Top 4 Tips to Help You Choose A Perfect Sari According To Your Body Type

Indian saris have come a long way. Thanks to the new age designers like Sabyasachi, Ritu kumar and Masaba amongst many, the young generation of India given into an instant liking to Indian Sari’s. Such is the craze about these saris that people have actually started to wear saris instead of Lehenga or Salwar suits for important function and occasion. If you take a look at the celebs who visit India from foreign countries, you will also see them donning an Indian Sari to ensure that they look beautiful. In short, these 9 yards are enough to transform any person into a glamorous diva.

However, what one needs to keep in mind while wearing a perfect sari is the fact that whether that sari suits their body type or not. There has been a sudden boost in Indian sari sale right from traditional one’s to pre pleated one’s as an individual before deciding on the perfect sari for herself, one needs to ensure that the sari suits them perfectly .

Here are a few tips that one needs to keep in mind in such cases.

1 A common misconception is that Fat women should wear georgette or chiffon:

One needs to understand that these fabrics have a tendency of being translucent and also hugs the body, so either too thin or too fat people should not opt for this fabric. Does this mean that fat women should steer away from them, absolutely not they can wear these translucent fabric with a Sabyasachi Inspired long ¾ th sleeve blouse that will help to hide their extra flab. The thin ones can experiment with their blouse design and wear them to their hearts desire.

2 Heavy Silk Sari:

These sarees, if draped in the right manner and color combination will make you look thin and svelte. If you do not believe us, take a look at actress Vidya Balan she is the epitome of Indi diva who drapes traditional silk or kanjivaram saris to look resplendent. On the other hand, the same look also looks great on the super young looking Rekha. While Vidya is on the healthier side, Rekha is on the slimmer side but the same kanjivaram bright color sari look suits both of them with equal grace.

3 Big Border Sari:

Big border saris are ideal for tall women. Short women should avoid the skirt border or large border sari’s as that would make them look shorter. Also, the big border sari would add volume to the wearer and hence should be avoided by healthy women as it would make them look broader than others.

4 Prints and patterns: Too much of prints and patterns should be avoided by shorter women as they have a tendency of making one look clumsier. Also healthy women should stick to smaller prints or self prints in order to look svelte as compared to others.

Do wear the right kind of sari to ensure that you look your best in the sari that suits your body and personality.