The latest fashion trend – Crop Tops & Lehengas

Did you think crop tops was only a casual wear fashion statement? Well, this fashion trend is slowly dominating the bridal wear market too. Crop tops or colloquially called as crop blouses with floor length Lehengas are considered a classic contemporary combo these days. Crop tops are loose and have a free form, as compared to the traditional Cholis. They have a casual and contemporary touch to them, which looks enthralling and captivating too. Make sure you design a crop top that best suits your body type and get ready to mesmerize your onlookers by creating a style statement like never before.

Read more to find out some of the best crop top designs you can try for your wedding.

Navel length crop tops:
Made for women who have a slightly heavy figure, these crop tops should be stitched right up to the navel. Try to design the sleeves into 3/4th lengths to make the top look smart. Pair it up with Lehengas that are slight above the waist. Such designs make you look slimmer. Use chiffon or Georgette material to enhance the look of such a designer Lehenga and crop top pattern.

Flaunt your tummy:
Best suited for women who have a classic athletic figure this crop top design ensures you can flaunt your toned midriff with pride. Pair up the crop top with a low waist Lehenga that flows right up to the floor. Try stitching the dress in raw silk material. You can accessorize the dress with shimmering jewelry and try wearing a waist belt (Kamar Patta) to grab the attention of your onlookers.

•    For women with small bust– Worried that you have a small bust, and crop tops and Designer Lehengas won’t look good on you? Well, you are absolutely wrong. Design a crop top that has heavy Zari, embroidery, or gem stone work done on the top. This will make your crop top and hence your figure looks heavy and fit. If the crop top has heavy embellishments, then ensure the lehenga and Dupatta have a simpler look. Make sure to accessorize with lovely Bling earrings, and bangles. It is best to avoid necklaces.

•    For women with a heavy bust – Well, we have something for women with a heavy bust too. The design goes completely opposite for such figures. Try designing a crop top that has a simpler design. Make sure you stitch a sleeveless or a half sleeve crop top. You can work on a heavier Lehenga and Dupatta to cover up the simpler blouse. Women with a heavier bust can avoid wearing heavy neckpieces, and stick to designer and bold earrings instead.

Crop tops bring in a perfect blend of contemporary style and traditional appeal. Carry them with style and the right attitude, and you will surely get loads of compliments. The best part of designing crop tops is that they can be used numerous times after your wedding too. Say no to Cholis and bring on those crop tops!


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