Manish Arora – The First Quirky Fashion Designer

What Masaba is doing now, is nothing new to the Indian Fashion scene. The first Indian fashion designer who came up with the concept of quirky looking sarees and clothes that ruled the fashion scene for ages. He is the first designer to actually break the mould for the usual run of the mill sarees and start producing something unique and interesting. In fact the funniest part is what critics initially thought to be only to be a passing phase something that will only be targeted to the young clientele actually proved to be something interesting and fascinating that caught the fancy of people across all age groups.

Manish Arora created his own niche with his own namesake label “Manish Arora “. He launched his label in 1997 in the India Fashion week and caught the eye of many fashionistas. Then in the year 2001, he came up with a unique and quirky label called “Fish Fry”. This was mainly a colorful and slightly sports influenced label that caught on with the young crowd. The be aspect about the designer is that not only did his prêt collection come out with interesting western wear , but he also came up with various kinds of avatars of the saree. Mind it, this was the era when people were smitten by the chiffon saree and half and half saree syndrome. Suddenly, out of nowhere a designer came and launched a completely different and interesting twist to the 9 yards and slowly caught the attention of one and all.

He started opening his flagship store in various cities of India. Also, he started introducing the people of India to quirky they designs and psychedelic colors. He was the one who took designs and motifs from everyday life and transform them into beautiful 9 yards. The best part about a Manish Arora ensemble or sari is the fact that the riot of colors and amazing motifs will pick you up and make you feel extremely happy and cheerful. The designer is known to experiment with neon and other latest colors to make the sari look cheerful and colorful. Do not think that the color selection or kinds of motifs will make the saree look chaotic and different. Rather, the color riot and the texture of the sari will ensure that the same is elegant and there is a beautiful pattern in the chaos created on the sari . There are many fashionistas and Bollywood personalities who are known to dote on these beautiful Manish Arora sari’s and love wearing them and flaunting them at any given opportunity.

Manish Arora is known to have done costumes for many actresses and movies and reckons to be a famous name and designer in the Fashion industry for days to come. His brand Fish Fry till date is still considered to be one of the quirkiest brands associated with the fashion industry.


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