How to Wear & Carry a Saree During Pregnancy?

It goes without saying that saree is the most staple outfit of any Indian woman. The elegant attire can look graceful and appealing at any occasion. Moreover, it can be worn in any season, and therefore it is the hot favorite of most women. Wearing a saree can often mean lots of effort, and added to it is the hassle of carrying a saree. Therefore, while a woman is pregnant, she gets little nervous in wearing this outfit. However, if you are pregnant, it does not mean that you will ditch your favorite outfit. If you want, you can seamlessly wear saree.

saree during pregnancy

Tips For Wearing A Saree:

When you are in a saree during pregnancy, you not only want to look elegant, but also want to hide the baby bump. Carrying a saree, especially during the last trimester can often be tricky. Here are some of the common tips that you can follow while wearing a saree.

shilpa wearing Saree During Pregnancy

Choosing the fabric-

While you are pregnant, it is best to avoid heavy Banarasi Saree or Zardousi Sari because these might weigh you down. On the other hand, the best idea is to go for georgettes or some light weight chiffon. The fabric should not be rough or stiff, especially when you are planning to wear it for a long time. Soft and light weight fabric will work best for you. Tissue sarees might be light in weight, but the fabric is crisp. Try avoiding it.

light weight chiffon saree during pregnancy

Don’t flash your belly-

Many women feel hesitant in showing off the belly. Well, you can cover it up along with looking fashionable. Try wearing choli blouses that can cover you till in midriff. However, they should not be too tight. On the other hand, you can even wear a belly band in order to cover your belly. The stretchable fabric will be completely safe.

belly band on saree during pregnancy

A trial run-

While you are heavily pregnant and you are looking forward to wearing a saree, you should have a trial the day before. Try to wear and stay in the saree for about 30 minutes. Try to assess the movements and find out how you feel while you are sitting. At times, the fabric might be itchy and you will have enough time to change your mind and choose a different saree. Once you are convinced about the saree, you can wear it in the special occasion.

pregnant women saree online

Trying new drapes-

You should always use fashion for expressing and celebrating your pregnancy. Hence, trying out different new drapes like the coorg drape or the Bengali drape will work wonders for you. If you want, you can even choose the Gujarati drape for hiding your belly.

Image result for Trying new drapes of saree during pregnancy

Look for help-

You might not be an expert in wearing a saree. Moreover, when you are pregnant, things can turn out to be more difficult for you. A saree requires twirling, bending and even twisting. The best thing that you can do is to ask someone for help.

Following these tips will help you express your style statement while you are pregnant.


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