The most important factors to consider when buying an Indian saree!

A saree is one Indian ethnic traditional attire that is most loved and worn by the Indian women on special occasions and festivals. Sarees are worn throughout the country in different styles and of different fabrics, colors and patterns. The most popular sarees include the Banarasi Sarees, the Kanjeevaram Sarees, the Kota Leheriya sarees, the Silk sarees, and many more. The best thing about a saree is that it has the potential to make a woman look sassy and elegant at the same time, and this is the reason why despite of it being such an old Indian traditional garment, it is still one of the most preferred choices of women.

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If you find the Indian sarees lovely and want to make a purchase, here are some things to consider before heading out to the nearest store.

1. Fabric: There are many types of fabrics that the Indian sarees are made of. Initially the sarees were only either made of cotton or silk. But with changing times and the fashion industry blooming in the country in the past few decades, there are many fabrics that are used in the weaving process of a saree such as nylon, chiffon, georgette and polyester, etc. When you choose your saree, take time to decide which of the materials should you choose. While choosing the saree fabric you must consider factors such as climate or weather conditions, your rate of perspiration, and the occasion on which you’ll be using it.

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2. Style: Apart from the different fabrics of a saree, the second most important thing that you must consider is the style of the saree. There are a variety of designs that Indian sarees come with. From different draping styles, to different prints, embroideries, color combinations, motifs, borders etc. a saree has a lot to be looked for before making a purchase. Browse through a catalogue, and keeping in mind the event you need to wear it to, pick a saree of your choice.

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3. Color: The Indian sarees come in different vibrant, subtle, elegant and beautiful colors. Some even come in the different color combinations and look gorgeous.

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All you need to know is your own skin tone and the theme of the event you want to wear it to (if any) and keep such factors in mind need to pick the best suitable saree.


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