Top 5 Never-Miss, Types of Ladies Jacket For the Sweet, Sexy Curvy Girl In You

Being curvy is sexy, and ladies jackets exemplify that beauty with sheer elegance. Jackets are no longer the wrap and move elements of a wardrobe. Far from being a winter dress, ladies jacket now appear even in summer evenings. Of course, for style sake!

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Here are top 5 never-miss, types of ladies jacket for the sweet, sexy curvy girl in you.

1    Cape
The biggest trend of the season—Capes, they’re a great alternative to the coats and sweaters. They deliver the ultimate objective of wearing a jacket effectively and in style. You can cosy up to a knitted ladies jacket or pick a knee-length cape with Bo-ho element in it. Fringed version of the cape goes perfectly with a ripped jeans and fedora hat. If you are looking for formal attire, smooth cape blazer worn in a sleek tuxedo-style is unbeatable look for the Fall.

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A cool wool topper, this is Hollywood’s quintessential winter jacket. It is a double-breasted outer coat made popular by the English sailors and military men. Now, it is essentially a unisex jacket identified from its short length, broad lapels and large buttons. You can wear the Peacoat in every event, because it is cool on the eyes, and exudes a formal appeal.

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3    Anorak
It is a waterproof jacket with significant fashion quotient flanking it. Typically a hooded dress, it comes with a delectable feature of faux fur and leather, in addition to a synthetic inner lining to keep the body warm. In western world, an Anorak is likely to be referred to as a Parka.

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4    Car coats
A perfect ladies jacket for the driver in you, the Car Coat is a utility-driven fashion element that serves its purpose well while driving through cold countryside. It is cut in A-line and flanked by wide cuffs. It offers extra space for hand movement while driving. It is usually a thigh-length jacket with two welt pockets and a flat front placket. There are buttoned and zipped jackets, where you can choose from a wide range of utilitarian and minimalistic designs.

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5    Duffle Coat
Owing to its durable nature, the Duffle Coat is a rough ladies jacket item. It is perfect for outdoor adventure through forest trails and river lines. It is a military jacket and still features popular military coat of arms from the British Navy and Air Force. It is easy to fasten and unfasten, usually paired with gloves and toggles. There are loops to hold a leather belt. The oversized hood and the buttoned strap at the neck carries its wild streak in a dapper way. Apart from the toggles, the Duffle Coat also features a sleazy tartan lining. The jacket is usually knee-length and worn mostly as a formal outfit in the evenings.

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With a tailored suit and sleek pair of shoes, the ladies jacket is one thing you just can’t miss in your wardrobe, especially if you are trying to complete your formal pairing. Stay warm in style and cherish the coat-affair for years to come with sash and wraps.


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