings are thick and solid and cover the body from waist to the ankles. Leggings are worn by both men and women, since many are designed in a manner that they look like pants.


2.    Designed using elasticized cotton along with polyester blends, tights are light in weight and thinner, while leggings are made of nylon, lycra, cotton, polyester or spandex. The fabric can be chosen depending on the weather conditions, comfort of the wearer, and the top or tunic with which they need to be paired.

3.    Tights are tailored so as to cover the entire feet, while leggings are available in two lengths – one that covers up to the ankle, and the second that goes right up to the mid-calf.

4.    Tights most often are worn underneath a skirt or other clothing, while leggings are designed to be worn as bottom wear on long tops/tunics and Kurtis.


5.    Tights offer a leg-hugging fit that often appears like a second skin. Whereas leggings do have a leg-hugging fit but are available in solid colors that make them appear as pants. In addition, leggings also have pleats at the ankle, whereas tights fit tight at the feet too.

6.    Tights need to be paired up with shirt dresses, skirts, dresses, shorts, etc, while leggings can be paired up with tunics, tops, Kurtis, mini-skirts, shorts, etc.

7.    When it comes to footwear, tights can be accessorized with ballerinas or boots, while leggings seem to be versatile as they can be combined with any footwear that suits the entire outfit and the occasion.

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8.    As concerns the occasion to wear tights, they seem to be perfect attire for ballet dancing or theme parties. Also, tights can be worn during winters to offer warmth to the legs. Leggings can be worn in all seasons, and most occasions, especially with the right top or Kurti. In addition, the variety of fabrics used for leggings make it a comfortable wear in all seasons.

When buying leggings or tights visit online store, just type leggings Indian and you will see come across shop dealing in the attire. The leggings online shopping is easy and fun.

How To Pick Up The Right Abaya For Different Seasons

Picking the right abaya might often be trickier than you imagine. This is because it can either make you look beautiful or make you look dull. It is obvious that you want to look the best in this outfit and hence in a proper way is highly essential. Even few years back, it was very difficult for Muslim woman to get hold of quality Islamic dress that was not only affordable, but also stylish. However, today with large numbers of fashion designers in the market, women can explore from wide varieties of options.

However, when it comes to making a selection now, you might be confused. Try to keep these points in mind in order to get the best Abaya online.

Know Your Choices- Before you start shopping you should know what suits you best. Most women make the mistake of purchasing without putting a thought of what they are purchasing. They buy on instant attraction and later they realize that it is not as attractive as it was in the first sight. Before buying, ask yourself whether the design will suit your body type and structure. Find out whether the color will suit your complexion and is there is any better option, as per your size and shape.

The Right Size Is Essential- Among all the things, the most important thing you need to remember is selecting the right size. Do not get excited and buy one that does not fit your size. Moreover, do not make the mistake of picking your size from the dropdown list because the size listed might not be compatible to your exact size. You should try the outfit before finalizing your decision.

Adding Volume And Curves- If you are tall and skinny, you might consider selecting an option that might add volume. Therefore, you might go for the one that has more layers so that it contributes to more curves and volume in your overall look.

Wearing high heels- If you wish to wear high heels with your Abaya, you should pick up one that is longer by few inches that your actual height. This will make you look stunning. On the other hand, if you are tall and do not prefer wearing heels, your dress should end at your exact length. In fact, it should neither be tall nor short.

Considering The Material- Traditionally, Abaya are manufactured with crepe materials that extremely light in weight. Apart from that, there are other material options available like cotton or linen. These can be worn in different seasons. For winter, you should choose Abaya made from thicker fabrics for staying warm.

Customizing Your Style & Design- Today, lots of manufacturers and retailers offer the option to customized the Abayas. Black in the traditional color, but you can also go for other colors like blue, red or even a combination of different colors. You can also choose from different designs and styles to complete your look.

Once you buy your Abaya, take great care in maintaining it so that it lasts for a long time to come.