Top 5 Getting Ready Tips for Indian Bride

The most awaited moment in a wedding is the entry of the bride. The moment she enters the venue everyone is seen turning to have the first glimpse of the bride. Of course, the wait of the groom is most precious. The groom might have seen his would-be-bride many times but seeing her dressed in wedding trousseau is special feeling. It is a moment that both of them are going to cherish throughout life. Hence, it is very important for the bride to look absolutely stunning on the big day. Looking striking on wedding day is not easy as it sounds, as bride has lot of things in her hand to be taken care off – starting from selection of bridal saree to choice of matching accessory; from beauty session with beautician to hitting health club, the list just seems to be endless.

indian bridal lehenga

Here we are going to reveal five essential tips that will ensure that your d-day goes smoothly as you always dreamed.

1 Strictly avoid last minute Trials:
Complete the bridal shopping at least two months before the d-date. It will give you enough time to get your wedding blouse stitched or adjust the wedding trousseau according to your measurements. Bride requires a different set of attires for different ceremonies. Trying out the attire at the last minute means you will hardly have anytime left for getting it altered. To keep yourself away from the stress keep trials sessions at least 30 to 45 days before the ceremonies.  It will ensure that you have perfect fitting attire for every wedding related ceremony.

manish malhotra lehenga

2 Comfortable innerwear:
The right choice of innerwear is very important. The bride needs to wear heavy bridal trousseau, so it is very important that she wears comfortable lingerie. Avoid trying out anything fancy as it may cause discomfort. Also, make it a point to keep extra pair of lingerie. You can handover it too, one of your close friends, it is going to be quite helpful in case of emergency.

3 No experiments with makeup:
Every eyes on the wedding day is on the beautiful face of the bride. The makeup enhances her beauty, making her look like a princesses. Make-up plays a pivotal role in creating that stunning look. When it comes to make-up products stick to your old trusted brand. Trying out new products can be risky as it may lead to skin rashes and allergy. Make it a point to tell your beautician about the product you are using, or you can give her your makeup kit.

bride makeup

4 Head to toe care:
Wedding photographer and videographer are not only going to focus on your beautiful face, but they are going to catch in frames from head to toe. The Maang Tika to footwear you are wearing will be captured in frames. Make sure that you are looking perfect from top to bottom.

bride maang tika

5 Learn saree draping:
Most of you would like Hey are serious – do I need to learn saree draping. Well, the answer is yes. The nine yard attire looks lovely on Indian ladies. Ask a painter to draw a picture of Indian women, believe us he will draw a picture of women draped in saree. Take help of your mother to learn the art of saree draping. It will help in post wedding festivities.

saree draping styles


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