Top Five Blouse Cuts for Beautiful Indian Woman

Every Indian woman knows the importance of Saree in her life. Right from the time growing up, she is fond of looking at her mother getting dressed up in front of the mirror. Looking at the kind of jewelry and the beautiful traditional attire the mother wears, the daughter falls in love with the beauty of fashion or style.

Even today, despite all those designer gowns available on different e-stores, women prefer wearing sarees on their wedding days. A lot of women still wear such traditional outfits to their offices.

office wearing saree

If you are planning to wear a saree on some special occasion, here are the top five blouse patterns you must know about, in order to flaunt your beauty in front of others:

1) Go backless this year: If you are confident about how you look and want to show others the efforts you have put in achieving your target weight, going backless this year is the best thing for you. Tell your tailor to give a nice backless design for your blouse; let your partner fall in love with your dressing sense this year!

Backless blouse online

2) The decent square: This may sound like a very traditional design, but it looks amazing. A lot of women wear squared neck patterns to look decent. Most of the chubby women prefer this neck as it makes them look slimmer. If you have recently put on a little bit of weight, but don’t want the others to know about it, get a nice square shaped neck pattern for your blouse.

square shape blouse online

3) The royal boat neck: Boat necks have always been close to the hearts of a lot of women. Such neck patterns make you look gorgeous and elegant. The best thing is that it is neither too exposing, nor too traditional. Once you wear such a neck pattern, you don’t feel like wearing any other pattern at all.

boat neck blouse online

4) The seductive halter neck: This neck pattern is my favorite; I have always been wearing halter neck blouse all my life, especially in blouses. It doesn’t matter if you are slim or chubby, if you know how to carry yourself in this neck pattern, you can easily wear it. You may have to take care of it a bit since women, who are not used to low necks, find it difficult to wear this pattern.

halter neck blouse online

5) Full sleeves beauty: No – I am not a fool to tell you to wear full sleeves blouse in summers, but I want you to know that there are a lot of tailors who know how to design and stitch net material sleeves for you. If you can get a professional tailor for yourself, you don’t need to be worried about feeling hot in full sleeves blouses.

full sleeves blouse online

If you don’t trust any tailor and want to try ready-made blouses, you can easily get them on different online stores. No doubt you have to be sure of your size; some of the blouses can also be altered!


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