Saree – The Evergreen Love Affair of Women with Sari

Saree.. whenever this topic is raised in an Indian family, every other household work comes to a standstill. In olden times, women used to gather in their Aangan (verandah) as mostly it was a joint family, the special traditional Sareewala will arrive with his stock and the never ending selection goes on.

indian sari

A woman however old fashioned or westernized in her outlook., but wearing a saree is the most beautiful attire which goes on in every Indian house. Either be in 7 yards or 9 yards a saree is a saree. No other attire can replace this beautiful dress code. Every state, caste, creed, religion has its own design and material. Sarees are of different nature and style depending on the occasion. In most of the south Indian marriages, the Pattu (silk) sarees, white with red border is preferable. The cost ranges from Rs.100 to nearly lakhs! Which are made of silk threads dipped in silver or molten gold. These precious metals are liquidized and the threads are dipped in it and sarees are woven.

indian wedding sari

A woman draped with silk saree or for that matter any kind of saree has more sex appeal than any other dress. These days we see so many varieties of sarees being worn in westernized pattern and what not, but traditional Sari is the best and a woman looks simple elegant and awesome while making heads turn when she’s walking. You can literally hear the silk singing when she walks in a Pattu silk saree and with the bangles laughing all the way.

bridal saree

Times have changed as more number of fashion designers coming into this trade with new ideas and mix and match materials and vibrant colors. Crape, chiffon, cotton, are mixed and woven into one single saree. Giving rise to job opportunities to many. Theere was times where when a certain caste used to be in this business but now, anyone who has a better knowledge, money, marketing power is into this business. Surat in Gujarat is one of the major centre from where varieties of material are exported worldwide. Madurai, Kanjeevaram, Pochampally are other places where we can procure the best silk saree and some of the special sarees are hand woven. Industries are set up to meet the demands, taste. A saree which looks simple to the eyes might as well be the costliest one depending on the linen, threads which goes in the making. There are these hand work, patch work done with mirrors and embellishments. In some parts of our country, there are sarees which are meant to used according to the age. Well a woman might have any number of sarees, she wants the best when it comes to marriage.

bridal wedding saree

A lame excuse to purchase one for her. The desire for this beautiful attire will never die in our Indian women. And added to this, one needn’t waste time in wearing them as these days it comes ready to wear attire. No matter what but the importance of SAREE is irreplaceable. So cheers to our traditional attire. The love affair of women with nine yard is never going to change.


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