Welcome to the Family of Saris: 5 Fusion Styles for every Women

All you would know about the saris is its fabric and the way it is draped. But did you know that there are over a hundred different styles of saris and every culture has a special way of doing it. The most traditional way of draping a sari is to wrap it around the waist and pull it over the shoulders keeping the navel exposed. When it comes to qualify as a top fashion designer, sari is just the right apparel to explore the different categories of sari and master each draping style with sophistication.
Here are a list of totally Indianized draping styles making waves in the International fashion galleries and ramps.

–    Bengali Style
The oomph quotient of a Bengali bride is unmistakable. The simple draping requires understanding of the curves around the body. The pleats hold the sari like a curtained wall. The sari border falls exquisitely around the underarms and the shoulders.  The beauty of the sari is accentuated when worn with a red blouse and draped like a towel wrap over the bust. Recreate magic with a key bunch stuck exotically over the hips. The red bindi on the forehead completes the look.

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–    Nivi Sari
The Bollywood trend is pushing the age-old sari style of Nivi. The origin of this style of draping the Indian saris is in the fishing villages of Andhra Pradesh. There are two type of draping styles. The most popular Indian pleating is called Kaccha Nivi which is loved for its ease of movement even in crowded streets. This Indian draping style is the perfect fashion statement for formal outings, engagements and weddings.

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–    Konkani Flavor
The Konkan belt is one of the most colorful and vibrant sari destinations. The women here are arduous and engaged in fishing activities too. It is worn like a dhoti and tied securely behind the back for free movement. The saris is brought forwards and then passed between the legs to give extra protection the front area. The interesting feature about the Konkani Indian sari is its nine yard length. An extra strip of sari is often used to over the exposed areas around the bust, shoulder and back.

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–    Readymade drapes
The pre-set designer saris can be worn like hipsters and harem pants. It requires no draping. Ideal for casual dressers and young girls, the readymade Indian saris offer the same look as the traditional drapes. The ease of movement is restricted as the sizes are usually fixed and can’t be changed, unless elastic is used around the waistline.

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–    Jeans saris
We all love to explore! Saris are so flamboyant in fashion evolution that they can be used with jeans and trousers. Some designers also use the Indian sari and Choli to club them with the bell-bots of the 70s. The jeans pant is worn first and then the sari is draped around it. It is a stylish blend of Indian and Western taste.

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