Top 6 Designs Abaya Trends 2016

Abayas are very popular items in the recent years, and many women wear it for different reasons. However, when they were first available in the market, they were in a single size so that it could fit all. Moreover, there was not much variety in terms of design, style or choices of fabric. Well, the same cannot be said today because it can be easily said that the Abayas have undergone a great transformation. Moreover, they have even received attention from the designers that have added a fashionable line along with the element of modesty in the traditional design. Consequently, it has undergone a great makeover.

Here is a list of some of the top designs in which you can wear the abayas.

1    Going for the Moroccan style-
It is well known fact that the Moroccan style of clothing is rich, and this design is reflected even in the Simple Abaya collection. These comprise of layers of draping that reflects an art in itself. Some of these are even embellished with exquisite laces and silver embroidery along the neckline and trim. Some of these also come attached with hoods.

2    The floral pattern-
There was a time when these were made only in dark and solid colors. However, now you can even expect to find them in prints. Flowers are often incorporated into these outfits in the forms of stones and different embroidery motifs. Some of these are also embossed in floral fabrics. The combination of these things gives an elegant look to the overall outfit.

3    The butterfly design-
The wide sleeves of the abaya often resemble the wings of the butterfly and hence the name. They easily get attached to the body, and they look best in fabrics like chiffon, jersey knit and silk that comes with lots of drapes.

4    Adopting the kaftan style-
The most popular of abaya design is the kaftan style. They come with long and loose sleeves that resemble the robes. Some of these are even designed to look like belted tunics. The necklines are elaborate and light and they are often adorned with luxurious fabrics. Consequently, they are dressier in appearance and can be used in different occasions.

5    Two tone style-
This style is also acquiring popularity in the fashion dictionary of Muslim women. The skirt of the dress can be stitched in a different color from the bodice. Apart from that, you can also find them with a dress of one color and a fabric of a contrasting color. This can look great on any one.

6    Going for the open style-
It is a good idea to go for the open style abayas which is more like a cloak, and is open at the front. Most of these comprise of a thin belt that goes around the waist, and these are secured for a short length below the waist. You can easily wear them in parties for showing off your outfit.

Therefore, you can try out any of these styles and buy abaya online to make an exceptional style statement.


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