A look at Top 5 Abaya Designs

Abaya is all about class and customization. The full coverage attire is not the only aspect that makes it a quintessential item of fashion. In some parts of the world, it has been fused with local dressing habits to come with unique style. One of the most enticing fashion fusions to hit the international scene is the Abaya. It is especially popular in countries where there is a considerable Muslim population. Egypt, Turkey, Philippines, Myanmar, Indonesia, Mongolia, Tadzhikistan, Russia and Morocco are some parts of the where Abaya are well accepted.

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What is an Abaya?

The abaya is an Arabic robe-like garment worn by both men and women. It resembles a Turkish cloak and often designed as an overcoat. In Africa, it is called Abayat. It is worn as the official attire in embassies and consulates. Some international airliners specifically design the abaya gown as the uniform attire for their crew.

What are the different ways Abaya that are worn?

Abaya and kaftan are two fashion trends arising from the same cloak-gown series. Abaya is often combined with a head cover. In Islamic countries, covering the head is an essential fashion regulation. It is available in different colours but the black ones are most popular.

Here are 5 ways in which Abaya is worn.

1.    Shoulder cut blouse and flat neckline
Instead of a round button-down Abaya, modern fashionistas design their gown with shoulder cuts. It almost comes like an evening gown but with a cover head.

Shoulder cut abaya

2.    Short arm Abaya
Abaya is essentially a full length gown. Entire body except the hands, face and feet are covered by the attire. To give it a modern twist without taking away its ethnic beauty, Abaya are now designed with shorter arm lengths. Sleeves can be folded up till elbow and even half-sleeve Abayas are now part of Muslim attire.

short arm abaya

3.    Naaqaab Abaya
Abaya saris can be stitched with a naqqab or a face veil. It is a screen made of silk or satin. It is worn on weddings and engagements when the girl’s face is not supposed to be seen by other men. Abaya with Naqqab is a beautiful fusion of style and orthodoxy.

naqaab abaya

4.    Skirt Abaya
Full length abaya has an elegant shorter version as well. Ababya’s flowing till knee give it a trench coat-like appeal. Skirt abaya can be worn with a choli flowing down the waist. It has similar border designs like you would find in a kaftan or a regular Indian sari.

skirt abaya

5.    Backless abaya
Backless abaya is a rather blatant projection of style, flamboyance and contemporary feminism. The front is covered elegantly as in a traditional Abaya, while the back is left open. The gown flows down from the waist to cover the legs and the buttocks. It could be worn like a laced gown or a halter-styled dress.
It may or not have a head top.

backless abaya

Readymade Abaya are available in the market especially for women who are comfortable behind the hijab.


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