Indian women are known to love to wear sari. This love affair is famous far and near and the attire is considered to be one of the most beautiful in the world. It is believed that wearing a sari enhances the beauty of an individual and makes a person even more attractive than before.  This attire is not only sensuous but also glamorous. The best part being that this attire is never out of fashion and also in vogue. Let us take a look at top 4 kinds of saree that is must in every women’s wardrobe.

1 Banarasi wonders of India:
India is known for its wide range of Banarasi sari. This sari as the name suggests is woven at the holy land of Varanasi and is symbolic of the heavy thread work. Now, do not think that the thread work is like any other usual stuff. In fact, these threads are made with gold and silver and are famous for their heavy work. All the embroidery on the sari are made with pure gold and silver thread which enhances the beauty of the sari and makes it unique in its own kind. In fact, this sari is a must have for all sari lovers.

Banarasi saree

2 Silk Sarees of India:
Indian silk is famous all over the world. It is one of the most attractive wonders of India. The similar kind of woven silk sari are referred in various parts of India by various names , like in Eastern parts of India this is known as Paat, in the South region it is called Pattu  and in rest of India as Resham. These woven silk wonders are known for being of vibrant colors and exquisite embroidery. Various parts of India are known for its kind of silk saree like Mysore Silk , Bhagalpur Silk, Murshidabad silk , Kanchipuram Silk , Assam Silk and so on. Also, you find these woven wonders in printed embroidered, dyed and raw forms.

silk saree

3 Chanderi Saree:
This is a famous sari in India and loved by the women across the world for its low maintenance. These 9 yards are made by mixing silk and cotton blending it in a perfect manner that makes the sari both unique and beautiful. These are loved by women and opted as daily wear as it is light and easy to wear. The sari is known to hail from a town called Chanderi that is located in the Ashok Nagar district in Madhya Pradesh. Chanderi is a blended sari and is also found in its pure forms like chanderi silk and chanderi cotton.

chanderi saree

4 Tant Saree from Bengal:
This cotton or handloom sari is famous from West Bengal region. These sarees are available in various color schemes, patterns and styles. These 9 yards are famous for being low maintenance, transparent, light and comfortable. It is affordable and also easy to wear. Also, being a versatile saree that is available in various colors and options it can be worn as both formal as well as party wear.

silk saree

These are a few of the famous sari that all sari lovers must have in their wardrobe as prized procession.


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