Eid or Eid-ul-Fitr is the time to enjoy the festival in its true traditional form. Be it food or clothes, traditions and customs play a major role, adding a special touch to this pious festival which comes after a month long fasting in the month of Ramadan. The festival marks the period to show one’s gratitude to God by offering prayers and celebrating this new beginning with family and friends. Feasting, wearing specific attire and exchanging gifts are the highlights of the festival. The attires worn on Eid are almost universal as they are followed from the norms prescribed in the holy book Quran. First and foremost is to dress up modestly in sober and pristine colours like white, especially for the men.

Eid Kurta Pyjamas Collection

Though over the years, there is no denying that the fashion trends do modify and evolve the clothing style but certain traditions are still intact. Traditionally, men are advised to wear cotton, generally Kurta Pyjama with white cap as a head gear. Preferably white kurta may be adorned with Chikankari work. This kurta pyjama is the traditional dress to be worn at the time of prayers. Since the fashion world has evolved as well as dominates the present scenario, there is no denying that variety in kurta pyjamas is no more limited to only one style. Eid time witnesses the markets flooded with Traditional Kurta Pyjamas that do adhere to the basic norms of the Quran, but the choice and variety is immense, giving one, an opportunity to appear stylish and elegant in these traditional clothes.

Eid Dress For Men

Kurta Pyjama has no doubt been a conventional outfit which has never gone out of fashion or trends. Rather, it has carved a niche for itself as a set of clothing that has a universal appeal. Rich embellishment on the kurtas or a Nehru jacket on the top of these kurtas leave no room for doubt that it sets the festive mood without breaking the traditional or religious norms. Men look smart and Kurta Pyjamas truly reflect Indianness, emphatically making its place in the international fashion world with its amazing and exclusive style.

Kurta pyjama For Eid

We at Indian Wedding Saree truly understand the significance of each festival and love to share as well as add to your happiness through our latest and festive collection of Kurta Pyjamas, designed especially to give you one more reason to celebrate Eid in rich and opulent style. Our ace designers, while designing these kurta pyjamas keep in mind the sanctity of the occasion, so that you will not be able to resist these beautifully embroidered Kurta Pyjamas with traditional caps as accompaniments. Our fine finesse and premium quality fabric at the most reasonable prices set our Online Store apart from any other. Our customer friendly approach has won us many customers for whom we happily customise any of our products to give them satisfaction and joy. It is indeed an enjoyable experience to shop with us and avail the most exciting offers and discounts.

Eid Special Kurta Pyjamas

Browse through our range of simple traditional kurta pyjamas to the bright heavy embroidered ones and make your Eid a very special day.


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