How To Pick Up The Right Abaya For Different Seasons

Picking the right abaya might often be trickier than you imagine. This is because it can either make you look beautiful or make you look dull. It is obvious that you want to look the best in this outfit and hence in a proper way is highly essential. Even few years back, it was very difficult for Muslim woman to get hold of quality Islamic dress that was not only affordable, but also stylish. However, today with large numbers of fashion designers in the market, women can explore from wide varieties of options.

However, when it comes to making a selection now, you might be confused. Try to keep these points in mind in order to get the best Abaya online.

Know Your Choices- Before you start shopping you should know what suits you best. Most women make the mistake of purchasing without putting a thought of what they are purchasing. They buy on instant attraction and later they realize that it is not as attractive as it was in the first sight. Before buying, ask yourself whether the design will suit your body type and structure. Find out whether the color will suit your complexion and is there is any better option, as per your size and shape.

The Right Size Is Essential- Among all the things, the most important thing you need to remember is selecting the right size. Do not get excited and buy one that does not fit your size. Moreover, do not make the mistake of picking your size from the dropdown list because the size listed might not be compatible to your exact size. You should try the outfit before finalizing your decision.

Adding Volume And Curves- If you are tall and skinny, you might consider selecting an option that might add volume. Therefore, you might go for the one that has more layers so that it contributes to more curves and volume in your overall look.

Wearing high heels- If you wish to wear high heels with your Abaya, you should pick up one that is longer by few inches that your actual height. This will make you look stunning. On the other hand, if you are tall and do not prefer wearing heels, your dress should end at your exact length. In fact, it should neither be tall nor short.

Considering The Material- Traditionally, Abaya are manufactured with crepe materials that extremely light in weight. Apart from that, there are other material options available like cotton or linen. These can be worn in different seasons. For winter, you should choose Abaya made from thicker fabrics for staying warm.

Customizing Your Style & Design- Today, lots of manufacturers and retailers offer the option to customized the Abayas. Black in the traditional color, but you can also go for other colors like blue, red or even a combination of different colors. You can also choose from different designs and styles to complete your look.

Once you buy your Abaya, take great care in maintaining it so that it lasts for a long time to come.


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