Saree has been since ancient times, the most fascinating attire which has charmed and bewitched the whole world with its 6 yards sensuality and grace. Though saree has its hypnotic effect on the onlookers, yet one cannot deny, young minds always want to experiment with traditional attires and give them a new look which is bold and beautiful. One such new avatar in saree is a Designer Lehenga Saree which is a beautiful blend of lehenga choli and a saree, an outfit suitable for any occasion, adding irresistible charm to the personality.

designer lehenga saree

Lehenga Sarees have gained popularity because they are convenient to wear and are not as heavy as a saree but gives it a competition in elegance and sophistication. If you are attending a Sangeet or Mehendi ceremony as a bride or as a guest, you are definitely going to attract a lot of admiring and envious glances because the lehenga sarees compliment the curves and can be termed as a trendy and modern as well a traditional wear. Being easy to wear as all you have to do is to tuck and drape, unlike a saree where you must know how to form pleats. All you have to do is just slip into the long flared skirt and zip it at the side and drape the pallu. Like a saree, a lehenga saree is worn over a petticoat too. It also has an accompaniment in the form of a blouse or a choli. Choli can either be the conventional blouse or the long choli as worn with a Ghagra Choli.

Bridal lehenga saree

Designer wear Saree Lehengas are the most suitable for the weddings which look festive and grand with embroidery or embellishments on the blouse and the saree of kundan, beads, pearls, mirror etc. Various types of embroidery patterns can enhance the looks of the lehenga saree. Bagh, chikan, zardosi, kantha, kashida are some of the types of work that are done on the attire to give it a rich look. These embellishments make the garment exquisite and unique in any of the fabrics like georgette, silk, brasso, chiffon or brocade.

Bridal Lehenga Saree

We at Indian Wedding Saree can proudly display our most exclusive collection of Designer Lehenga Sarees which make you stand apart in the wedding or any party as they add flamboyance to the look and style. The colour combinations we offer are the trendiest and the richest which make them even more irresistible. Each piece is exquisitely designed with embellishments, most suitable for it. Our designers believe in quality, grace and sophistication that attire should lend to your persona and they ensure that whatever you choose from our rich collection is not only beautiful and unique but also affordable and reasonably priced. There is no wastage of time when you choose your pick from our ready to ship collection as we understand your urgency. We even offer Lehenga sarees in four, six, eight and nine yards in case you want to try out different styles. Our fabric options are to ensure that your fabric choice should compliment your figure.

Buying lehenga saree

Visit Indian Wedding Saree and find out more about this designer attire which is the most fashionably vivacious and stylish with an added oomph factor.


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