Top 3 Indian Designer Bridal Wear You Should Consider for your Wedding

When you think about Indian designer bridal wear, there are three names that automatically spring to mind: Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Manish Malhotra and Ritu Kumar. These three designers are the first place would-be brides look to for wedding dress inspiration.

Sabyasachi Mukherjee bridal collection

With that being said, how do you decide which wedding dress designer to choose? We recommend examining their design philosophy and samples of their work. When you see “the dress”, you’ll just know!

Sabyasachi Mukherjee

His well-known design philosophy is “Personalized imperfection of the human hand”. This designer takes much of his inspiration from antique textiles, gypsies, deserts and cultural traditions from his hometown in Kolkata. Mukherjee relies on a fusion of styles, unusual fabrics, detailing and texturing as embellishments in bold colours to create his signature looks. He freely uses block printing, gotawork, hand dyeing and bandhani in his bridal wear designs. This is why sometimes his pieces evoke mental images of medieval and ancient times.

sabyasachi mukherjee collection

Originality is the hallmark of Sabyasachee. As someone who pioneered the usage of textiles into modern design, Sabyasachee’s work is often dubbed as “International styling with an Indian Soul”.

Sabyasachi’s designs are ideal for brides who prefer to set their own design trends versus copying those that are tried and true, or “safe”.

sabyasachi mukherjee bridal collection

Manish Malhotra

When you think of glamour and Bollywood, the name ‘Manish Malhotra’ should spring to mind. This master fashion designer is known for his widespread use of gold threads and embroidery, sequins and any materials that add a dreamy touch to the wedding attire. It’s no wonder that every piece that comes from his fashion house resembles something out of a Bollywood movie.

Manish Malhotra Dresses

Another genius attribute of Malhotra is his ability to create silhouettes that skilfully drape a woman’s shape and curves. This is why he is considered the dream designer for most brides. It’s no wonder that so many socialites like Shilpa Shetty, Kareena Kapoor-Khan and Deepika Padokone love dressing in Manish Malhotra originals.

Manish Malhotra Collection

Ritu Kumar

One of the most respected and celebrated Indian designers of all time, Ritu Kumar has made her mark on both the Indian and global fashion scenes. Her career began in 1969, with a few humble hand block printers and tables, grew a fashion house that caters to the very rich and famous.

Ritu Kumar Collection

Kumar’s bridal wear designs feature an innovative use of ancient designs and traditional crafts, resulting in a new form of classicism. When you see a collection of Ritu Kumar’s bridal wear, you can immediately sense the gloriousness of Indian aesthetics.

Ritu Kumar Bridal Wear

Part of Kumar’s success lies in the variety of handmade textiles, handlooms and fabrics that she sources from India’s many artisans and cottage industries.

How do you determine if you’re a Ritu Kumar bride? If you’ve got an appreciation for ethnic prints, handmade fabrics and timeless designs, Ritu Kumar bridal wear is your best choice.

Ritu Kumar Bridal Wear

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5 reasons why you should try Wedding Sari in Crepe Fabric

Summers can turn the heat on your health and the fashion style. While youare wondering if you can go all out with the saris, it is better to stick to the crepe fabric in summer. It is beguiling and attractive to say the least. Finally there is one more fabric in the catalogue of wedding saris that can challenge the reputation of silk, cotton and georgette. Before you choose a crepe wedding sari, it is advisable to do research on the types of crepe fabric available with the stores and designers.

  1. Hard-finished crepe
  2. Soft-finished crepe

The hard finished crepe is often blended with silk to give it an authentic look. Though it is often dyed in dark colours, owing to advanced printing and colouring techniques they are now days used to manufacture exotic wedding saris as well. They offer exciting range of vibrant colours and embroidery designs. It is made with hand-spun yarn and woven using modern power looms.

 The soft-finished crepes are far more popular than the hard varieties owing to the glamorous finish it offers to the whole package of the wedding saris. They are tagged as Oriental crepe or Cantonese crepe. Often blended with silk, the wedding saris made of soft-finished crepe are finished with woven threads made of different colours, wires and fabrics.

 Check out top five reasons why you should go with the crepe fabric for wedding saris.

  1. Dazzling embroidery

The crepe wedding saris offer dazzling options in fashion circuit. Owing to the vibrant thread machining available with the crepe wedding saris, prospective brides actually look for the high end version of the fabric. The wedding saris made of crepe look fantastic with embroidery works from the house of bandhani, zari and even bandhej.

 Dazzling embroidery

  1. Fancy patterns

For women who love to work with fanciful attires, the crepe wedding saris allow a greater flexibility. They can be manufactured with the right-twist as well as the left-twisted threads. Fancy work looks great on the crepe fabric. No other fabric offers so many fancy options as crepe does.

 Fancy patterns

  1. Comfort

Crepe fashion is growing at a rapid rate owing to the advancement in the way they are manufactured these days. They offer irritation free fabric which is a revolution in the segment of designer wedding saris. Comfort ranks among the top qualities that women look for in a sari, especially when it is meant to be worn for the most auspicious occasion in life. Wedding saris made of crepe take a little long in draping, but once it is finished, the look is surreal.


  1. Photogenic fabric

Undoubtedly, the most photogenic wedding saris are invariably made from crepe woven with silk or cotton. They don’t reflect too much and hence are perfect for afternoon wedding affairs. They are easy to manage and don’t lose their fold and crease even when you are seating in a position for a long time.

Photogenic fabric

  1. Anti-sweat

The crepe fabric used in wedding saris offers great resistance against the sweaty affairs that come with the hot weather. It ensures that there are no sweat stains on your sari and the sari remains fresh and bloomy even when you know, it was not exactly the freshest of the days.


4 Stylish Choli Design Ideas for a Bride-to-be

Wedding attires play a major role in deciding the look of bride on marriage day. The bride has to make sure that she looks stunning in all post & pre wedding related ceremonies. She generally prefers a traditional look for the main event. The other event like reception gives them the opportunity to experiment with the attires. They go for a sari that has embroidery and other work on it. Most of them avoid experimenting with the saree. Now you must be wondering then how can they stylize their look, well the best way is to experiment with the Choli or Blouse. Let us take a look at the 4 Stylish Choli Design Ideas for a Bride-to-be.

Image1. Deep neckline with short sleeves:
If you want to attract maximum eyeballs then go for a deep neckline with short sleeves. It is the hottest design for blouse or choli. This will make you look hot and super stylish. It will uplift your look instantly. The only thing you need to make sure is that the neckline is not very deep otherwise it may ruin the entire look.

2. Gold or silver with short sleeves:
An elegant Golden or Silver Choli is just right to add shimmer & glitter to your Saree. Make sure the sleeves are short because long sleeves may look over the top. The advantage of the attire is that you can pair it with any kind of Sari or Lehenga. The golden blouse looks fabulous when worn with plain chiffon sari while the silver blouse looks stunning when paired with traditional Zari border sari. It is a unique choice as you will not see many ladies wearing it. It gives a lavish look. The wonderful thing is that it is quite affordable. It is a magnificent choice when you have restricted budget.

3. The glam look:

You can add various embellishments on Choli to give it a glamorous look. Use mirrors, Latkans and Ghungroos on the back and sleeves. It will transform the simple looking blouse into dazzling attire.  This is something that can be easily done at home. If you want to glamorize it more then have a deep cut design at the back.

4. Jackets:
It is the latest trend that is catching up with young girls. Bollywood divas like Aishwariya Rai and Vidya Balan are seen pairing sari with trendy jackets. You can wear a long jacket in place of Blouse or wear it over the sleeveless blouse. These jackets have three quarter sleeves or full sleeves. They impart a royal look. If you going for a jacket that has embroidery and golden Zari work on it then keep the jewelry minimum. This exclusive design is perfect if you want a look that is blend of modernism and tradition.

ImageThese are 4 Stylish Choli Design Ideas for a Bride-to-be that are extremely popular this wedding season. Visit online Indian wedding saree stores to find more amazing designs of blouse and Choli.

Best Wedding Attires Ideas – Plus size Women

Whether you are curvy like Vidya Balan or size zero like Kareena Kapoor or fall in between, you will agree that finding the right bridal attire is a laborious task. Things become more difficult if you are one of the plus size Brides looking for an attire to camouflage those extra flab. It is essential that you should make list of problematic areas before you start the search at an online wedding saree store for the perfect wedding outfit.

First, stand in front of a full size mirror to observe yourself carefully.   The idea behind is to ascertain your body type. This will help you to understand which part to conceal and which to accentuate. Let us take a close look at options for wedding outfit silhouette for the most common “plus size” body shapes.

Best Wedding Attires

Apple-shaped body: 

Most of the Indian women have apple shaped body. The characteristic of this body shape is heavier midriff. The upper body is heavy and hips and legs are somewhat slimmer. Such women should opt for dresses that highlight the bust line. The ideal attire can be a Lehenga Choli, go for a U – neck or V- Neck. The other attractive option is to go for empire waistline attire with low or deep neckline. The attention in such outfit will be on the bust rather than the mid riff.

Pear-shaped body: 

Women with pear shaped body have heaver bottom. The upper part is proportionately less than the bottom. It is important that you wear attire that draws the attention away from the hips. Here wearing a high neck blouse or wearing a broad necklace over the Choli will do the trick. It will ensure that the center of attraction is the upper body. If you are planning to wear a Churidhar then chose a dark shade and pair it with embroidered jacket. It will win you lot of applauses. Ladies with heavy bottom should strictly avoid Fishtail gown and heavy Lehenga.

Round-shaped body: 


It is seen that most of the plus size ladies have round-shaped body. The right attire for them would be one that gives illusion about their waist. Here sari is the perfect attire for them. Make it a point to tie that petticoat just below belly button. They can also go with a well fitted Anarkali or Lehenga. It will make them look tall and also draw the attention away from the body below the bust line.

Feel beautiful & look beautiful:

If you “feel beautiful” then only you will “look beautiful” – always follow this mantra. Don’t try too much to conceal your curves in layers of clothing; it will only make you look unflattering. On the other hand, well fitting clothes will accentuate your curves making you look groomed and attractive.  Keep all these points in mind when you are searching for your dream attire. If you want the latest fashionable Indian apparels for plus size women at the right cost then visit Indian wedding saree stores.

Understanding The Indian Bridal Sari

Wedding is an important event in every girls life. Usually, in case of Indian wedding the brides are known to prefer to wear the sari. There is something extremely elegant and timeless about these whole 9 yards that have wooed the hearts of women across generation. However, India being a diverse country has various kinds of bridal saris, each hailing from a different part of India. Each part has a different style and pattern of wedding saris.

Southern part of India:

south indian bridal sarees

The southern part of India is known to be culturally rich that is depicted in their choice of bridal sari. The most popular form of Sari in Southern India is the kanjeevaram silk. Almost 99% of the brides from this region are known to opt this timeless sari. This is a form of traditional sari that is enriched with beautiful and intricate designs of peacocks, temples, elephants and flowers. In the bygone era, the work on these sari’s were generally done using real gold or silver thread now days the same is done on real silk using colored thread. The sari is famous for its beautiful craftsmanship and is generally available in bright hues with gold and silver work on them.

Northern part of India :

The northern part of India is known for its love for Banaras sari. This is also a silk based sari where tissues and brocades are used for weaving into the sari. These sari’s are known for the beautiful floral motif with heavy tissue and brocade work.  Most North Indian brides prefer to wear a bright red sari for their wedding.

Eastern part of India

Eastern India is known to be a true blend of ancient craft with modern times. The brides here are known to be adorned in beautiful Kantha  andDhakai work sari.  While kantha is the name ofa  kind of stitch that is especially done on tussar or silk fabric to turn it into a hand crafted sari, Dhakai is a kind of weaving using muslin threads. Other few must haves from the Eastern part are Nilambari, Jamdai and tangail saris. Also, they have an amazingly crafted sari called the Ikkat that Orissa is famous for.  Brides from this region are generally known to prefer the color red for their wedding dresses. Traditionally, white and red combination saris are considered auspicious for the brides and married women.

Western part of India:

Bridal Red Colour Saree

The brides belonging to the western part of India are known to prefer the Paithani sari. These saris are known for their bright color combinations. Most of these sari’s are known to be decorated with motifs inspired from fruits, trees and birds. While the brides of Maharashtra are known to opt for Paithani, the brides of Gujrat are known t go for the Gharchola. This is basically a wedding special sari in white and red with zari work all over it.Also, Rajasthani brides are known to prefer the Leheriya sari.

Each region has its own unique touch and taste when it comes to bridal saris.

An Expression of Purity & Beauty – White Bridal Saree

Beauty of a woman is not defined by the skin she shows but by the elegance through which she carries herself. The purest of form in which an Indian woman ornate herself is a saree.  It is in an unsewed strip of cloth of 4 to 9 yards in length. Not only in India but it’s is popular in Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Burma, Malaysia and Singapore. It is worn with a ‘CHOLA’ also known as “BLOUSE” , which can be designed according to the wish and will of the person wearing. However, it is commonly draped by wrapping it around the waist and the loose end is worn over the shoulder, baring the midriff.
White Bridal Saree

Nivi is most popular sari style today. Nivi starts with one end of the saree slipped into one end of the petticoat (a long skirt). This long cloth is draped around the lower body, and then hand gathered into even plates below the navel. The pleats are tucked into the waistband of the petticoat. This is how the Nivi sari is draped. The site of this apparel is very alluring, prepossessing and engaging. It captivates the person in a sweet spell who gets to watch!

The attire is as graceful and scenic as a red butterfly on the sparkling white petal of a rose! The rose blossoms the day the lady gets married or it should be quoted as the MARRIAGE being the day saree defines every inch of the lady. The colors are many to prettify and grace but talking about marriage, white bridal saree is best chosen by many. It enhances the peaceful, pure, soft, innocent, heavenly and angelic beauty of the lady.

white bridal saree

White Colour Bridal Saree

White bridal sarees with a red border or golden border will make the bride look stunningly beautiful. Choice of fabric is amazing; in case you want to go very expensive then Embroidered Banarasi Silk in white is just perfect for the grand occasion.

How to buy?

Buying a perfect bridal saree is a tough task because different people tend to have different choices. The search of the perfect outfit almost kills the small baby inside craving for the favourite chocolate, they lose hope when they do not find at one place and have to run through streets, shops, and malls. Not letting you through anymore disappointments on your special occasions, the right place to buy these attires at an affordable price is online sarees stores.  It offers you the opportunity to be unique, contended and simply look gorgeous! They bring you whole new variety and designs of white Wedding saris.

The exclusive collection of sarees would speak your heart, your personality and your spirit!!
Get the sari’s you’ll fall in love with and when you will adorn it the people will fall in love with you. You’re beautiful the way you are and these Sari’s would just define what you think you are!
So, prettiest ladies, give your personality a drape of uniqueness and tell the world what you think you are! You’re Gorgeous, let our saree  & salwar kameez add to it and make your smile brighter!

Red Sarees – Perfect for Every Occasion

Red color marks the beginning of almost every festival in India whether it’s the Maha Kumbh Mela in Uttar Pradesh or the Durga Asthmi in West Bengal. The vibrancy of this color seems visible in every age group from teenage girls dressing themselves for the Valentines to the beautiful brides dressing for their wedding and to women of older age decking up for various holy ceremonies called “Puja”

Bridal Red Colour Saree

Beautiful Brides Dressing

This shade speaks a volume about your attitude mainly depending on occasion it is worn. It is considered auspicious, stands for romance, love, passion and beauty that is the reason you will see red bridal saree is the first choice of girls. Who doesn’t want to start a lifelong journey of love and bliss with something that is considered auspicious? This shade also speaks a volume about your attitude mainly depending on occasion it is worn. In parties, its shows your bold side, and it clubs it is undoubtedly a symbol of sexiness.

The sarees in these shades are must for women of every age. In India when a girl gets married she is mostly donned in a beautiful red sari which enhances her beauty more than ever. The bride is very quiet and shy on this day contrary to real self, this color is their friend on the big day, it helps them to express what is going inside their heart beautifully without even uttering a single word.


In ceremonies, most of the ladies are seen wearing this color as it is considered right for the auspicious occasion. You can go with different shades of red, in this way you will have your favorite color but still you will look different. Looking for something unique then you will love Blood red color saree other one that will make you stand out is glossy red saree.

You will come across this traditional attire ranging from lighter shades of red to darker red to a captivating crimson red saree. Red has been a much loved color of Indian fashion designers, especially bridal wear collection is incomplete without this exciting shade. Our iconic actresses have a passionate liking for this shade.

Besides, the saris in red net material is in vogue for a long time. Apparently, all the Bollywood actresses from Kareena to Katrina have donned these net sarees in red, thereby setting a trend. These sarees also come with various features such as with sequin work, Zari work, embroidery work and also the ones embossed with stones.

party wear sareesAfter knowing about the shade you would be interested in buying, you don’t need to move from a local shop to another because there are a large number of online Indian wedding sarees selling eye-catching sarees and traditional Indian attires. In these online stores, you can get apparels from every nook and corner of India at an unbelievable price. Apart from dress material some online portals sells jewelry, shoes and other fashion related accessories. In fact, it is an easy way to get the stylish apparels by sitting in any corner of the world.