Understanding The Indian Bridal Sari

Wedding is an important event in every girls life. Usually, in case of Indian wedding the brides are known to prefer to wear the sari. There is something extremely elegant and timeless about these whole 9 yards that have wooed the hearts of women across generation. However, India being a diverse country has various kinds of bridal saris, each hailing from a different part of India. Each part has a different style and pattern of wedding saris.

Southern part of India:

south indian bridal sarees

The southern part of India is known to be culturally rich that is depicted in their choice of bridal sari. The most popular form of Sari in Southern India is the kanjeevaram silk. Almost 99% of the brides from this region are known to opt this timeless sari. This is a form of traditional sari that is enriched with beautiful and intricate designs of peacocks, temples, elephants and flowers. In the bygone era, the work on these sari’s were generally done using real gold or silver thread now days the same is done on real silk using colored thread. The sari is famous for its beautiful craftsmanship and is generally available in bright hues with gold and silver work on them.

Northern part of India :

The northern part of India is known for its love for Banaras sari. This is also a silk based sari where tissues and brocades are used for weaving into the sari. These sari’s are known for the beautiful floral motif with heavy tissue and brocade work.  Most North Indian brides prefer to wear a bright red sari for their wedding.

Eastern part of India

Eastern India is known to be a true blend of ancient craft with modern times. The brides here are known to be adorned in beautiful Kantha  andDhakai work sari.  While kantha is the name ofa  kind of stitch that is especially done on tussar or silk fabric to turn it into a hand crafted sari, Dhakai is a kind of weaving using muslin threads. Other few must haves from the Eastern part are Nilambari, Jamdai and tangail saris. Also, they have an amazingly crafted sari called the Ikkat that Orissa is famous for.  Brides from this region are generally known to prefer the color red for their wedding dresses. Traditionally, white and red combination saris are considered auspicious for the brides and married women.

Western part of India:

Bridal Red Colour Saree

The brides belonging to the western part of India are known to prefer the Paithani sari. These saris are known for their bright color combinations. Most of these sari’s are known to be decorated with motifs inspired from fruits, trees and birds. While the brides of Maharashtra are known to opt for Paithani, the brides of Gujrat are known t go for the Gharchola. This is basically a wedding special sari in white and red with zari work all over it.Also, Rajasthani brides are known to prefer the Leheriya sari.

Each region has its own unique touch and taste when it comes to bridal saris.