Top 10 Things you didn’t know about Abaya

Do you know about the beautiful cloak-like outfit called Abaya?

If you know what it is, then you are surely fond of it. Abaya is beautiful; it not only protects a woman’s respect and dignity, but also ensures that she feels comfortable in all that she wears.

However, gone are the days when a woman used to wear a Simple Abaya just to cover herself; now, hundreds of stylish Abaya are available in the market for all the stylish women out there.

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If you think you know everything related to Abaya, here is a list of the top ten things that you might not know:

1) Abaya were supposed to be extremely loose in the olden times: Don’t go on the fashionable Abaya that you see in different e-stores and land based stores these days; there was once a time when they were supposed to be loose and flowing.

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2) Some women prefer wearing hand gloves along with Abaya, to cover their hands: There are still a lot of women, who wear loose Abaya and hand gloves with them, so that their hands are protected from the eyes of the others.

3) Most of the women wear Niqab to hide their faces, along with their Abaya: Niqab helps in keeping safe the face of the woman; thousands of women still follow the typical traditional of wearing a Niqab with their Abaya.

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4) Generally, Abaya were supposed to be black, only: You may see a lot of colored Abaya, but this outfit was not supposed to be worn for fashion, earlier. It was meant to be worn as a protective outfit for the women and was meant to be only in black.

5) Abaya has its roots in the Islamic culture: This outfit has its roots in Islamic culture; if you read the Islamic history, you get to read a lot about Abaya.

6) There is a Quranic quote related to Abaya: The quote states that ladies should cover themselves with a loose garment. This way they won’t be recognized and nothing will go against them. The loose garment here talked about is Abaya.

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7) There are a lot of celebrities that wear Abaya just for style: If you look at all the Saudi Arabian celebrities, you would notice them wearing Abaya and other such covered outfits. Some of the Hollywood celebrities are also seen wearing Abaya at different events.

8) The Malaysian and Indonesian women’s dress has received its name from Abaya: Kebaya is the name of the Malaysian and Indonesian women’s dress and it has been derived from the name of Abaya.

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9) Abaya are not very expensive: The good news is that this outfit is not very expensive; anyone can afford to buy it. The reason why it has been kept so affordable is so that all the Islamic women wear it.

10) Designer Abaya are available in the market: If you want to buy expensive Abaya, you can go for the designer Abaya.


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