A look at Top 5 Trend of Saris in 2015

Sari is an age old form of garment that is worn from one generation to another. However, that does not mean that one will dismiss the fact that the sari is extremely versatile and an ever eve evolving piece of garment. Every single year, the sari is known to emerge in the fashion circuit with various latest trends.. These year 2015 was also no exception and we could witness the various kinds of saree related trends that evolved the garment.

1 Double Pallu Sari:
By double pallu saree we generally refer to the authentic Bengali or Gujarati way of sari draping, but 2015 showed something different. Aditi Rao Hydari showed that you can wear a saree tightly pleated almost like a skirt and wear the Pallu tightly around your body in such a manner that it looks like double Pallu. Yes, we can easily say that this style of draping is slightly more modern and unconventional as compared to other styles of draping and looks like a gown if worn in the proper fashion.

2 Sheer Saree:
For quite some time, sheer clothes have been a top end rage amongst sari lovers. No matter, what your age might be , everyone wants to wear these sheer sarees whether in form of net saree or transparent chiffon. Madhuri Dixit was time and again seen wearing beautiful both bold and bright sheer sarees in various occasions and award functions. Most of her sarees were designed by the upcoming talented duo Monica and Karishma.

3 Lace Saree:
Lace Sarees have always been resonated with the royals and princesses. Glance through any old fashion magazine and you will see the erstwhile princesses and other members of the royal family to wear beautiful and exquisite lace sarees on various occasions. These lace embroidered sarees look both elegant and soft on the wearer. This trend was relaunched in 2015 . Snehla Khan made sure that the lace sarees in 2015 ruled the fashion scene. Many designers are known to have worn Snehla Khan’s famous sarees woven in lace and made it a fashion statement.

4 Mirror Work Sarees:
Do you recall the famous gaudy mirror work sarees that ruled the fashion scene a couple of years back. Well, now the same has made a comeback in a grand way and ruled the fashion scene. The whole credit for this amazing comeback goes to designer Snehla Khan she reintroduced the mirror work in sari’s by toning them down. What she did was put mirror work in the blouses and keep the sari simple. Also, in order to ensure that the sari does not look too traditional or old fashioned, she has used lots of neon color to make the look modern.

5 Dual Color Chiffon Sari:
Manish Malhotra is one designer who is known to be the best with chiffon sarees. He has launched in 2014 amazing dual shaded chiffon saris that have been worn by Priyanka Chopra and Kajol on various functions and occasions.

The above were the top 5 trends ruling the saree scene in 2015.


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