Exploring Your Options In Silk Saris For A Rich Collection

Ranging from festivals, birthdays, wedding, or gifting, saris are one such items to which Indian women are highly attracted since ancient times. The elegance and ethnicity of Sarees women love is not only because of its look, but also for the luxuriousness. Apart from that, there is also a feeling of comfort in most of the Indian saris. The credit of the designs and embellishments made in the saris should not be overlooked. The material of the saris also plays an important role in this context. Traditionally, this nine yard wonders were made only in silk and cotton.

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Continue winning hearts:
Though several materials are used today for designing and making saris, yet the cotton and silk saris continue to enjoy superiority. In this article, we will discuss about silk saris that has a place in the wardrobe of every woman. The silk saris are some of the finest and luxurious pieces that you can find anywhere. The historic importance, the fabric and the clothing style is found best in silk. Therefore, when you buy them, you can not only use for yourself, but can also preserve it for your next generations.

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Richness Of The Material:
There is undoubtedly an element of richness in the look and feel if silk, which is supposedly not found in any other material. These are heavily gorgeous and are made in different Indian states. Silk is the common material used in all the states, but there is a difference in patterns and styles of weaving. This in turn results in varieties. You will find uniqueness in the silk patterns of different states ranging from Maharashtra, Karnataka, Assam, Bengal and Kerala. Therefore, before looking forward to buying silk, it is best to explore the options available. You never know, you might end up purchasing more than a single piece from different states.

indian silk sarees

Knowing The Options:
As mentioned, there are hosts of options available in silk saris. Some of these options include:
•    Bhagalpuri silk- These are artistically decorated and they deliver a luxuriously thin texture. The combination of these things deliver an attractive piece in the range of semi-formal saris.

Bhagalpuri silk saree

•    Matka silk- It is a rough handloom fabric that is applied into saris with a coarse spinning method.

Matka silk saree

•    Ikat silk- These are made with ties & dye method and are woven with a print. The method is quite similar to the ones followed for Bandhej, but with a slight difference.

Ikat silk saree

•    Paithani silk- It is an expensive and elegant sari that is made in a combination of silk and metal. The colours used here are derived from natural sources like leaves, flowers and soil.

Paithani silk saree

•    Banarasi silk- These are the most popular and expensive of all silk saris. These are made of golden thread and are used mainly as bridal wear.

Banarasi silk saree
This is not the end. You can find many more options in silk, and you might even be spoilt for a choice. In any case, you will be fascinated with the varieties. Some of the most common options are Kanchipuram, Bangalore silk, Mysore Silk, etc.


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