The Best Appearance Maker: Sherwani

When it comes to culture and traditions, Indian is considered to be one of the most unique countries in the world. Both culture and tradition of the country are highly diversified throughout the country and every tradition followed here is highly believed and liked by many. In the same league are the Indian male and  female wears which are now one of the most liked outfits in the world. The article is about the Sherwani which is one of the most popular Indian male traditional wear. It carries a design of a long coat which looks like a fusion of the British frock coat and Salwar Kameez. The origin of this popular male outfit can be found in the initial years of Muslims which later on got popular among the Rajputas and other Indian sects.

Mens Sherwani
Besides being one of the most preferred as the traditional party wears, these are also accepted as the formal wear among many classes such as politicians and business tycoons. A similar out of it is Achkan which looks somewhat similar to the Sherwani. There is not much difference between them but the Sherwani is considered more faired around the hips.

A popular trend of this outfit was emerged during the time of Pandit Jawaharlal Lal Nehru, who used to wear its modified version, which looks like a jacket and got popular as Nehru jacket. It bears a special significance for the Muslims of the Indian states like Rajasthan, Hyderabad and Utter Pradesh. While the party wears carry a combination of various embroideries and designs, the formal wear carry a plain and simple look.

Bollywood Style Collections

Bollywood Style Collections

There has been a significant role of Bollywood in promoting the Sherwanis among the common Indian man. In every other movie, a Bollywood actor can be seen in a latest designed and styled version of this male wear. However, when it comes to shopping a new one for you, a variety of options are available in the market. It has been advised by the fashion designers that you should go for the one which suits your personality and traditions the most. There are various types of sherwanis available in the market which includes Peshawari and Baloochi. Visit Here

Talking about the trend, it has been in trend for centuries not only in Indian and Pakistan but also in a number of other South Asian countries, where it has been a formal wear for male royal family members. As per the latest trend, the Sherwani is coming in Knee length and body fitted format with the front coming in buttoned – up format. The design of this outfit leaves a good scope for various designs and embroidery.
While concluding the article, I would like to add that it is one of the most beautiful and sober looking male outfit, I have ever seen as it can easily fit to any body type and enhances grace of the personality no matter who is wearing it. Even the much hyped western suits can’t give a challenge to the supremacy of this Indian male outfit.